What ARE you putting on your body???

After reading last post’s on David Suzuki’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemcials to avoid, this is just to go a little further.

Everyday, we slather ourselves with lotions, potions and liquids from shampoos to soap to deodorant to make up.  After all, we want to look, smell and feel good.  But did you also know, that your skin is the biggest organ on your body and things that go on your skin get absorbed into your bloodstream.  Now, it does depend on the molecular structure of the product, but since they don’t give us that information, do you really want to take the chance with some of the toxic chemcials that they do use when making these common products???  Hmmmm…….we wonder why things like cancer are on the rise? Could it be a coincidence? Now, I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am into my health.

We don’t think that our personal care products could be full of toxins, but U.S. researchers found that one eighth of the 82 000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemcicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductives toxins, plasticizers and degreasers. (David Suzuki)

Take a look at one of your products ingredient lists and just try and figure out what some of them are? Can you even pronounce them? Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it??

We are not sure of why we feel certain ways sometimes, like maybe why we’re getting headaches as an example.  Here are some things to  think about for that. First, are you getting enough water, good water? Second, how is your diet? Are you getting enough or any live, fresh foods or is it mostly dead, over cooked or processed ‘food’? THird, what kind of products am I putting on my body? Are they full of chemcials or parfums? The negative effects of some fragrance ingredients can be immediately apparent, especially for the growing number of people who are becoming sensitive.

Again, I recommend using the KISS method, you know, Keep It Simple Silly!!  I should be able to read, understand, know and say the ingredients that go into my skin care products, I may not know all of them, but I have informed myself with most of the ingredients that I should and want to stay away from.

Get yourself informed, aren’t you worth it??


If you like or eat KFC…….

I must admit, I used to love KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) once in awhile. I know, when I stop and think about it now, it’s pretty gross and I haven’t eaten it in a long time.

When I came across this article by Mike Adams on Natural News the new alliance with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), where pink buckets of fried chicken are sold under the slogan, “Buckets for the Cure” I got curious and read it.

What really got me was  the website www.KentuckyFriedCruelty.com and how it reveals the horrifying details of how KFC suppliers treat chickens before they are served up to consumers in pink  or even the regular barrels.

I felt I had to do my part in sharing what goes on behind the scenes and share it with as many people as possible so that we can put a stop to these kinds of ways of things being done.

They may be just animals but they still don’t need to be treated as such, sign the petition and lets stop animal cruelty!!!

If you don’t want to sign the petition then, please at least stop eating at KFC.…..I have!!!

Thanks for listening


Raw Beet Soup

Raw Beet Soup

Sometimes you feel like you need something to warm you up on damp days, ok it rains here alot on the West Coast of Canada!!!

This time I used beets, but I mix it up and use other veggies too. It’s quick and simple and oh so good for you!!  Beets are full of lots of good vitamins, minerals and nutrients so you know you’re eating something good here!!

Throw in your processor

2- 3 med size peeled beets

1/2 cup cashews (this will give it a more creamy flavor, you can omit it and just add more water)

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tsp celtic sea salt

1 – 2 cloves garlic

some chopped jalopeno (optional but I like a little spice)

spring water – start with about 3/4 cups and add more depending on how thick or thin you like your soup

I always recommend tasting things as you go to suit your tastes, as you are using fresh ingredients and they may taste different each time.

Blend until smooth, pour into bowls.

I topped mine with chopped parsley, cilantro and green onion.


Organic Cheaters Exposed……….

natural health

Organic cheaters exposed by public protest at health products trade show……..great article by by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com

Not Sure if your product is on the list or not, read Mike’s article here.  It frustrates me when I go to the store and purchase products for myself and family thinking they are healthy only to find out the labeling has been misleading. Another reason I have choosen Miessence, and they were on the good list!!!!

Jodi's Raw Veggie Spaghetti

Here is something that I love making and eating!!

I vary it from time to time, but what is pictured here is

1 serving

1 roma tomatoes chopped

1/2 red pepper chopped

black olives chopped

1 green onion chopped

a bit of parsley or cilantro chopped on top

1 – 2 tbsp pesto sauce (recipe to follow)

sprinkle some nut cheese on top (scroll down past the smoothies on the link)

grate a peeled zuchini (or you can use a spiroli for pasta like noodles), put the pesto on the zuchini, put the chopped

veggies on next followed by the parsley and nut cheese

Pesto Sauce

Put in food processor

1 – 2 bunches of basil leaves

4 – 5 cloves of garlic

oil olive

1/2  cup pine nuts (or you can substitute pumpkin seeds or any other nut that your prefer)

Process up together to a smooth consistency

you may always add more olive oil to make it thinner or less for a thicker paste like which is what I do (it’s more concentrated)

until I need to use it in a recipe, I can then add a little more oil depending on what I want.


Green Smoothies

For me Smoothies are easy to make, great way to start the day and also an incredible way to get more leafy greens into one’s diet and we all need more of that!!!

Here is a basic recipe

couple of bananas ( they add favor and a little more creamier texture, Iadd some frozen and fresh)

couple handfuls of greens (switch them up but you can add spinach, lettuce, parsley, collard greens  kale to name a few)

you can add another fruit if you like as you do want it to taste good, it’s good to add lots of blueberries or berries of any sort, they are full of antioxidants, add flavor and color.  I don’t hesitate to add a good cup of berries or more.

Add fresh water,  when I put the fruit and greens in I usually fill it half with water or a little less.

Blend it up and you have a great green smoothie.

You can add any kind of fruit you wish, experiment for your taste. If you like it creamier use can use a nut mylk, try and stay away from dairy here.