Being Present

Being Present

Being Present

Nothing is more important than being in the present moment – fully alive, fully aware.’

              Nhat Hanh

Wherever you are Be There – it’s all we have is the present moment – the past is over and the future is not here yet.  Just like in Photography – if I wait even a second I may miss the shot and the moment is gone forever.  What are you missing in your life but not fully being present?

Create a magical day!!



Jicama & Beet Salad

Jicama & Beet Salad

Jicama & Beet Salad


It’s been quite awhile since I have done a recipe so thought it might be fun to create something simple, yet fresh, raw and oh so tasty – Jicama & Beet Salad.

Since being down in Mexico I have been eating so well.  For me, I know the warmth, sunlight and fresh foods nurture my soul.  There is an abundance of fresh foods down here besides just Tacos and Quesadillas!! lol

Fresh Foods

There are also many markets that happen happen several times a week in different locations where an abundance of not only fresh / raw foods, but tasty (from vendors) and organic.  Usually more so where the gringos are yet so much great food.

I’ve been living off much Papaya, Pineapple, Figs, Avocados, Fresh Greens and yes I admit it fresh salsa and chips – locally made and non-gmo.

Fresh Organic Greens

I truly feel for many people that the environment makes a huge difference.  I know for myself while living in Vancouver and it was damp and raining a lot it was harder for me to eat as much raw foods as I do now – my body wanted and needed some cooked foods like Quinoa and roasted veggies.  Here I never think of that.  In sharing that – when you eat clean, your body will let you know what it truly wants – honour that.  There are too many people out there dictating that it has to be a certain way.  Yes eat healthy but listen to YOUR body!!

Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic Foods

Energy is everything – if you are hating what you are eating and eating because you think you should or have been told to – you are actually doing more damage!!

The one thing that makes me kind of sad down here is the NA influence like Coca Cola is everywhere, and some other nasty treats yet isn’t it everywhere now unfortunately??  Corporate greed is all I can say on that one as it is not food – only chemical concoctions labelled as food and creates havoc in the body!!

Lots of Raw Cacao – Good for opening Pineal Gland, Kombucha & this Raw Sauerkraut is sooo good – she makes amazing stuff!

Anyways, off my soap box and on the recipe – which is simple and leaving it up to you to get your creativity flowing a bit!!

Jicama, Beets & Greens – Colorful Mexico

I love Jicama and Beets especially together.

This is a Raw and Vegan recipe.

The selection of organic greens at the market is incredible – the one table sells about 8 different kinds and you get to mix and match and filler bag.

I chopped them all up to mouth size and grated up the Jicama (which isn’t as sturdy as Beets to do so) and also Beets.

I also did a second dish of just Jicama and Beets chopped up together. I also finely chopped up Tumeric thinking the color would be cool (orange with the white and red but as we know beets take over!)

Jicama, Beets, Tumeric with Basil & Dill Dressing

I have been on a Basil kick lately as I have been getting it fresh from the market and it is sooo tasty with garlic of course.

So it’s like a Pesto but no nuts – lots of Basil, Garlic, cold pressed Olive Oil, pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt, I also added in a mixture of Sea Veggies (dried that I brought from Canada) and Irish Moss – good for collagen (trying to add it in more in my way of eating) but those two are optional.

Of course since being here once I put it on the salad or just the Jicama & Beet salad I also squeeze fresh Lime juice!

In the Jicama and Beet Salad I added in a bunch of Dill too.  I let that one sit in the fridge for a couple of hours (ok while I went to the beach :)) to let the flavours marinate.  Now you can use any herbs and I always find that fresh is smooch tastier and better.

It was a tasty delight.

The salad feel free to sprinkle on some toasted Sunflower seeds or Pecans or even add in Avocado and a sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast.

Jicama doesn’t get used often enough and is very mild tasting so really takes on flavours of there ingredients.  Jicama is abundant down her in Mexico and has many vital nutrients and lots of fibre and probiotic role in the intestines.

I am so loving being in Mexico!!



Live Sprouts – so yummy & good for you!!




I have done Yoga off and on since my early 20’s but never fully committed – seems to be an issue for me in a few areas but that’s a different post! 🙂

You may or may not know but I just did Yoga Teacher Training and I did so more for personal reasons – intuitively I knew the timing was right and boy was I right!!

On many levels I was ready to take this to a deeper level, yet it helped me move through much in my personal life as well.  Not to mention I met and have been meeting some amazing Yogi’s because of it.  I have started an awesome Photo Yoga project that I will share some of the details soon – these people are truly amazing beings!  They take their Yoga off the mat which I solve and respect!

