Summer is finally here where I live and it is so awesome!!!

This recipe is quick, easy, tasty and good on those hot days when you don’t feel like much at dinner, or you can even use as a starter or side dish.

I must admit though, there is nothing like a Southern Ontario summer tomato, but for now these will do.


–  3 ripe Tomatoes ( I used regular ones here, Roma’s are nice as well)

–  1/2 Onion

–  1/2 red Pepper

–  2 stalks Celery

–  2 cloves Garlic

–  juice of 1 Lemon

– Salt & Pepper to taste

–  1/4 cup Parsley

–  1 tbsp Olive oil

Optional Hot Sauce & Wortcestershire – to taste

Put all ingredients in the processor chopped up first (big chunks is fine) process until the consistency you like it ( this one didn’t have chunks in it, it was somewhat smooth but not too smooth)

Garnish with chopped Cilantro, Green Onion & Avocado (if deseired)

This serves 2 good size bowls or 4 smaller ones.




Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Take time to smell the flowers

How often do we really take time to smell the flowers??

I have this great little pond at my house and I am enjoying the flowers -photographing them under different light, waiting for them to open up each morning, watching them grow from under the water.

I guess I am a little fascinated as I haven’t been able to see this type of flower grow before……and it reminds me of Yoga, Mediation….k not really but what those symbolize…..calm, peace, quiet, beauty, connection and love.

We are so busy doing doing doing in our lives we often times don’t find the time to  slow down and smell the flowers, to connect, to be present, to be……..remember……we are human beings not human doings!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!


Access Consciousness

Happy Belated Canada Day for my Canadian friends and Happy early July 4th for my American friends and Happy Day everywhere else!! 🙂

I hosted an Access Consciousness ™  workshop this past weekend and I just had a deep sense that my life and the way I looked at it may never be the same again and boy was I right!!!

Access Consciousness (tm)is a dynamic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that can change any area of life, are available to you.

Needless to say I had an amazing weekend – I had some major shifts as in my life will probably not ever be the same again, had my eyes opened up and many points of views challenged……..which is a good thing!!

If you haven’t heard of Access yet, I recommend starting with having your Bars run…….yes sounds funny but my god is it good – the worst is you may only feel like you had a good  massage.

If you have been trying to make shifts in your life and it’s just not working….take a peek, if you are ready take a look here for a Facilitator near you who can run The Bars or more!!

Anyone is my area – I can run your Bars for you and I am Facilitating workshops coming up soon if you are interested in learning more!

The mantra for Access is – All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory (tm)- isn’t that the way it should be??