The Challenge Update

The Challenge Update

You may or may not have heard about the 90 Day Challenge outside of my blog here, if you haven’t I am sure you will very shortly!!

People are joining the Challenge in BIG numbers…….36 619 in May, 41 551 in June, almost 50 000 in July and last night by 6 pm it was 57 701…..and I know it’s gone up since then!!

Someone is joining Vi every 30 seconds, the company is doubling in size every 90 days in the last 18 months.


Because it works, like I said in my previous post, most people don’t eat breakfast and if by chance they do it’s caffeine, sugar, white flour (donuts’, bagels, muffins etc) or cereal which aren’t the best choices.

Alot of people don’t even eat lunch or just keep drinking more coffee which has really surprised me.  How does one expect to function well or even feel half decent??   The more you go without eating the more you put on the weight.

Obesity has become an epidemic…..but this is for anyone who wants to either lose weight, get into better shape or just feel better – more energy.

People are getting good results, they are taking responsibility for the way or choices of ‘food’ they are eating and starting to make it more of a priority.  The Vi shake (and of course it tastes great) is the vehicle to help people start.  Yes it’s a meal replacement, but add it in some Almond milk or juice and a bunch of fruit and you are good to go!!!

That is a good start to the day.

It’s also helping people cut back on their food bills… other words saving money.

Many people are even getting their product for FREE….not pay now and get a cheque back in 4-6 weeks, which you get taxed on but you don’t pay……in other words saving money.

The shakes are packed full of nutrition, protein, enzymes, fiber and more!!

Then there is the Vi community where there is support, shake recipes, meal plans, exercise plans and lots of people doing the same thing!!!

It’s not hype it’s a buzz……and people love being part of something that is working.

What about you, have you joined the Challenge yet??

NOW is the time to start to Get Healthy, Hot and Happy!!!


I did a short video on Why Breakfast and the importance of it for healthy eating & feeling.

Please feel free to share it, like or or leave a comment.

Here’s to your health!!


Dare to Stand Out

We went up and spent the day in Whistler the other day and this couple really caught not only my attention but many others as well.

I thought how cool and if more of us couldn’t be like that……Dare to Stand out instead of following the status quo all the time or trying to keep up with the Jone’s……who are they anyways??

Sometimes that is going against what everyone else thinks, or playing safe or worrying about what other people will think.

Sometimes it’s really about tuning in to who we really are or need.  Listening to that gut instinct.

I had that recently.  That strong gut feeling that if I did something or went to to this place it wouldn’t be good for me or wasn’t in my best interest or whatever.  See, sometimes our human minds try to figure ‘it’ out, but we can’t always.  Every time I had this strong feeling in my gut and listen to it, it became very clear later on why and when I didn’t listen to it….oh boy lets not go there!!

This time I did listen to it, which I really try and do more and more.  It kept bugging me if we were to go away to this place to meet these people.  It was a strong feeling of don’t go.  So I didn’t, and I soon found out why and was very glad I didn’t go and in the end these people ended up not being such good friends after all.

When it involves other people, it doesn’t mean they are bad people or anything like that, they may just not be good for you or at that time in your life.

Sometimes in your life, it may mean going against what everyone else is saying or doing…..always honor that inside of you.  It’s in all of us, but we get so busy in life or trying to figure things out or in between our 60 000 plus thoughts a day maybe don’t even want to have to think about it!!

Dare to Stand Out if you have to or be different… really do win in the long run, no matter what they may say.  It is your life anyways isn’t it???

Obesity…..Curable or Not??


Warning some content / pictures may be disturbing!!

Obesity is on the rise and in every country.  It is becoming an epidemic.  Over 1 BILLION  adults are overweight with 300 million clinically obese. 22 million children worldwide under the age of five…..YES FIVE…..are obese……are you kidding me????? NO!!!!

Adolescents and teenagers have doubled and tripled since the sixties and seventies.  Could it be learned behaviors or habits??

With being overweight or obese comes some major health problems……type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, and more….oh but wait there is probably a pill for those……sorry for being cynical!!

How does one become obese?  I can’t honestly answer that as I have never been obese, I can only give my thoughts and ideas and information what what I have read, do and don’t do.  I also understand that in some……in some cases there are health problems like thyroid etc.  It still comes back to diet, can it be reversed?  I am not sure.

Here goes….when a person eats foods that are high in saturated fats, sugar, dead, processed, chemcial ladden ‘foods’, and reduced physical activity weight is put on.

