Sometimes things in life change, so since this is a new beginning for me, I have decided to start it with a bang!!!

Starting December 1, 2010, every 2 days, we are going to be giving away some neat things, that will help you stay eating healthy, through the holidays as the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!!.

We will be sharing some good tips, recipes, inspiration and maybe a laugh or two and even some good Christmas cheer as we gear up towards the big day and try and maintain eating somewhat healthy and being balanced not stressed.

All you have to do read the posts or watch the videos, as I will let you know what to do and then we will pick a winner and send them a gift.

Something different each time and there are some pretty cool things, if I do say so myself!!

Please, feel free to share this with any friends or family or Facebook, our goal is to make this fun and somewhat healthy at the same time.

With much Gratitude


2 Responses

  1. Jodi, you bless us in so many ways!

    May these blessings be returned to you during this most beautiful and loving time of year.

    Thank you for being you! I am honored to call you ‘friend’!

    Merry Christmas

    Linda Rorie

  2. I eat healthy so I can stay health and to be good example to my children. If I am eating healthy foods I am hoping my children are as well and in turn teaching their friends to as well. It is important to eat well so I don’t feel sluggish and tired. I think eating raw is a good way of getting rid of all the toxins that are built up over time by consuming not so healthy foods (we all do it from time to time) An I know that I feel better when I eat raw and healthy foods.