One of the reasons the timing was awesome is I have been able to slow down in my life.  Now that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down with Yoga but I so realize how much I was speeding through life, living and the things I was doing.  I could have never done a Yin Class a couple of years ago and now it’s one of my favourite and what I will be teaching mostly.


It helps slow us down, connect us with our bodies, our breath AND our emotions – perfect for people especially women who have a million things to do, look after everyone else, have a hard time being inter bodies or even liking them, emotional eating or dealing with emotions – you can’t run and hide form them when they come up as you hold a pose.

It’s all good as they want to leave anyways – you get lighter, freer and feeling so much dam better about you, yourself, your body and life.

Yoga in general helps to be more present.

Yoga helps one to get out of the head and be more present and in the body which can be hard for some of us.

I look serious I know but I was concentrating 🙂

I love the movement, the outdoor palapa’s (here in Mexico anyways), how I can focus on me – I close my eyes as much as possible – I am not looking around at who’s able to do what or if they are better than me or what they are wearing – which I am finding out has become part of Yoga – not in my world!!

I also listen each day to my body more – some days I am very flexible, others not so much, some days I can try almost anything and maybe hold the pose and other days not a chance – each time is different, preparing us for living each day!

Yoga has been there many times in my life for me, I just wasn’t always able to really slow down and take it in.  Now I am in even much more deeper way than I ever thought would happen.

It also made me realize I still have much to learn.

Isn’t that what living is truly about??

All I know is my body loves it, my mind needs it and better breathing is essential!!

Why do you do Yoga?




Photos by Cherry Bomb Photography




Being Present in each moment

Consciousness – what truly is it?  Why have I chosen to include that in my tag line?

For me as I go through life and am waking up, growing, learning, expanding I truly realize how unconscious I am or have been.  How I have been running on auto pilot – which most if not all of us are to some degree or another – it’s not a judgment it is how our minds and body work.

I am sure you have heard the story of the iceberg representing our conscious an unconscious states – the tip of the ice berg is our conscious awareness yet under neath the water lies a much larger iceberg attached – that is a representation of our conscious and unconscious or subconscious minds.

From diving in and learning more from Dr Joe Dispenza – our bodies actually become our minds and run the show due to feelings and emotions – for me it’s become fascinating stuff!!

If we truly want change in our lives we need to break the Habit of Being Ourselves and become someone new – we are creating new thoughts, feelings and emotions i the body – and I will go into more detail about that – as it truly is possible as I have been experiencing it!

Self Time or Meditations is so great for us!

It’s like having a computer – it doesn’t do a thing until you start downloading programs into it.  Our minds are the same way.

We let our outside world determine how we feel many times  – we are taking cues from outside to determine how we want to feel or are programmed to feel.

We can recall experiences in the past usually by how we feel about them – good, great or not so good.

Feelings and Emotions are chemical records of past experiences.

Do we truly want to keep living in the past?

I know I have been  – you can tell by what you are thinking about over and over – chances are it’s not the future (unless you are worrying about it and that is based on past experiences) or being fully present in the moment.

Usually Very Busy Running Through Life

I will be diving deeper into energy as well.

We’ve heard many times Everything is Energy – yet what does that truly mean?

We are energy.  Yes everything is energy even things that seem dense like a table – it’s just it’s energetic vibration is a dense one to say green foods as a simple example.

Anger, depression, low self worth are heavier, denser energies compared to joy, love and gratitude which are higher vibrational energies.

You can tell by how you feel by experiencing any of those which I am sure you’ve experienced them all!!

Your mind and also your body do not the know the difference between reality and imagination – even Einstein found this back in the day – your imagination is actually more powerful!

If everything is energy – and we are energy then we are also consciousness.

What is consciousness?

It is being fully present, i the moment, aware of it’s mind and surroundings and choices one makes and also open to not having to control things and let the universe surprise.

I can’t wait to dive deeper into this since I know that many women have been struggling with self esteem issues, emotional eating issues and body issues – it’s time we changed the energy of all of that!!

We create by our thoughts, intentions, and feelings.

It’s time to do so consciously – as we are so worthy of it and powerful!!

Create an amazing day!!



It All Starts Within Us





What has your focus? Your attention?

What do you think about most often?

When you are doing something are you fully present or is your mind wandering on what you will be doing next, or need to do, want to do or the shopping list?

I have been having some fun watching surfers – so many from different places, beginners to advanced, young to old – checking out the conditions, having patience and being very present an focused.

You have to be.

Whenever you find your mind is everywhere else but in what you are doing, in being fully present just take a few deep breaths in an you will come back into your body!!

It helps to create being present, awareness, focus and more consciousness.

