Beets with Dill “Cheese”

Beets with Dill “Cheese”

Beets with Dill ‘Cheese’


With the holidays coming up – I will be posting recipes that may help with getting through the holidays without giving in to temptation, old habits, even crappy food that happens during the holidays.  I know it can be hard when you get caught up in the moment, but with some pre-planning – things could be different this year!!

Last night I took my son to a viewing of the Documentary ‘Cowspiracy’, I eat pretty healthy and gave up all labels (ie raw foodie, vegan, etc) but after watching that documentary I have committed to even more of a plant based way of eating.  Everyone needs to watch this as it effects us all and our planet – I thought I knew some things but even I got some surprises from this.  We really need to wake up and make different choices!

Ok – off my soap box!! 🙂

One of my old favorite snacks was cheese and crackers – and even though I make raw, dehydrated crackers – sometimes a change is good.  Beets with Dill Cheese is easy and pretty quick!!  You can make nut cheeses or also called a raw cheese and use instead of dairy cheese – you may be surprised at how tasty they can be, no they don’t melt in the oven like dairy cheese!

By making some of these little changes – the benefits can be big in how one looks or feels.  Dairy can be hard on the system and can pack on extra weight, and can be more like a sludge in the system – cutting back on dairy is moving in the direction of healthy eating – remember – we are the ONLY species that drinks another species milk – that milk was made to help baby calves grow – are you a calf? 🙂  You can also get better sources of calcium!!



–  1 -2 Beets depending on the size – peeled and somewhat thinly sliced but not too think as you want to be able to pick them up easily without them folding in half.  Once sliced place on plate or cutting board ready for the Dill ‘Cheese”


Dill ‘Cheese’

–  1 cup raw Cashews

–  1/2 cup Lemon

–  2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

–  pinch Himalayan Sea Salt

–  1 tbsp ground Black Pepper

– 1 clove Garlic chopped or minced

–  1/2 cup of Water (approx)

Throw all ingredients into Vitamix or blender, add a little bit of water, blend on high and add a little bit of water as necessary.  You do not want this thin, so just add a little water at a time.

Once you have the right consistency, chopped up some dill and stir in (blending it in the Vitamix will make the cheese greenish in color and not leave any dill pieces).

Spoon a spoonful on top of each beet and sprinkle a little more dill over for garnish.




Pumpkin Raspberry Parfait – Raw Style

Pumpkin Raspberry Parfait – Raw Style

Raw Pumpkin Parfait


I love the colors of fall – the reds, yellows and oranges – and Pumpkin!  never thought of making something from raw Pumpkin before but thought why not – and it turned out yummy.  With the left over Pumpkin I made a smoothie with hemp milk, banana, cinnamon, dates and L.O.V.E. and was it yummy!!

Raw Pumpkin is quite nutritionally dense – making healthy eating easy.  Pumpkin in it’s raw form is loaded with Vitamin A and potassium.

You (or your guests)won’t know that the pumpkin Raspberry Parfait is a raw desert – that’s the best part!!

Have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends and here’s a link to some raw Thanksgiving recipes from the Canadian side!

Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Pumpkin Puree


–  1 small to medium size Pumpkin – insides scraped out, seeds could be washed and dried and baked in oven or dehydrator if wanted for yummy snack)

Pumpkin will need to be cut up into small pieces and the outer skin taken off.

–  1 tsp Cinnamon

–  1 tsp Nutmeg or Pumpkin Pie Spice

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–   pinch Himalayan Salt

–  1/4 – 1/2 cup Water

–  4 tbsp Agave (or other natural sweetner – adjust to taste)

Throw all ingredients into Vitamix or Blender and slowly add water until desired consistency – you want it kind of thick not too runny, it may take scraping down the sides a few times and a little bit to get fairly smooth


Raspberry Puree

–  small package fresh Raspberries

–  1/2 in grated Ginger

–  2 tbsp Agave (or other sweetener)

Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Cashew Whip


–  1 cup Cashews

–   1 tsp Vanilla

–  2 tbsp Agave (or other natural sweetener)

–  4- 6 ice cubes

–  1/4 – 1/2 cup Water


Throw all ingredients in Vitamix or Blender except the water, slowly add the water until desired consistency is achieved – you don’t want this too thick or too thin.