So I want to take it even further, as it’s up to each person to be responsible for themselves, which is hard in our society it is always someone else’s fault…..or something like the economy……what one puts in their mouth is up to them….period.  We do get confusing messages from one thing being the cancer cure last week to it being no good next week and so on……….keep it simple and natural, if it’s man made, it’s probably not good……learn and take the time to read ingredients……if you can’t say it or don’t have a frickin clue what it is… probably isn’t good!!!

Are you emotional eating? In other words are you eating because you are bored, sad, depressed, scared or any other feeling you don’t want to feel?  Eat when you are hungry.

Are you eating in front of the tv or computer so you have no idea of what or how much you are eating?  Eat at the table with nothing on paying attention to what you are eating and how much, listen to your body and don’t shovel it in.

Stop using the excuse that it runs in the family or it’s in my genes……….create a new / different story, one that empowers you!!!

When we eat alot of fast foods, take out food, package foods they are full of things the body can’t really use or can’t digest.  They are usually full of extra calories we don’t need, and because there are chemicals in these foods, they become addictive and we start craving them and then eating them more often, sometimes every day.  The fat starts piling on, the energy goes down and the cycle begins.  If you don’t believe me, watch Super Size Me.

Another things people don’t think of or pay attention to is the sizes of things now.  When I was a kid, and I know that was just a few years ago…:)……a small was about 6 oz, med 8 oz and large 10 oz.  Now small is about 12 oz right on up to the super gulp 64 oz……really???? Cookies fit in my hand, now it fits into a frisbee……oh I only had one cookie…..yeah who is fooling who?? Actually cut out alot of pop for one thing, that will help tremendously as it’s just chemicals and sugar and very addictive.

Fast foods and package foods are full of cheap fillers…..high corn frutose syrup and palm oil to mention just a couple, empty calories. no nutritional value, high in saturated fat and cheap fillers.

Here are the demographics in the US on obesity, (Canada is not far behind).

Red is the states that have an obesity problem……Scary isn’t it?? That is the most recent I could find and it’s a couple of years old.

So since I’ve done some b#@%ing, I should offer some solutions, as there is no magic pill or potion.

Start the day with a glass of water

Choose live foods more often, (things natural, coming from the earth… fruit veggies, grains etc)

Eat when you are hungry

Stay away from the white stuff……flour, sugar, salt

Sit down with out a ton of things going on around you like eating in front of the tv and eat your food, one mouthful at a time

Carry healthy snacks with you and or have snacks to carry you through the day so when you get hungry you can choose wisely

Don’t skip meals so that you are famish later and eat everything in site

Don’t starve yourself

Stay away from high saturated fat foods

Eat smaller portions

Don’t eat late at night

Start your day with a good breakfast…..don’t skip it

Surround yourself with people / support systems who are making changes, want changes, are committed and are doing it if you really want to make lifestyle changes and can help / support you and on a mission

Face the emotions that you are pushing down so that you can go on and release the weight and feel healthier in many ways

Get healthy extra nutrition in your diet as we need more than what we can get from our food

Move, even brisk walking for 30 mins a day will help get you started

When you put better foods into your body you will feel better and have more energy so that you can move.

In my opinion, obesity is curable, it’s a way of life, it’s a lifestyle that has choices and decisions every day just like everything else. One just needs to take responsibility and action and make better or different decisions, so why not start today as it starts with a single step.

Here’s to YOUR Health.


Low Fat Pesto

Eating healthy and fresh is so much easier in the summer and right now Basil seems to be abundant!!!

Here is an easy low fat Pesto sauce that makes for a great dip or spread.

Low Fat Pesto

– 1 can Navy beans

– 1 cup Packed fresh Basil leaves

– 1-2 cloves garlic (depending on how much garlic you like!!)

– 1 1/2 tsp sea salt (adjust to taste)

– juice 1/4 lemon

– 1 tbsp cold pressed Olive oil

Put all ingredients into a food processor, blend until smooth.

Use as a dip for crackers, carrots, celery etc or use as a spread of Rice cakes, cabbage leave or some other flat bread style of your choice.  You can add chopped tomatoes, spinach or whatever you would like.


To the Market We Go…..

Don’t you just love summer?? Well it is finally here, July wasn’t so great, but August feels like summer finally!!!
One of the reasons, and there are many, but just one reason why I love summer is the markets…….I love seeing all the fresh foods.

