A Moment in Time

Quantum physics is deep

way beyond my comprehension


this is always fun to ponder,

to really think about things like

the cosmos,

do we really know what’s true,

do we really get our potential while being here,

or who we truly are

and more.

So, here goes,

you know that saying –

If a tree falls in the forest

and no one is around,

does it make a sound?

Lets go one step further,

lets go quantum

IF no one is around,

is there even a tree or a forest?

Tripey eh??

IF Quantum Physics is right,


lets move that over to one’s reality,

only what is real is right in front of them,

each moment,


how do we know,

what else is true,

even IF someone said so,

is it……………….???


Be Still………….

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