Get a parfait or wine glass and put in layers starting with the Pumpkin puree, then the Raspberry Puree, Cashew Whip, chopped Walnuts and repeat.

Eat and Enjoy!!


Raw Pumpkin Parfait

Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean Salsa

This is a Vegan recipe because of the Black Beans – but still has fresh yummy veggies.  The best part is you can make it as hot as you like it!!  It’s a basic recipe – but just to show you you can still get in fresh veggies easily  – you can always sprinkle on some superfoods too if you choose like hemp or spirulina for instance.

This time of the year especially when it gets quite chilly outside which it is now – I like to add in a few things to help keep me warmer – lentils, quinoa spices etc

Black Bean Salsa

This is a great recipe to make a little extra so you can  use it as a dip for raw crackers, natcho chips (yes they even have non-gmo ones and ones made without corn which are tasty!) side dish or even as a light salad for lunch!!  I use Organic whenever possible – if that is not an option – always soak your veggies in the sink with water and some white vinegar for at least 15 mins – apparently it helps to remove some of the outside crap.


–   6 smaller sized Red / Yellow / Orange Peppers chopped

–  2 Green Onions cut in half and thinly sliced

–  1/2 cup finely chopped Cilantro (if you are not a Cilantro lover use Parsley instead)

–  1 clove Garlic minced

–  1 juice of Lime (or Lemon)

–  1 hot Pepper or your choice finely chopped – optional (make sure to wash your hands well after chopping the pepper)

–  1 can Black Beans well drained and rinsed

Stir together all ingredients.  You can eat it right away, I find if I let it sit  for a little bit or over night the flavors get greatly enhanced.

Enjoy and please feel free to share!!


Black Bean Salsa


Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Once you start making changes in your eating lifestyle the easier it becomes!!

The little things you can do each day can add up to big changes that create a healthy eating lifestyle – as a healthy eating lifestyle has no stop and start dates.

Adding in Coconut Oil can make a huge difference, as there are so many amazing benefits of Coconut Oil.  I use it instead of butter for most things (

Type of Coconut Oil to Use:

  • Virgin (unrefined) coconut oil tastes and smells coconutty and is great for cooking and baking where you want that flavor. You can use it for anything but it will impart a coconut taste (mild) and odor ! Unrefined coconut oil retains the most nutritional value and is superior to refined oil.
  • Purium Organic Tropical Oil is one of the best Coconut Oils I have ever tried!!

Coconut Oil Is:

  • Anti-bacterial (kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum diseases, and other bacterial infections)
  • Anti-carcinogenic (coconut oil has antimicrobial properties so it effectively prevents the spread of cancer cells and enhances the immune system)
  • Anti-fungal (kills fungi and yeast that lead to infection)
  • Anti-inflammatory (appears to have a direct effect in suppressing inflammation and repairing tissue, and it may also contribute by inhibiting harmful intestinal microorganisms that cause chronic inflammation.)
  • Anti-microbial/Infection Fighting (the medium-chain fatty acids and monoglycerides found in coconut oil are the same as those in human mother’s milk, and they have extraordinary antimicrobial properties. By disrupting the lipid structures of microbes, they inactivate them. About half of coconut oil consists of lauric acid. Lauric acid, its metabolite monolaurin and other fatty acids in coconut oil are known to protect against infection from bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and parasites. While not having any negative effect on beneficial gut bacteria, coconut oil inactivates undesirable microbes.)
  • An Antioxidant (protects against free-radical formation and damage)
  • Anti-parasitic (fights to rid the body of tapeworms, lice and other parasites)
  • Anti-protozoa (kills giardia, a common protozoan infection of the gut)
  • Anti-retroviral (kills HIV and HLTV-1)
  • Anti-viral (kills viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, and other viruses)
  • Infection fighting
  • Has no harmful for discomforting side effects
  • Known to improve nutrient absorption (easily digestible; makes vitamins and minerals more available to the body)
  • Nontoxic to humans and animals

Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene/Body

 Age Spots (also known as liver spots) – applying coconut oil directly to the age spot will help it fade.