I takes me back to my childhood when I was little growing up in Ontario and my grandparents and great grandparents had a huge garden.  I spent many afternoons there playing as my mom and grandmother picked and picked so we could eat fresh food, little did we know at the time organic… freezing and canning it for the winter months.

It is so much easier to eat healthier in the summer months when we can either grow our own food or support our local farmers and head to the market.  Its great to see what is really in season as well and mix things up accordingly.

You can try many different salads with lots of different herbs.

Make a Zucchini Pasta and mix it up to your liking……getting more ‘raw’ into your summer!!

Great time to stock up on fresh organic garlic and Basil is abundant as well, so Pesto is good to make too and will keep in the fridge for a little while.

Berries are also in season so for anyone making shakes add those berries and lots of them!!!

I got this for our salad Saturday night, and treated myself to some nice fresh raw chevre cheese and added some herbs with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and it was nice, and yes a nice glass of wine too!! 🙂

So go out and support your local farmers, change it up somewhat and eat what is fresh and in season cause it’s so yummy and healthy!!!

What’s Eating You??

Have you ever stopped to think or ask yourself  ‘Do I eat to live or am I living to eat’?

With being overweight and obesity becoming an epidemic in North America, it’s pretty clear to the answer to that question.

On my journey with  dieting, eating disorders, different diets or ways of eating (vegetarian, raw etc)  I know what it is like to have an affair with food.  Good, bad and ugly!!

For years I could pre-occupy myself with counting calories, no matter how little or big that number was, weighing myself, sometimes many times a day, fat counting, then when it came to carbs, proteins etc I gave that up. Focusing on what I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat, which really lead to binging many times -( love those guilt feelings and beating self up), to what was in the name…..whether it was a type of diet or way of eating…….”Oh no I can’t eat that I am a Pescararian Vegetarian (ha just not a regular vegetarian too boring), to a Raw Foodist – I did enjoy the looks I got from people as I could tell they were thinking I ate raw meat!!

This is the best one yet….”I’m a level 5 vegan….I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”…….no I can’t take credit for that one!!!

Really those were all just a diversion to what was really going on inside of me, a way to tune out or put my focus on something else, something outside of me.  When that inner lonliness or emptiness gets paid attention to and filled by other means, and usually taking time for ourselves or loving ourselves, that emptiness, that well gets filled from within, from a healthy source and we don’t need to eat in the sense of overeat (and sometimes it works in the other way of not eating) we can then nurture properly.

Food can and is an addiction like alcohol, drugs cigarettes and so on.

Here are 2 things to consider, when you are eating, eat… nothing else –  no tv, computer or phone, very little to drink or conversation….focus on eating, tasting and experiencing the food, one mouthful at a time with lots of chewing… other words be present.

Listen to your body.  When you do the things above your body will tell you when it’s full, when it feels good or not (especially after eating some foods) and what it really wants to eat……it may surprise you.

Find a way of being creative or expressive…dance, art, writing or something…….without judging yourself on how well or bad you are doing it, if it feels good do it!!!!

Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF no matter what!!!!

We didn’t come down to experience earth to spend time beating ourselves up, let go of the things you can’t change, all the yesterdays that are over and be here now loving what is………..make it a great day.

Eat to Live!!!


Creating a New Story…..

Have you ever thought to yourself I can create a new story??
How often do you hear yourself saying…..

‘I can’t do that’ (fill in that with whatever it is)
‘That’s too hard’
‘Even if I look at_______ I gain 5 pounds.’
‘I wouldn’t know what to say.’
‘It’s in my genes (or nature).’
‘I don’t know many people.’
‘I could never do that or do what you do.’
‘You have to have money to make money.’
‘I can never get ahead.’
‘Oh I’m too old…….

and so on, you probably get the idea.
I held on to quite a few limiting beliefs for a long time, they were my story, I was used to being a victim.

Then someone asked me one day, one of my mentors…….’How is that serving you?’
Of course I snapped back……’Well it’s not!!’
‘Well it must be as you keep repeating the same things. The things that keep you stuck, doing, thinking and being the same thing yet you want change?’

That got me…..and as much as I hated to admit it…..I was creating all the crap in my life.
I started telling a different story, a more empowering one,  and the more I told it the easier it got and the more things started shifting in my life.

I stopped focusing on what is and started focusing on the direction I wanted and was going in and didn’t let the past hold me back any longer.

I told a different story of how I wanted things to be and I gave up being the victim.

What about you, where could you start telling a different story in life today??

Feel free to share your thoughts on that below

Expect the best!!!