Early Morning – Vancouver GM Place

Early Morning


i love being up early and sometimes even out to find places like this – Vancouver GM Place – where the stars and hockey players perform –  before anyone else does or so I like to believe or just when it’s a quiet time.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning, middle of the afternoon or night time – do you take some time to be quiet,

quiet the noise in your head or just be without having to talk, do something or be on any phone, computer

or other device?

5 minutes a day could make a big difference!!

Make it a great day!!


Full Moon

Full Moon


I love the beauty of a full moon.

Its bright, it’s big and it’s beautiful – you can see it everywhere.

It could be a metaphor in your life – where could you be hiding or not shining your light, your beauty, your talents, your uniqueness?

Just a thought……

Make it a Great Day!


Fresh Food

Fresh Food



Just as it is important to feed the mind with great thoughts, it’s important to feed the body with great food.

Fresh as often as possible is best.

Natural is easy.

Now that IS Fast Food !!!

Make it a great day

and Eat Healthy!!


Blow a Kiss

Blow a Kiss


When was the last time you blew a kiss to someone or got a little playful?

Why not add a little bit into your life today or blow someone special a little kiss………Play!!

No matter what else is going on!!


Morning Fog

Morning Fog


Happy New Years!!

I woke up this morning to fog – couldn’t even see downtown Vancouver it was so thick as after yesterday was a day of pounding rain and high winds all through the night.

Now it is calm and sunny.

This fog was a good representation of where I have been the last little while, getting clear on my life, working a lot, weeding out the weeds, what I don’t want, resting (it is hibernation time after all) and setting goals for 2014.

For me the fog has lifted!!

I hope it has for you too as I know that 2014 is going to be one of my best years yet…….

What about you?




Take some time for you today or this weekend and get clear.

It can be Powerful.

Have an amazing day!!