Being in the Flow


Being in the Flow…..

of YOUR Life

Do you ever find yourself

bucking the current, struggling to make things happen, not enjoying what you are doing or have a earning for something else?

You know that little urge, whisper, feeling that keeps tugging at you,


YOU keep ignoring it, or saying one day or letting it get quieter and quieter,


time has passed


the urge, whisper, tug is still there.

Let that urge, tug, whisper get louder,

let some day be today,

let it speak to you and guide you


YOU can be in the flow.

Flow of Life – YOUR Life!!


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Slow Down

Slow Down


We don’t need any reason or excuse to sometimes just slow down other than just being!!


Daily Photo


Daily Photo

With the new moon this past weekend, my intentions were to let go of anything or anyone inauthentic in my life that was toxic, holding me back, not contributing or allowing me be me without judgments, criticism, sarcasm, inspiration and mostly love – unconditional love.

Letting go be not always be easy especially as we are deciding or going through it , but once done – man does it get a lot lighter and clearer.
I am grateful for all the things I learned even though some of it was painful at the time.
I wouldn’t be the person I am today and now I know I can choose something different.
I have clearer and stronger intentions!!
One thing is a Daily Photo.
It may just be a photo.
Changes are happening on my blog and a release of a new e-course is happening as we speak.
I am about change, inspiring and empowering and sharing my story
Hope you will continue to check in, share, leave a comment and connect with me on Facebook!!
Thanks for being YOU!!

Jodi Burke

Being a Mom

Being a Mom

I love being a mom!!


19 years ago today my life radically changed, never ever to be the same again. I loved being pregnant – I felt sooooo good – well most of the time, the last month or so sleeping got hard but I

Never threw up, ate well and felt pretty good most of the time.

I thought once this baby was born the hard part was over, ha was I fooled!!

Trying to do a diaper or bath the first time, holy crap was I scared, but not as scared as when I was atthe one week check up  and got sent  down to the hospital then into the sick children’s hospital in Calgary by ambulance about 6 hours later after several tests and they couldn’t find out what was wrong except his weight was down and down too much, we lived in Banff at the time.

We were met at 2 am by family, a few friends and many wonderful doctors and nurses who made the next week much easier.  It was the first time someone called me Dylan’s mom, and it hit me – the hard part just started!!!

But that turned out good.

19 years today we have gone through many good times, some sad, we  cried, laughed, played hide and go seek in the house in the dark, had inside beaches when it was minus 35 out, moved, sat up late watching movies eating popcorn, had sleepovers, Great Pumpkin stories, actually many stories and lots of love and many disagreements!!

The hardest job but the most rewarding one in the world – my son just constantly shows up and impresses me constantly – I am proud of him but more importantly he should be proud of who he is!!!

I love being a mom!!!


Phone Booth – Changes……..

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

Learning new things can be or feel a little overwhelming at first, but if you don’t take the first step nothing ever changes.

One step today, another tomorrow, keep repeating…..

Just think where you could be in 30 days or a year.

Live a Life YOU Love!!

Jodi Burke

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Where in your life could you be willing to change or make changes?

Steam Clock

Steam Clock

Steam Clock

I was up and out early this morning to shoot the old steam clock in Gastown in downtown Vancouver.

A couple of men passed by me with my camera and tripod and the one asked me a few questions.  On his way back he asked a few more questions and we got talking and he quickly shared with me his life story – owning a multiple million dollar company to finding drugs at the age of 43 to being homeless, living on the streets for quite a bit and then cleaning his life up.  He’s now 66, clean, loving life and asked me if he was too old to get into Photography as he wanted a hobby and this was of interest.

Hell no I said – you are never too old to do things you love or that interest you.

So what interests you? Are you doing it or is there an excuse holding you back?

Don’t let life pass you by – Live a Life YOU Love and Do It Now!!

Make is a great day!!


What is ENV2?

What is ENV2?

Encyclopedia salesmen hate Wikipedia.
And newspapers hate Craigslist.
And music stores hate iTunes.
And used bookstores hate Amazon.
And travel agents hate Travelocity.
And shoe stores hate Zappos.
And language teachers hate Rosetta Stone.
And colleges hate Great Courses.
And monks hated Gutenberg.
Guess what? Technology doesn’t care who you hate.
It’s going to keep moving forward.
Here’s a new addition to the list:
WordPress, Typepad, and Blogger are all going to hate Empower Network 2.0.
Looking forward to see how this change will affect you, I , my blogging etc and possibly the internet.
What do you use in your business??

US Government Shutdown??

US Government Shutdown??


I usually don’t watch or listen to the news as you can tell by the title it’s all good stuff!! lol

For me though, it’s just a reinforcement of why I love working for myself, being an entrepreneur and taking my future and my kids futures into my own hands…….there is NO security anymore.

We can and have the ability to create our own lives, how we want to live – BUT only if your truly think it, feel it and believe it!!

I hope you don’t think the government is there to take care of you?

Or that you will win the lottery and that will solve all your problems?

The divide is getting bigger between the rich and the poor – where are you and where will you be in a year, 2 years or 5 years?

Do something different today to move yourself towards a Life YOU Love to Live!!

Have an awesome day!!


Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction,

that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey.

Brian Molko