Squamish Goddess Festival

Squamish Goddess Festival


 Opening Ceremony on the Friday evening.

I got to have the chance this past weekend to not only attend the Squamish Goddess Festival but to shoot some of it!!

Met some amazing ladies, had some great pampering time, bought some cool things, got immersed in the feminine and with females and oh smooch more!


It was located on a piece of beautiful property outside of Squamish, BC and even thought the days before were raining and raining hard, it cleared up to be an incredible weekend weather wise!!

Tammra Broughton

Tammra Broughton is the creator of this special weekend, who with the help of many hands has started making her dream a reality.

Tammra with Grandmother Kaarlina

Even though I was running around catching sneak peaks aka photos of workshops, singers, vendors and women connecting, I also got the chance to participate in a few and make some wonderful connections and new friendships.

What I love about these events is the gathering of women in a nurturing, inspiring and loving atmosphere where we can leave the everyday grind, competition and judging aside.

We can to reconnect with ourselves and nature – two very powerful things!!

We brought in traditional teachings that have been lost along the way – beautiful Grandmother Kaarlina – had a very powerful group session Saturday evening where the support of women was huge – so needed in our society today!!

There were many workshops to choose from all empowering the self and the feminine, including dance, yoga and great music.

I think in our society today the word Goddess is misunderstood and so needed to bring back balance in this very unbalanced world.

Movement of the body and quieting the mind, expressing, releasing and loving – one can’t put into words what really happens to one at festivals like this – you just have to go yourself and experience it!!

It helps to connect the masculine and feminine inside of us – we ALL have both but unfortunately many of us in todays’ world are running way more of the masculine, live in cities where concrete is everywhere and with technology have disconnected from self, nature and each other.  We have become somewhat lost, losing our traditions, intuition and love.

And there are no age limits!!

If you are around Squamish – Vancouver area next June – I highly recommend attending it is well worth it!!

Have a fantastic day!


Healthy People – ‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter


Healthy People – ‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter


(Photo by Mark Benson)

My Healthy People (person) this week is ‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter who I had the pleasure of meeting  many years ago when she first moved into Roberts Creek and set up the Yoga by the Sea yoga studio.  There is not much in the heart of the Creek but what is there brings an unique flare as Roberts Creek is pretty unique.

Roberts Creek attracts a certain kind of person – the ones that stay anyways! 🙂  Roberts Creek is known for the Gumboot Cafe (yes when I moved there many people wore gumboots!), beaches and amazing sunsets.



Marney’s yoga studio is a beautiful space.  It was great running into and catching up with Marney and the studio is going strong.  If ever you are on the Sunshine Coast, stop by and take a class at Yoga By the Sea – you will love it!




Q  –  What do you do and how did you get started?

I am the Director and Manager of a Yoga Studio.
I have been teaching Yoga as a lifestyle for 22 years.
I needed a place to continue to offer this service.
There was a space available right in downtown Roberts Creek



Q  –  What does health mean to you?

Being vital and present in day to day life, listening to my body.

When or what got you started down this path?
In 1994, I had a breaking open one night. Which showed me two paths…. A dark one, with suffering and struggle. a light one which was illuminated with vitality and serenity.
I choose the light one.


Q  –  What are some of your favourite health foods (or health products / things)?
Yoga, Meditation, being in nature, Whole foods, bone broth.


Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?
Have a honest look at what patterns you have. Then pick one thing to add in, and one thing to remove.


(Photo by Mark Benson)


Q  –  What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

Q  –  Anything else you would like to add?
Start now !


Peace comes from Within
‘Hasu’ Marney Coulter
Owner/ Director Yoga by the Sea
604 989 2382


Facebook Page


Season of Self Love

Season of Self Love



I was going to call it Summer of Self Love but thought no, it needs to be longer and even Season of Self Love is too short,it really should be seasons!!

As many of you know that have followed me or my blog food and healthy food, / eating has been a big part of my life, food has also been one of my biggest challenges in my life – from not eating to binging to in my earlier years body obsessed to strict eating guidelines (raw foods only) to letting go of any and all rules and names (vegan,raw, foodie etc) to coming to pretty much a neutral place.

I even gave up trying to convince others they shouldn’t eat this or that or telling them what they should eat.  I feel so much lighter.  I also gave up trying to be perfect – that was a big one for me.

We are all so different when it comes to body shapes, body sizes, our genes (to a certain degree) and our likes and dislikes.

The base for me still resides in as close to nature as possible – clean and organic but I also have really allowed myself to be human and know I’m not perfect and stop being so hard on myself.

Believe it or not how and what we eat, really does say much about how we love ourselves.

Now I totally understand some people never have an issue with food, their bodies or self love, but I’m not talking to those people.

I want to connect and share my thoughts, messages and journey with the ones that have and are struggling with food issues, body issues, low self esteem issues.

