Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

You can watch a short video on how to make this quick, easy, tasty and healthy dish or just scroll down below and get the recipe and do it your way, either way enjoy!!!

– 1 cup Pecans or Walnuts
– 4- 6 Madjool Dates ( or raisins approx 1/4 cup)
can adjust for sweetness
Put into processor and blend up till crumbly. What is left over (if any) can be stored in a container and kept in the fridge.

Cut up 1 apple in a bowl (or several if more than one person) and sprinkle nut mixture over top.
Eat and enjoy!!!


The definition of INsanity……had a moment of it myself!!!!

To all my Canadian friends…..have an amazing long weekend and hope the sun is shining where you are!!!

Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

You can watch the short video on creating a quick, easy,healthy, nutritious and oh yes tasty meal or just get the recipe from below.

Enjoy and please share it with someone or leave a comment  if you like it!!!!


–  1/2 cup Cashews

–  4 Roma Tomatoes chopped into big chunks

–  1 Red Pepper cut into big chunks

–  1/2 cup Basil

–  1/2 cup water

–  4 cloves Garlic cut up into big pieces

–  2 tbsp cold pressed Olive Oil ( optional – I didn’t add this in i the video but i did after and I thought it gave a taste, without it it tastes more fresh if that makes sense)

–  pinch Sea Salt

Through everything into the Vitamix, blender or processor and blend until smooth, adjust amounts for taste.  Good on Zucchini pasta or any other type of pasta.

The Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge

There comes a point in one’s live, or I can only speak for myself ……..when I look at things and see what is working or what is not, what needs changing, tweaking or eliminating.  You know the saying……keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve got or you keep doing what you’re doing but expecting different results!!!!

Part of living, I believe anyways is about challenging oneself to do or be better.  Since learning my iron was low and taking the steps to turn that around, I am feeling oh so much better, my energy is coming back and I love that!!!  Also a few extra pounds since I did spend a fair bit of time on the couch……….and if anyone saw my video, I have more jiggle to my wiggle…..if you know what I mean…….and that made my friend giggle……..Ok I will stop!!!

Anyways, it is feeling finally like spring time here, so it’s a good time to start this challenge and I encourage anyone who may want to join me on this 90 Day Challenge to do so as so many people have already benefited from this…….feeling and looking better and losing weight.  For me it’s more than that, it spills over in so many other areas of one’s life, it’s like it’s a domino effect……when you start feeling better, you start looking better, then acting better (usually anyways), doing better and so on.  For me life is about creating new experiences, meeting new people, feeling and being healthy,  inspiring people to be the best they can be and when we feel and look good, that is done so much easier.

So……..I got started yesterday, my goal is to lose 10 lbs, tone up, get back into shape by exercising and creating and posting many new recipes to also help in the transition.  I did get on the scales……. something I haven’t done in a long time as before numbers used to play with my mind, but my pants were tight and I was prepared to see it, and you know what, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I am where I am and that is ok, as I am excited at where I am going and the changes I am going to see!!!

When I am done the 90 Days I will post my before and after photo, yup took a picture of me in my bathing suit and took my measurements……..only one area that I don’t need to lose anything weight off of and that is my chest!!!

I’ve gathered a few friends to do this with and there are also new friends I am meeting that are part of this, there are so many people looking to look and feel better with results and a community.  So if this is something that may interest come join us as we all shed some weight, get into shape and have some fun, and oh stick around for some good recipes too!!!

I will keep you posted on my progress and I would also love to hear from anyone who is creating results too!!!


Join me in the 90 Day Challenge

Herb Salad

Herb Salad

Quick, Easy & Tasty

–  1 head of Red Leaf Lettuce

– handful or more of finely chopped Parsley, Dill & Basil (I used Cilantro here but use any herbs that you love)

– 1 Red Pepper cut up


-1 Tomato  cut up

or both

Squeeze fresh Lemon juice and sprinkle cold pressed Olive Oil

Depending on how many people you are going to serve is how much you will add (if you use a whole head of lettuce or part of it).  Make extra to take for your lunch the next day if need be.


Chocolate Strawberry Macaroons

Who said you can’t eat sweets and they be healthy as well.

Chocolate Strawberry Macaroons

–  2 cups Dried Coconut

–  1/2 cup Brown Rice flour

–  1/4 cup ground Flax

–  1/2 cup Honey

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–  Pinch Sea Salt

–  1 cup diced Strawberries

Mix all ingredients together except for diced Strawberries, when well mixed stir in strawberries.

Roll into balls and place on teflex sheets on shelves in dehydrator and dehydrate for 5 – 7 hrs.  Remove the teflex sheets after approximately 3 – 5 hours.