Create a magical day by doing things or at least something that you love, that lights you up!!


Consciousness – Yoga – Photography

Consciousness – Yoga – Photography

Love in Sayulita Mexico

Consciousness –  Yoga  – Photography

Quite the combination eh?  You are probably wondering how that came about??


Over the years, with many modalities, workshops, reading and from experiences has come learning and growing.  I have dived into consciousness and quantum physics off and on over the years not always understanding it.  People use the words, yet I feel very few people truly embody it.

What I have and still am learning with an eating disorder it goes much deeper into the psyche than I ever realized, so it’s become more of my mission to dive even deeper in.

When I am going through some major life lessons I am always looking for what I can learn, how I can grow, what do I need to be aware of, the patterns and beliefs for things to have been created like that – as we are the creator of everything in our lives.  What I am learning is exciting and I am diving deeper studying with Dr Joe Dispenza – this whole quantum field, consciousness and neuroscience is fascinating.


I still have a ton to learn and embody yet it keeps getting better every day.


Consciousness to me is personal growth, being willing to look at your stuff, open to letting go of ego and the way things should be, being more present in each moment as that is really all there is.  Knowing that as being consciousness we effect matter therefore it’s so important to eat, think and feel high vibing food, feelings, emotions which I will keep going into!!

Some things need to be left in the past!

It’s about being present – not living in the past and anything that keeps us stuck in old emotions get looked at, released and healed.  It’s about knowing and honouring who you truly are and not pretending to be someone else, competing, hiding yourself and doing things that aren’t you or you don’t like doing – even a job. leave the old crap in the past!

Breathing, meditation, love making, certain activities like surfing, yoga etc help greatly to be in the present moment!!

Surfer in Sayulita Mexico

I have had the pleasure of being able to de-program many things over the last couple of years of how I was living and what I was doing.  Even yesterday I got called out by caring people twice on some bs I was doing to still not fully embody who I truly be!!!

I love it!!

Everything is Energy – which has a vibration.  Anger and hatred and process foods have very low or even dense vibrations.  Love, Joy, Gratitude and real, fresh foods especially when grown with love and sunlight have much higher vibrations.


Example of how the Universe can work and does work when we get out of the way and try not to figure out the how.

Yesterday I thought of some photos I want to take while here in Sayulita, they are with the water and I need to use a slow shutter release – so slow I will need a tripod, which I did not bring with me.  This am I looked up a couple of photographers and called two and left a message about renting a tripod, then got busy with some other things and forgot about it. Low and behold later this afternoon as I went for a quick dip in the ocean, as I was walking down I suddenly realize I was behind 2 teenagers who lived here and spoke perfect English were carrying a tripod and yes he would rent it to me!!





Does it matter?


Consciousness to me is about all that we do, eat, feel and say – trust me I am learning every day where I am not or have not been conscious and it’s not a judgment of self, it’s awareness and once I have that then I can choose how I want to feel, be, say or do!




I’ve dived into Yoga off and on since I was in my early 20’s, yet saying that not for the right reasons.

It was more for the asana’s and work out, not the body connection, breath work or even meditation.

Yes it’s me – I keep evolving and learning! Photography by Cherry Bomb

After years of working out hard, my body said stop and I did very little for a couple of years (this is also when I was deprogramming on many levels). My body was tired and achy – first time I could truly feel being in my body after a in person session with Mas Sajady.  People that have had an eating disorder or emotional eating work very hard to disconnect from their bodies.  Yoga helps to reconnect to it IF done with being kind to self and not creating it into a fitness program, judgment about self, body, weight, what you can or can’t do, and what fashion you are or aren’t wearing.

It has helped me become more connected to my body, aware and kinder to it.  Gone are the days of hitting the gym, long runs or any type of hard workout to look better or punish my body – it wants to be loved in many ways!




This truly is one of my passions and an art of mine that I have not allowed myself to do or found excuses why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it.  Plus I was programmed that I could never make money doing Photography – and I bought into it.  All I know is I so enjoy doing it and there are tons of photographers who are better than me yet that is not what it is about.  People have encouraged me for years to keep at it, yet I never felt like I was good enough to do it.  So because it brings me pleasure and allows me to create and be / feel creative I want to bring in my Photography especially while travelling.

I have started working on a Photo Yoga project – where there is flow there is go.  I am needing many Yogi’s for this project and so far everyone I have asked or talked to has said yes!!  You will know more about it shortly and later this year it will be out!  That is just one Photo project!!

Yoga Photo Project

We are moving in a direction of healing for many of us and embodying more of ourselves yet sometimes we just don’t know where to turn we just know it’s time!