I think back over my life and all the time I wasted on working out trying to get my thighs thinner – now please don’t misinterrupt what I am saying here, there is a difference between an obsession, loathing your self or your body and being healthy happy and free of that and still wanting to be, feel and look healthy.

What is the difference and fine line?

I turned 50 in December and right around the same time I put o an extra 10 lbs.  First time in my life where my eight has been heavier and not coming off.  Yes I’m in menopause, and I have readers (wth where did the time go!!??)  It actually brought up the last of my body issues that I hadn’t fully embraced.

Could I still love myself enough even with some extra weight,some cellulite?  I was eating healthy, getting some exercise – ok not like I used too when I was younger, working out daily, waitressing (so running around) and then 2 young children – busy young children (more running around).  I did work at my computer more, read more, and took life a little slower after being so busy for years.

I also wasn’t having really any other side effects other than the odd little night sweat, so quite frankly I could live with a few extra pounds – but I still had some demons – not feeling good, enough or sexy.  My clothes were tighter, I could see my body shifting.

Perfect – what better time then now to really let go of that bs yes bullshit and belief systems on my body defines who I am.

I love taking care of it, I love feeling good,healthy, radiant, alive but it’s not who I am.

It’s the place that my soul calls home.

And just like the house we live in, we do need to take care of it so it looks nice (or not),  and make it our home so we are comfy in it,surrounding ourselves with things we like.

Would we spend much time in a place we didn’t like? Maybe temporarily to save for your ‘dream’ home or one that better suits you, unless money is a major factor for where and how we live, we can still decorate the inside of it to be our temple.

What are the ways to take care of you that maybe you have forgotten or left behind?

For me I am and have started to love me just for me – I’m here, alive, unique and instead of trying to fit in, focusing on my gifts, joy, love and more fun.  Each day is difference but I do something daily that uplifts my spirits, that nurtures me, that feeds my soul – how do I know? It just feels good.

I might go for a walk in the rain forest here or shoot a sunset – one I’ve shot many times but it always brings me joy, connect with an old friend, take an afternoon cat nap, learn a new tool in Photography, have my toes painted – love having colourful toes in the summer, send a love note to my honey, yoga for the sake of connecting and feeling my body not for exercise.  That one alone feels so good and different.

Just like the sunsets and sunrises that I love to catch – they are never the same.  To some people they may be, but not to me.  Each moment, each day is new, so are they and so am I – I get to choose  – why not choose beauty and love.


Maybe it’s my age that I’ve come more into me and some moments I almost wish I could go back in time and take my wisdom, self love and knowledge back to my earlier years so that I wouldn’t waste all that energy on fighting my body, hating it or abusing it.

I look forward to posting more on these topics and more especially for women as it’s totally out of control now.

Seeing the younger generation with food, body issues and dieting really saddens me – it’s incredible what marketing and advertising can do to us.  Yet it’s not just them, it’s women in general.

Start adding in sprinkles of self love and self nurturing no matter how busy you are, cause if you don’t you may be forced to at some point in your life and trust me that way is not always fun!!

Have an amazing day and create some more self love for YOU!!!





Healthy People – Troy Edwards

Healthy People – Troy Edwards


Troy Edwards


This weeks post on Healthy People is on Troy Edwards.

I had the fun of running down and taking pictures while the domes were being brought to life and I can’t wait to see them full of life once planting starts!!

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Tory and Sharon over these past few months while coming and going to the coast – the energy that these two people have is very special and I know that it will go into all the plants and food that will be soon growing.  I look forward to getting my own dome one day and seeing many more around!!


Q  –  What got you started on the health path?


I have been on it since I was 21 years old.  I got really sick after using drugs and alcohol, I got offered a job in a health food store and it was like I was born again!

Soon afterwards I got into farming organics and biodynamically and that lasted over 14 years.  Then I trained as a Nutrition Consultant and had my own practice for over 15 years in Vancouver, Hawaii, Colorado and California.

I love the basic and simple things with real food.


Q  –  What does health mean to you?

I’m not interested in good / bad or right / wrong, – I’m interested in what best supports you in food nutrition and of course exercise.

I’ve always had gardens and grown some of my own food.


Q  –  What took you in this direction since Domes are quite unique?

Last summer we stayed with friends that had a huge garden and I realized that I love being with food and growing food, I got tired of doing all the supplement things and wanted to go back to basics.

We  began to wonder how we could do something better in this world.  We also wanted to grow nutrient dense food year round, and we knew we wanted to do that on the Sunshine Coast.   We also wanted to include educating people and encouraging them to have their own year round growing space.

So fast forward and here we are today, we just got two domes set up and we are starting it!!

These are great as we can help anyone do it  even with limited growing space- with the smaller one and the bigger one will be more commercial as it can hold it can hold 20 vertical towers that can grow 880 plants on less than 400 square feet.  It’s a more sustainable model, reduction in water and of course good soil.

