Story of the Great Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!!

When my kids were little, I used to love taking them trick or treating and having them get excited about deciding on a costume, dressing up and getting creative.  I just didn’t like all the junk food that went with it.

We used to visit the second hand stores to put together different costumes and my daughter was quite creative in her choices lets just say!!  Those days are done now as they are 16 and almost 15, but we used to have the Great Pumpkin visit us.  I thought I was smart, but I forgot one thing.

When my two kids were little, trick or treating was so much fun.  Talk about excitement, they could barely eat their supper in anticipation of getting out there going door to door.  Even when we lived in Banff, Alberta and we had to try and fit their costumes over their snow suits it was sooo cold out!!

We would hit the neighborhood and then back home so I could go through the candy first.  You know, just being mom. Then they could eat what they wanted to, ok within reason, but it was just a fun night.  Then, and we always talked about this before leading up to the evening, they could pick out what candies they wanted to keep and put the rest out for the Great Pumpkin to pick up.  See, there were lots of kids in the world that couldn’t get out trick or treating, whether it be where they lived, or if they were in the hospital or whatever the reason.

If they decided to leave out a bunch, ok most of their candy, and yes they decided themselves!! The Great Pumpkin would come in the night to pick it up and leave a little thank you toy in it’s place.  The Great Pumpkin would then take the candy and leave it for the little girls and boys who couldn’t get out on Halloween, kind of like Santa Claus.

So the next morning they were always excited and happy with the exchange.  Yes, the candy went forward to either a hospital, food bank or retirement home and out of our home.

That went on for several years with great success.

This I will never forget!

The day after Halloween, when my son was in Grade 5, he came home after school.  We were in the kitchen having small talk as I was getting supper ready.  He pulled a stool up to the counter and putting his elbow on the top of the counter, he leaned forward and looked directly at me and said…..’So mom, how come nobody else knows about the Great Pumpkin???’


I turned and looked him straight in the eye and we started to laugh.

He knew.

Needless to say, the next year there was no Great Pumpkin and the thought of all the candy drove me nuts, but they had fun.  I was  just happy that the Great Pumpkin   lasted as long as it did!!!

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!!


Super Smoothie

Ok, I finally got hit with the flu bug that has been going around our house for the last 10 days……ugh!!!

Someone usually says to me ‘Oh but I thought you ate so healthy?’………there is always room for improvement, I’m not perfect.

As I was reading Louise L Hay’s book this morning ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, under Influenza, I finally saw it…… influence.

What has been having obviously negative influence in my life??  Response to lots of negativity and fear.  Hmmmm, got me thinking, yup going through some  stuff right now… interesting, obviously I need to deal with it better!!!

Anyways, when my body isn’t feeling so good, I am a firm believer in listening to it and giving it foods, teas, juices etc to help it heal faster, and very little food.

This morning I had the pleasure of having a young coconut.  When I get into Vancouver and Commercial Dr. I bring back a few as I can’t get any here and they are so good for you.

I’ve added some photos of a young coconut as it’s not the one’s you usually see.  It is also easy to take the top off, if I can do it, so can you!!

Super Smoothie

coconut water of 1 young coconut

flesh of one young coconut

1 banana

1 pear

1 kiwi

big handful of spinach

small handful of parsley

approx 1/2 cup blueberries

1 tsp Maca powder

1 tsp Spirulina

1 tsp Bee Pollen

2 Tbsp Hemp seed

Blend up, makes about 2 big cups, drink and enjoy.

It did help me get through the day!!


The Art of Success

Two weekends ago, a girlfriend and I headed down to Seattle for a weekend with Suzanne Evans and David Neagle for their More Life Tour.    There were other speakers there too of course and they were great, but we have had the priviledge of listening to these two on live calls for several months leading up to this one day event and my friend and I both knew we just had to go.
The cost was beyond amazing, and what we took back with us, besides a little fun at Pike Market, has been huge. Yes it was aimed at business and being an entrepreneur, but I want to take this one step further.
Since being back, I have gone in and listened to David’s Art of Success, and I do mean listened, not once but a few times.  When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.

I highly recommend checking it out, it is FREE but is packed with so much value!!

Maybe you noticed that I have not posted in the last 10 days……..thinking, reflecting, trying not to think too much, learning, patterns, beliefs, changes, programming, my p rogramming…….lots of questions and some changes, not always easy ones but good ones if you (me) are not where you want to be.

Yes this is based around business, to start out, but it really is interwoven with your life, you choices you make in your life and how you are living your life.

Accept 100% responsibility for you life.  Now, I have heard that one before, but I really got it this time.  How do we make decisions, whether it is in regards to our business, the food we decide to eat, how we eat, to loving ourselves to much lighter things like how we wear our hair, what clothes we wear, where we live and well, you probably catch the picture.

Accept 100% responsibility…….wow…….really?? Shit!!

Now, this is something that blew me away….99% of people are coming from a place of need, that is what they base their/we/me decisions on, usually subconsciously of course.