Living this way does not numb us, it gets us back in touch with ourselves.

Real being therefore real conversations.
Whole, plant based foods are true medicine.
Sharing vulnerably is being authentic.
Authentic connection is liberating.
Singing, dancing, being creative  and cooking is true medicine.
Nature is grounding.
Yoga is true reconnecting.
Meditation is slowing down and going within.

Love can create miracles.

Can you imagine a different world??

That is where it all starts!!

Much Love









New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Leave the Past Behind

When you stop and reflect back over your life it’s interesting to see where you’ve been and where you are if you are on the path of growth and awareness.  You can clearly see when there are new beginnings!

Leave the past where it is – in the past!

I’ve gone through a lot of bs in my life.  It’s not a judgment it just was and at some point I woke up to the fact that the common denominator is all of it was me!!!

I tried to fit in, play by the rules, pretending to be someone I really wasn’t as I never felt good enough.  I lacked confidence, didn’t truly know who I was, lived in fear, doubt and anxiety (of even my own shadow).  I was not allowed to make choices as a child on the clothes I would wear, how to have my hair, what to eat etc so as an adult do you think I could make choices?

Then I went into the public school system where even more of that got enforced.

Then a younger sibling came along who was a highly active energy baby – I was always a good girl and could play well by myself…….so I did……my mom was too worn out for time with me.

I was programmed that life is hard and you work hard – any job as most people don’t like their jobs just get one and do it.

Yoga on the Beach

Also programmed to hate my body, never speak up, battle with food as it was the enemy – restrict it (so actually you are restricting life) and when I couldn’t deal with things or needed to relax – have a drink or several……….

And I went looking for love in all the wrong places!!

I don’t blame anyone here just to be perfectly clear.  I have and am working through my emotions and my ego and have taken responsibility for creating it and buying into other people’s beliefs, realities and programs.

I never knew I could create my own life– that is part of the experiment here on planet earth – coming back to our true, authentic selves and living from there – remembering who we truly be!

If it is not created in and from 100% love – it’s a big fat f*&@ing lie.  Unfortunately most of us have lost what that truly is for ourselves.

More Yoga on the Beach

I can only speak for me and it has taken me awhile to move through it and get it – hey I am still a work in progress – I just know where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I am going  and it’s pretty amazing.

I have had the pleasure of being in Mexico now for 3months with one more to go.  I had much growth, awareness, reflection time.  I have tapped into deeper consciousness, done my Yoga Teacher training and since being in a place that also has nurtured my soul my creativity is blossoming!

I have created one on line program for dealing with emotional eating that will be on line next week.  Followed by another one of taking it deeper and re-connecting with more of you!  I’ve also expanded back into Coaching and have a Yoga Photo project that will be out later this summer.

Workshops coming and a retreat next winter.  Creativity truly expanding!!

I am grateful for the journey even though it was not fun at times – it’s like my soul wanted to experience what it truly did not want so I could get VERY clear on what I truly desired AND who I truly am / be!!

In the fall, I let almost all of my possessions go, even my beautiful antiques.  Releasing on the outside also releasing o the inside.   I am now travelling with a suitcase  for my clothing and my other baggage just got much lighter– and it’s so freeing!!

I put myself in a country where I didn’t know a soul and couldn’t speak the language, then I had 2 experiences that rocked my world, brought me to my knees and I knew it was time again to dive in even deeper to clear out old programs and baggage so I wouldn’t attract it in again.

It’s like my soul planned it.

I am not weighed down in the 3rd dimensional reality.

I know people are looking at me like I’ve lost it or am a freak.

Those of you who have or are doing this will get it!

Truly living and embodying living on your terms it’s so worth it – words cannot describe it!!!!

The clarity, empowerment, joy, bliss, love and gratitude keep getting fuller and stronger.

Breathing, much breathe work and meditation – slowing the monkey mind and truly becoming Consciousness.

And Radical Self Love………..


Now things keep lining up easier and effortlessly.

People, events, circumstances just keep getting better!

My quest and journey have brought me to the point where it’s time for me to step up and start helping others break free – especially from food addictions, self hatred, body issues, and disempowerment.

Life is too short to be watching the fear based news and stupid sitcoms that are rather insulting to our intelligence or to battle with food, ourselves or our bodies!

Each moment, hour, day is either passing us by with unmet wants, desires and living fully or we are  growing, evolving, expanding and moving more into our true, authentic, beautiful, powerful selves creating a life we love so much so that we jump up out of bed in the morning full of vibrant radiance as we know.

It’s time for us to truly awaken.

Are you ready??

Lets stay connected and thanks for stopping by and sharing this!!



Jodi in Cobra