100 Days of Stillness
100 Days of Stillness

It doesn’t matter what is going on around you, it matters what is going on inside of you.

  –  unknown

100 Days of Stillness

Another way of Powerfully, Peacefully, Protesting Energetically

Try it for  at least 7 days and find out as words cannot describe it.

Many of us can’t be there live for the peaceful protests, energetically we can be though. Yes it’s true!!

Set aside an hour a day, preferably first thing in the morning but it’s up to you when you can fit it in.

One hour to sit quietly.

With no one or no thing – no tv, no tablet, no phone, no music, no books, no internet, no food, nothing, nada, zilch, just you being with you.

In nature is best but wherever you are is also just as good.

Sit for an hour a day.

I will be up front, it’s probably going to be hard at first especially if you grab your phone or tablet before or as soon as you get out of bed and that is how you start your day.

Just for an hour sit with all the noise in the head, the list makings, the gotta do’s, oh this isn’t working, why did I agree to this, shoot did I call her back and so on, just sit with it.  Yeah but what about catching up on the truckers, and oh the latest posts on FB and…….no just sit and observe all that noise in your head going on.

For an hour a day, for at least 7 days, as it will get easier, the first few days may not be fun, it may be hard, may make you aware of how many times you check your email, FB, TG or twitter.


Sit and close your eyes and go inside.

Yes, this IS a way of protesting and yes it IS powerful and yes you ARE way more powerful.

Especially the more of us doing it.

You will see, you will feel the difference inside of you and that is where it all starts.

Pay attention  – just observe all the noise going on inside, trade it for the quiet and stillness that will come eventually.

It will help your health BIG time, it will help to interrupt patterns and programs and neuropathways so that new ones can be created.  The health benefits alone are worth it but together we will be creating an energetic wave moving us towards peace, calmness, love which is much higher in vibration, and moving us away from the lies, control and manipulations that have been going on.

This is much deeper than just our physical freedoms.

I will be doing it too, every day and I will be posting a message and an image every day to keep the energy moving in that direction.

My goal is to have as many as possible ‘stillers'(new word :)) join in over the 100 days as the next few months could be some of the hardest some of us ever face.

Powerfully, Peacefully, Protesting Energetically

Everything is Energy, so lets see what can happen when we go within, get quiet, be still, observe and open our hearts.

If this resonates, then please join me in being still for an hour a day and share this post.

To have a different outcome, a different reality, then what is being presented to us, we need to be a different energy and we need to be strong and hold it.

Love will always win.

Are you in??


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