We want to help create less of a foot print in the world.  It’s awesome we have organic food available yet it still travels, sometimes 1000’s of miles, packaging, food is usually picked underripe and it’s mass produced.

The domes extend growing times to 9 – 10 months a year with light and heat year round.



Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?

I would advise to focus on as much nutrient dense, live, real foods and minimally processed as much as possible.  I would reduce carb intake and increase healthy foods and healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, hemp oil, flax oil.  Sugar is the biggest culprit followed by salty and crunchy foods that are not good for us – they are usually high in calories, bad fats and low in nutrients.  People these days are eating too much proteins and carbs which convert into fats.

I haven’t had to go to a doctors in 40 years.  When I do go now it’s for diagnostics information so I can then go and research ways through foods, supplementation etc.

I feel brain food is very important – that is highly quality good fats and nutrient dense foods – rich in minerals and trace minerals which most people are low in or don’t even get.  Minerals allow conductivity in the brain and the brain needs that plus good fats and water.  Keeping the body hydrated is also very important – good clean water.

Movement is also important – stretching, breath works, exercise, mindful practice and quiet time in the day.


Q  –  What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

I think Vitamin N is very important – Nature – spending time in nature – fresh air and more!


Q  –  Anything else you would like to add?

Supplements are called supplements as they serve a purpose for a time not forever.

Our dome projects just getting started, we don’t even have a website up yet.

(when Troy does I will put it in here or please feel free to contact Troy on FB to ask him any questions).


Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share!!







Burnt Food

Food Gone Crazy

Food Gone Crazy


Food Gone Crazy



LOL – I couldn’t resist putting in this photo – looks like void of life eh? Isn’t that similar to so much of our so called ‘ food’ is these days??

Food Gone Crazy!!

If I was just starting out today to change how I was eating towards better healthy, real foods, I would be so confused and overwhelmed I probably wouldn’t do anything and I have a feeling that has happened and is happening to many people.

We have people from every way of eating claiming that it’s the best and the only way – from vegetarian, to vegan, to raw foods, to Ketogenics, to Atkins, and I could go on!!!

Everyone is talking about food, eating food, celebrating with food, shopping for food, watching food channels and more.  It’s trendy to be a Foodie now.  There is so much more marketing and awareness, but my question is WHY did it become so confusing, scientific,  and even complicated!!??


What drives me nuts even more so is the labels, the mis-marketing, the confusion like when I google Superfoods I get blueberries, salmon and eggs…..seriously?? WTH?? Or Gluten -free yet has more toxic ingredients then if it wasn’t glue free.

Superfoods are nutrient dense foods – I don’t think those are it!!

What I have noticed is food is everywhere and so much of it is still chemical concoctions labelled as food and we are mass consuming much of the wrong things still – so much so that I was just informed in Canada they are pushing through an Obesity Tax.  At first it actually pissed me off as I thought how rude, BUT the foods that people overeat and make you sick and fat will have the tax.  Well, fine and dandy but I feel the crappy food or so called ‘food’ should just be removed period!!! I mean if it isn’t  food but chemical concoctions, and people are getting fat and sick by eating them, then lets get rid of them!!  Oh, but what about profits?………..it really comes down to that and another way to get more money out of people.


It bothers me as so much of that food has so many chemicals in them, there are now over 10 000 food chemicals and some them are addictive ones.  So not only are you eating high empty calorie and saturated fats type foods but with no nutritional value, so your body really still is hungry even though you have eaten something.  Yet on top of that they use addictive chemicals so now you want even more…….kind of sick isn’t it??

What’s truly the difference between Non-gmo (and why do those companies have to get that labelling and yet the GMO companies and products don’t have to???) and GMO free?  GMO free is ALL ingredients are gmo free, but non-gmo can have a certain amount of gmo’s in them……….yeah figure that one out.

What about real foods that mother nature gave us, organic as much as possible, simple, clean and natural……..boring you say?  That’s because your taste buds and emotions have been overtaken by the chemicals and I’m not being sarcastic here it’s actually the truth.  Emotions and addictions are big and the food industry knows that!!!

When you go back to clean food and try to eat highly processed foods (even with natural, organic or labels like that on them – if they are processed they are processed period, yes they can have better quality ingredients but……..and yes I am not perfect I do eat some) you won’t be able to eat them, your body will not want them and you will know and feel it.  I hope your food addiction doesn’t control you!! 🙂  It’s not what you do sometimes, it’s what you do all the time – other words what are your habits??

What though with all of this food around and it being trendy to be a foodie and the addictive chemicals in the food does one do that struggles with emotional eating or has an eating disorder?


There’s nothing more freeing than making peace with food, having to have no label about how or what you eat and loving yourself enough to feel good enough not to have to use or abuse it, not being controlled by it and not over needing it!

Ok, thanks for letting me rant today!


And for stopping by!