–  1/4 cup Cacao Butter

–  1/2 cup Cacao Powder

–  1/2 cup Honey

–  1 tsp Vanilla

pinch Sea Salt

You can either dip the macaroons in the chocolate or drizzle over them.  Chill and keep in fridge for best results.


Quinoa & Collard Greens

Quinoa & Collard Greens

Quinoa is an ancient grain from South America used for many years by the Incas.  It is high in protein, a complete protein, which is great for vegetarians or vegans and a very good source of iron. 🙂  This is a Quinoa salad that can be eaten on it’s own, as a side dish or wrapped with greens like Collard greens which are full of many nutrients and health benefits.

–  1 cup Quinoa  (1 cup that has been cooked in 2 cups of water so the end result will be more than 1 cup of cooked Quinoa)

–  3 oz cold pressed Olive Oil

–  1 – 2 oz Bragg’s, Tamari or Nama Shoyu

–  juice of 1/2 Lemon

–  2 Garlic cloves minced

–  pinch Sea Salt

–  1 cup Spinach chopped up

–  handful of Parsley finely chopped

–  1 grated Carrot

–  1 grated Beet

–  1 Green Onion finely chopped

– 4-6 Black Olives chopped

Mix all ingredients together well.

Collard Greens are usually a fairly good size so they work very well as a wrap.  The stem though is quite big and course so I recommend cutting it off up into the green somewhat.  When you wrap it around the salad to make it hold better you will probably have to fold one side of it, as you will see in the next photo and the thicker part of the stem will break.

These make a great lunch and are packed full of good things, so eat and enjoy!!  I even sliced up a little avocado in one of mine which was even yummier!!

Getting Through a Slump

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been in a slump and  I’m back and getting my jive going again!!! lol  This low iron thing has not been fun, I was shy about wanting to admit it, even though I blog about eating, living and being healthy – I too am human.  I also got to thinking I wonder how many other people, women in particular go through this.  Especially around that time of the month, then things get back to normal, well for some of us, actually quite a few of us it’s not that simple!!!

All the things I am doing and eating to help me increase my iron as much as possible –  as there are days I am ok and then there are days I hit the couch and getting there was a struggle – has my husband convinced I was a witch in a previous life and probably burned at the stake!!! lol

I have so much more empathy for people with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia, it is not a fun way to feel!!

Slumps are  also known as ruts, rough patches, blah phases,   *%#@! I feel crappy lately.

One thing going through this period of being tired, and ok I will admit it, also frustrated, maybe a little angry, and even depressed, ( yes I have been tapping on all of that)  I am used to doing lots, having lots of energy and being busy, and oh yeah we had a ton of rain here in April……..that didn’t help either!!!

Spring couldn’t be here at a better time.  Sometimes when our health isn’t so good, it gets u down, then before we know it we are in a slump and in order to get things flowing again  we have to make some changes.    AS Tony Robbins says Change your state…….now I can’t get up and start running right away (which when I can’t exercise affects my moods and what I eat and wow there is a cycle there), but I can do some other things to break the slump that I got into.  (if you didn’t notice the posts got down to very few lately even my creativity slowed waaaayy down).

The things I  am doing to help increase my iron and energy levels are adding Spirulina in my diet, it is a great source for us non meat eaters.  I have been juicing beet roots daily as that is another great source of iron and a blood cleaner.  I’ve been simmering Nettle leaves and Pau d’arco and drinking the liquid both of which are great for the blood. I’ve been eating foods higher in iron as my main focus.

I was reading the other day that oysters are very high in iron.  We have a cool little oyster bar sitting right on the dock  in the bot harbour and I though that would be a great reason to go out and eat some oysters, but then well, I would probably have to have some wine to go with them…..ok not right now!!

I’ve added Matol KM from Univera that helps with iron and cleanses the liver……after all it is springtime.

I also re-read, (since I’ve been spending time on the couch I might as well do something valuable) Louise L Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life…….and it has been very interesting.  Mind Body connection is huge, and I had to look in the mirror and make a few adjustments and yes some more tapping!!! lol…….all without attitude or making it mean anything.

I open the doors more (when it’s not raining) to get the fresh air in and shake it up, I love tulips this time of year, so I am buying some for the house.   Spring time is also a good time to change and clean things in the house really shake up the old blah energy and let in the new……most importantly I am being in my body fully, taking my dog on walks no matter how short or long they are, being present and doing some deep breathing and most importantly loving myself and accepting where I am at and knowing I will feel better tomorrow, even if it’s a little bit.  The mind is a powerful thing…….as much as the food, herbs and tonics help so does what I say to myself, my thoughts and most of all my attitude.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, so make today your best one yet…… desert first if you feel like it!!!

So what are you doing to shake up the energy or shake off the slump or just get into springtime??