Stop looking at what is

and start looking at, dreaming, INvisioning, imagining how you would like it to be.

Ah, but that’s not real you say.

To which I might reply,

Who is in control here?

What do you mean, you ask?

What or who has your attention, I say.

IF, your attention is being ruled, being narrated to, being control by any source outside

of you, then it’s probably not you in control.

Watching it, reading it , thinking about it and talking about what you’ve read or watched

doesn’t mean it’s true.

Does it?

I mean, it’s crazy shit show, mental asylum on many levels with many different perspectives

that are out there and we can either engage ourselves

or not.

If it’s not in my moment to moment, every day reality, then how do I know what is really true?

True for you and your body does not come form an outside source.

Energy flows where attention goes.

There is so much more to our reality than we know, cause we’ve been busy being distracted,

therefore, they have the control for the most part

for now…….



Be Still………..