After Shave – coconut oil will help heal your skin after shaving without clogging pores. Great for razor burn!

Baldness – apply three times a day to affected area of hair loss. Coconut oil supports cell regeneration.

Birth Marks – can be used after a laser removal treatment to aid in healing. Can also be applied after an apple cider vinegar treatment to help support and aid the fading process.

Body Scrub – mix coconut oil and sugar together and rub all over! Rinse off and your skin will be super soft! You can add in essential oils if you would like a specific smell.

Bruises – applied directly to the bruise, coconut oil enhances the healing process by reducing swelling and redness.

Bug Bites – when applied directly to a bug bite, coconut oil can stop the itching and burning sensation as well as hasten the healing process.

Burns – apply to burn site immediately and continue applying until healed. Will reduce the chances of permanent scarring and promotes healing.

Chapstick – just rub a little into lips and it not only acts as a softening agent but it also has an SPF of about 4 so you get a little protection!

Cradle Cap – having issues with dry skin on your baby’s scalp? Coconut oil will not only nourish your baby’s skin, it also helps eliminate cradle cap. Just rub a teaspoon onto scalp daily.

Dandruff – coconut oil soaks into the scalp moisturizing dry skin and relieves symptoms of dandruff. It also helps to control oil secretion from the scalp, another leading cause of dandruff.

Deodorant – coconut oil alone can be used as a deodorant, but even more effective in combination with cornstarch/arrowroot powder and baking soda!

Diaper Salve – very comforting on a rashy bum with no harsh chemicals. Also safe for cloth diapers.

Exfoliator – coconut oil mixed with sugar or sea salt is a very nourishing and effective exfoliator and safe to use all over the body.

Eye cream – apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags and wrinkles. Use on the lids in the evening.

Face Wash/ Soap – mix equal parts coconut oil with olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and castor oil and use in place of soap when washing your face. Wet face, rub oil in and leave on for two minutes, rinse and pat dry. One teaspoon should be adequate.

Hair conditioner/ Deep Treatment – use as a leave-in hair conditioner by applying a teaspoon of coconut oil to your ends and then running your fingers through your hair to distribute the rest! For a deeper treatment, rub in a tablespoon of coconut oil onto your dry scalp and gently work through to the ends. Put a shower cap on to prevent transfer onto bed linens and leave on overnight.

Hair Gel/ Defrizzer – rub a little between your palms and either scrunch into hair (for curly hair) or finger comb in through from scalp to ends (for wavy/straight hair).

Healing – when applied on scrapes and cuts, coconut oil forms a thin, chemical layer which protects the wound from outside dust, bacteria and virus. Coconut oil speeds up the healing process of bruises by repairing damaged tissues. Plus, it smells a heck-of-a-lot better than anything from the pharmacy.

Lubricant – it is an all-natural, perfectly safe personal lubricant. Not compatible with latex!

Makeup Remover – use a cotton swab and a dab of coconut oil and you would be amazed at how well it works!

Massage Oil – pretty simple; grab some and rub!

Moisturizer – simply scoop some out of the jar and apply all over your body, including neck and face.

Mole Remover – when applied after an apple cider vinegar compress for several weeks, moles have been known to “slide off” or just disappear.

Nipple Cream – works great to nourish cracked, sore or dry nipples. Apply to a cotton ball and leave on your nipples between feedings.

Oily Skin Fix – prone to oily skin or an oily T-zone? Use a pea sized amount underneath makeup or alone to reduce the appearance of oil.

Pre Shampoo Treatment for Hair – rub a little into scalp and hair before shampooing. This is especially useful for those with course or frizzy hair.

Pre-Shave – coconut oil will prep skin for the pending damage caused by shaving.

Skin Problems – coconut oil relieves skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

Stretch Mark Cream – coconut oil is great at nourishing damaged skin. It may not be the magic stretch mark cure but it will help.

