“Inner stillness is the key to outer strength.”

– Jared Brock


Give time and attention to self.

Can you truly be alone with yourself and experience the depth of you?

Yes, alone.

No distractions, wifi, internet, music, food etc

Observe how your mind is busy, busy with things, people, ideas, should haves, and more.

Never with self, unless it’s a self belittling type of energy.

Just observe.

Become aware of the prison you have built around yourself, your motives, your programs, your beliefs, your desires, all without judgment.

The more you can sit with yourself and just be, the freer you become.

The less you INgage with all the going ons outside, and there are alot and just spend time going inward is where our power lies.

Then the force within you rises up.

Some don’t want that to happen.

I wonder why??


Be Still………….