Needing what?  Love, Security and Self Esteem……….

People that truly love themselves aren’t looking for those things because they are already inside of themselves.  They know it and feel it.  So, when they make decisions, they are in line with who they really are, whether it be the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the job or business they have or the food that goes into their mouths.

Give that some thought for a minute and think about how or why you make the choices that you do, you may be surprised!!

Would always love to hear your insight.



I just wanted to touch a bit on blenders.

Not everyone can afford or wants to invest in a high price blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec, so what are some hints and those are not any affiliate links there!! 🙂

Here is a photo of the blender I have used and has worked great for me.  It is a Cusinart, not that I am into names but in case anyone wants to know.

You want to invest in a blender that has a fairly good horse power, not one that just to whip up a nut mylk and fruit will struggle.  Horse power is important, the two above have a very high horse power, so for things like cheesecakes, nut cheeses etc they are better, but how often will you be making those?

The base of the blender, the wider the better.  If it is fairly narrow, it will take even longer to blend up or it will be harder.

I also prefer to use glass, yes it is heavier but I try and stay away from plastic as much as possible.

A few or couple of speeds are also good.  Low, medium and high or even pulse.  If it only has one maybe two speeds, I wouldn’t waste your money.

Really think of how often you will be using it and what you plan on making with it.  This blender of mine, got me started and has worked very well for a good 4 years.  The investment, I don’t really know since it was a gift, but I do know it was somewhere between $100 and $200.  That may be a good place to start instead of $400 and up.

Hope that helps and making more smoothies and going raw!!!

Have a great day!!


Apple – Pear Green Smoothie

Here is another variety for a Green Smoothie, that I think is yummy!!

1 organic Apple – peeled & cut up a litte

1 organic Pear – peeled & cut up a little

Big handful of Spinach (that is my favorite but Kale or any other greens are fine)

1/2 Avocado

1 Banana ( I usually use a frozen one for this recipe but it doesn’t have to be)

1 tsp Bee Pollen (optional)

Spring water, depending on how thick or thin you want it will depend on how much water you add.  Because of the avocado, it is more of a creamy almost type of smoothie, so I added maybe 1 cup of water, start there and adjust to your liking.

Blend up, drink, enjoy and feel alive!!!



What does Gratitude have to do with anything??


I have been thinking alot of this since our Canadian Thanksgiving and how I can add and be more grateful in my life.  I understand that we can only feel one emotion at a time, so why not choose feelings like Gratitude.  It is such an awesome place to be.

When you are in a real state of gratitude your energy (vibrational resonance) is one of harmony and acceptance. You resonate at a much higher vibrational frequency which is exactly what attracts to you the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire.

Everything is Energy, and if you think that is hippy dippy stuff……stop!! Science and Quatum Physics is proving that.  We are walking, talking, breathing magnets……..what are you attracting………Love, joy, anger, fear…….. Watch your words and watch what you are feeling or resonating?  Expressing Gratitude for anything  puts out a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

If you need help in that area, EFT is an amazing tool for getting in more of a state of Gratitude.  So is the Gratitude Log, a place where you can go and connect with other people and share what you are grateful for, a good habit to get in too!!

Dr Emoto has been able to photograph water crystals while having certain energies around the water.  The link goes to the photograph of the Gratitude one and it is beautiful.  If you’re not familiar with his work, go to your local library, or You Tube to see some of the photographs, positive and negative, you may be surprised at how the water crystals can change, and guess what??  We are more than 80% water, so as Mike Dooley says with his notes from The Universe, ‘Thoughts become Things so choose the good ones!!!’

Leave a comment with what you are Grateful for.

I will start……I am grateful for all of you, thank you for allowing me in your life!!

Have an awesome day!!


Raw Foods and Holidays

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and as I am writing this I am looking out my window into the rain forest and it is rainy and windy……..and suppose to be like this all weekend.

I am ok with that, as today I am off to the Fall Faire here, where I will have raw foods for people to demo.

The rest of the weekend, w ith this weather, will be spent hibernating and time in my kitchen making some dishes for our feast on Monday with some family and good friends.  I will post next week some of the recipes I made, as you know me, I like to switch them up to my taste, sorry I didn’t do it before the holidays this time!!

In the past I have been able to add raw foods to the festive dinners and they have been quite tasty, I have even been surprised as you can make things to substitute what we have been eating for years, with raw foods and you don’t feel deprived at all.  Of course, that is also a mind set, but your taste buds are all satisfied.

If you decide that it’s the holidays and you’re going just eat whatever (as you may be the only person who is eating raw), then don’t beat yourself up about it.  Sometimes those toxic emotions (guilt, shame, anger etc) do more harm than actually eating the food!!!  I have been the only person before at holiday times eating raw foods, and some people tried it and were surprised at how good it tasted.  And I also found that I didn’t miss the old traditional foods at all.

You may not have the time to be making two dishes of everything, you may choose to spend quality time with people who are dear to you and you don’t see very often.  You may just prefer to be in the moment.  You may not be ready to do holiday raw dinners yet. Or……..