Sun Burn Relief – rub liberal amounts of coconut oil into the affected area.


Swimmers Ear – mix garlic oil and coconut oil and put a few drops in affected ear for about 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day and it usually works within one or two days.

Tattoo Healing and Moisturizer – continued use of coconut oil on tattoos will help keep the pigment from fading. Used on new tattoos, coconut will hasten the healing process and decrease the chance of infection.

Toothpaste – there are numerous recipes out there but I just mix coconut oil and baking soda and dab a little of the mix on my toothbrush.

Wrinkle Prevention and Wrinkle Reducer – rubbing coconut oil on winkles and sagging skin helps strengthen the connective tissues to bring back that youthful look!

Coconut Oil for General Health and Wellness

Breastfeeding – for breastfeeding moms, consuming 3 ½ tablespoons of coconut oil daily will enrich the milk supply.

Bones and Teeth – coconut oil aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium leading to better development of bones and teeth.

Digestion – the saturated fats in coconut oil help control parasites and fungi that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making you healthier all around.

Energy Boost – coconut oil boosts energy and endurance making it a great supplement for athletes as well as those needed a quick pick me up.

Fitness – coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, improve thyroid function, and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat while increasing muscle.

Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose making it great for both diabetics and non-diabetic.

Lung Function – increases the fluidity of cell surfaces.

Nausea – rub some coconut oil on the inside for the wrist and forearm to calm an upset stomach.

Nose bleeds – coconut oil can prevent nose bleeding that is caused by sensitivity to weather such as extreme heat and extreme cold. This condition happens when the nasal passages become dry because of cold or dry air resulting to burns and cracks in the mucus membranes so bleeding happens. To prevent this just put coconut oil in you nostrils. Coat your finger with coconut oil and then lie down and coat your finger inside your nose. Doing this will strengthen and protect the capillaries in the nasal passages. A Vitamin C supplement will also help prevent nose bleeding.

Oil pulling with coconut oil offers a two for one health benefit!

Stress Relief – relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to the head in a circular, massaging motion. The natural aroma of coconuts is extremely soothing thus helping to lower your stress level.

Vitamin and nutrient absorption

Weight loss – the saturated fats contribute to weight loss and controlling cravings. Also increases metabolic rate.

Coconut Oil and Cooking

Butter Substitute – use 1 cup to 1 cup ratio when replacing butter in recipes with coconut oil.

Nutritional Supplement – melt and add to smoothies.

Replacement for butter/lard/Crisco/PAM in its solid form for greasing pans, pie crusts, etc.

Replacement for various oils in liquid form – baking, cooking, sautéing, etc.

Coconut Oil and Pets/Animals

Check with your veterinarian but the recommended dosage for animals is 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily.

Aids healing of digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel syndrome and colitis

Aids in arthritis or ligament problems

Aids in elimination of hairballs and coughing

Applied topically, promotes the healing of cuts, wounds, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings

Clears up skin conditions such as eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis, and itchy skin

Disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing

Great for dogs and cats for general wellness. Just add a teaspoon to their water bowl daily.

Helps prevent or control diabetes

Helps sedentary dogs feel energetic.Helps reduce weight, increases energy

Improves digestion and nutrient absorption

Makes coats become sleek and glossy, and deodorizes doggy odor

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been shown to improve brain energy metabolism and decrease the amyloid protein buildup that results in brain lesions in older dogs.

Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including candida

Reduces allergic reactions and improves skin health

Reduces or eliminates bad breath in dogs

Regulates and balance insulin and promotes normal thyroid function

Other Uses for Coconut Oil

Chewing Gum in Hair Remover – just rub some coconut oil over the stuck chewing gum, leave in for about 30 minutes, then roll the gum between your fingertip. Voila! It’s out!

Goo Gone – just mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Apply to the “sticky” area and let it set for a minute. Then scrub off with an old toothbrush or the scrubby side of a sponge.

Insect repellent – mix coconut oil with peppermint oil extract and rub it all over exposed skin. Keeps insects off better than anything with DEET! Tons safer too.