Whatever it is, be present, have fun, enjoy the moment, have gratitude and do what feels right………for you.

Remember, there are no rules……..only self love!!!

Have an awesome day!!!


Being True to You

I got some flack from my last post about throwing my family under the bus……..that was never my intention!!

I guess for some, the point was missed about  being true to oneself, but not in a mean or harmful way.  When it comes to self nurturing, us ladies, espescially moms, can relate about putting our needs last.

I have a great family, some of them even try my dishes, and sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes not, but isn’t that with any way of eating??

I don’t take it too personally as we all walk a different path, have our own beliefs and taste buds.  Some people don’t get the raw food lifestyle and some don’t want to, which is too bad, but that is ok.  I always say, it’s a good thing we are all different.

That is not a reason for anyone to give up, just because the people around you aren’t on the same path.  Now, I could talk about anything here, but I will stick to the raw food diet, we have been trained to believe that we have to eat cooked foods, and if you are liking the raw foods, feeling the difference, then go for it!!!

That is all I meant by that.  My teenagers are pretty normal, or what we have come to believe what normal is, as far as diet is concerned.  As I am typing this, it dawns on me that  in less than 40 years how our diet  has changed so much.  I grew up with having my Great, yes great grandfather and a huge garden in his backyard.  My mom and grandmother would spend hours in the garden picking vegetables and fruits that we ate fresh in abundance, then they would spend hours canning and freezing.  They gave so much away  to other families as well.  We were so lucky when I think back on it.

Boy, how things have changed!!

I am getting way off here, but for me, by staying true to me, as when I got started on this path I was easily persuaded off,  I would let guilt and frustration get  to me plus I wouldn’t feel as good, so……I feel so much better health wise.  But I am hoping to be an example for my kids.  When my kids realize that they just aren’t feeling as good as they could be,and not only can mom keep up with them but last longer, they might think about making smarter choices!!!

That is the bottom line, I just want to be a good example……not only in eating, feeling and looking healthier, but strong enough to stay true to me and having integrity doing it.

Hope that helps!!

Love hearing your thoughts!!


Raw Mom & Cooked Dads

Yes, you read that right…..s on dads.  I have a very interesting living arrangement at the moment, which I am sure would make an interesting reality tv show, but we are not going there and NO nothing kinky is going on either!!! lol

I decided to write about this as I am basically the only one in the house that is transforming my diet and hence my lifestyle and my business.

It is not always easy.

There is always lots of temptation in this house.

They are ruled by their stomachs and advertising.

It’s too hard for them to change or give up some things.

‘Yuk…..too much green stuff on my plate and in the fridge!’ Something I hear often or

‘My friends will think I’m strange!!’…….yes you guessed that right…teenagers!!!

They think I’m nuts, no actually weird.

You know what, I don’t care anymore.  I guess when you get to my age, (and it’s really not that old) what other people think, as long as you act and speak with intregrity and love and remain true to you and your values, doesn’t matter any longer.  I remember the days of being in high school and all of us girls would call one another to make sure we would all be wearing a dress to school tomorrow, someone always backed out at the last minute, my how things have changed.

This is different, for me anyways.  It is an honoring of the real, true self and I have been doing alot of reflecting these last few days (notice no posts) on what is the truth for me.  And you know what, when you hit it on the head, you know it!! And that goes for anything in life……you feel jazzed, you feel good, you feel empowered and it’s almost like a giddy thing.

I am talking so much more than just about raw foods here, but my point is, when you are on track, your track you KNOW it, it feels amazing.  Sometimes, hell, alot of times, when we are moms our needs get put to the side, trust me, I’ve been a single mom, I know!! And that’s ok, but one day comes when the kids are older and it’s not ok any longer, but we are left who are we and what do we want and what happened to us.

For me, they can eat cooked foods, but I am staying true to raw.  If and when they are ready, I will be here, ok yes I do drop hints along the way.  I believe that is important, don’t become the food natzi, yet stay true to oneself, and that is you.  It’s ok to let others do what they need or want to do, but make time for yourself, and let go of the guilt of putting your needs or wants up there to.

You deserve it, don’t you agree??

Love being raw!!!


Raw Crackers

Raw Cracker Recipe

Grind 2 cups of Flax seeds in grinder and set aside (cleaned out coffee bean grinder works well)

Mix together

1 large onion finely chopped
2 – 4 cloves garlic
sea salt

3 stalks celery or other veggies that you like, or pulp from your juicer.
Mix together

Add in ground flax
Mix together and add

1 cup water

Mix together well.

You can add seasoning or herbs at this stage.
Mixture should be firm, but not too sticky or too dry. Depending on the amount of veggies or herbs added you may need to add a little more water.

Spread out evenly on the teflex sheets of a dehydrator to the thickness you desire.
Remember to score it.

Dehydrate (108 degrees or less) for about 4 hours, then flip the crackers over and take the teflex sheet off and dehydrate till the crispness you desire.

Get creative and Enjoy!!!