 Moisturizing and cleaning leather products

Oiling wood cutting boards and wood bowls

Polishing Bronze – all you have to do is rub a little oil into a cotton towel and then wipe down the statue. It cleans and helps deepen the color of your bronze.

Polish Furniture – coconut oil with a little bit of lemon juice to polish wood furniture. However, I recommend you test it first on a very small, unobtrusive part of your furniture to make sure it works the way you’d like.

Seasoning animal hide drums

Seasoning cookware

Soap making – coconut oil can be used as one of the fats in soap.

Raw Superfoods Chocolate


Raw Superfoods Chocolate

Raw Superfoods Chocolate

Raw Superfoods Chocolate

Who says eating healthy has to be boring or all just veggies??

I truly believe that things in moderation and of course the healthier versions are always better options!!

Raw cacao before highly processed and cooked (ie all our chocolate bars etc that we can buy at check outs or in grocery stores) have no nutritional value what so ever and have a ton of processed white sugar – something that brings no nutritional value to the body and literally takes from the body as well!

It’s incredible too when you can sneak in superfoods  – tasty yet healthy and nutritious like none other!!

There are healthy alternatives – I hope you experiment with the recipe and create what truly tantalizes your taste buds or just enjoy as is!!



–         ½ cup raw Cacao Butter

–         ¼ cup raw Cacao Powder

–         1 tbsp Spirulina

–         1 tbsp Rice Bran Solubles (optional – Purium)

–         ½ tsp Cinnamon

–         1tsp Vanilla

–         ¼ cup Hemp

–         ¼ cup Agave (or Honey)

Raw Superfoods Chocolate

Melt the Cacao Butter over a double boiler on low heat.

Once melted stir in remaining ingredients and mix well until all is dissolved and smooth

Pour into chocolate molds or into a glass square baking dish and store in fridge for best results (may soften if out at room temp) and to keep longer.

Raw Superfoods Chocolate gives you the chance to enjoy sweets without the guilt. It’s really a healthy way to savor the goodness of chocolates.

For more healthy guilt-free sweet food alternatives, see our list of original collection of desserts and vegan food recipes.

Old Ways

Old Kitchen Things

Old Ways

How often do we keep doing the same things yet we no we aren’t getting the results we need or want to in any areas of our lives?

WE have so many modern day conveniences in our kitchen compared to the olden days to make our lives easier yet if you stop and think about it, it was pretty basic and simple back then – food was food.  It grew in a garden or  from a farm for the most part.

Eating healthy was easy!

Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, GMO’s, additives, perservatives, hydrogenized, enrichment etc just didn’t exist like it does now.

When did eating and our food supply get so complicated, confusing and distorted?

I encourage you to add in your way of eating today – something that is pretty basic or real or natural and maybe, just maybe let go of something that you know isn’t real, healthy or allowing you and your body to be the best you that you can be.

Sometimes the little things done consistently can create big changes over time or allows up to continually build on so that huge shifts can occur.

It could be drinking more water, water instead of coffee or pop, taking your lunch instead of grabbing fast food, preparing healthy snacks instead of fast grab coffee shop snacks, it could be eating salad instead of fries, eating more raw foods instead of cooked, could be 1 min in front of the mirror saying how great you are instead of focusing on something negative about yourself…………..for a few examples.

Can you imagine – something a little bit each day where in a year you, your health, your body could be??

Amazing possibilities isn’t it??

Exciting isn’t it??

It can be done – one step, one day at a day – that is the power of NOW!!


Healthy Eating Made Easy

FREE Kindle Recipe Book

FREE Kindle Recipe Book

Healthy Eating Made Easy by Jodi Burke

Healthy Eating Made Easy by Jodi Burke

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All 3 books together in one to help make eating healthier easier, tastier and more convenient!! 
Learn how eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or boring along with recipes that will tantalize your taste buds, are easy to make and you won’t believe that they are vegan or raw.

Please feel free to share and enjoy!!

Have an awesome happy healthy day!!