Message  I was born many times before, And yet my time with you is something new. For you awaken in me a spirit that was longing to be alive waiting for your connection. I thought I knew how to play safe and stay within the boundaries Only…

What Brings YOU Joy??

What Brings YOU Joy??   Find things that bring you Joy and keep doing them!! Say no to the things that don't honour you or bring you joy - with no explanation to anyone.   Feeding your heart affects consciousness especially…

Real Food

Real Food   Have you ever stopped and thought about what is real food?   This is a long post and at the end I have a little gift for you!   In this post I would like to share a different perspective on real…

Beautiful Bodies

Beautiful Bodies   I think...... Freckles, Stretch Marks, Tattoos, Birthmarks, Scars are not only cool but BeYouTilFul!! You started with an almost clean canvas and look at what you created! It shows that you have lived!! Love…

Raw, Naked and Beautiful

Raw, Naked and Beautiful   Most people do not see their beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what to see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion.     - Matt Khan   I am also pretty sure that…

Choose Yourself

Choose Yourself Render Yourself Free to Choose To Be, To Live To See Trust Yourself to choose what IS right for you! Before you can truly be chosen - you first must choose yourself. Today I choose: to be kind to accept to laugh to…
In the Dark

I Got Banned from Facebook

I Got Banned From Facebook I Got Banned From Facebook This is my rant   Yesterday I went into Facebook to update a page of mine that I hadn’t posted on in a little while and I was changing the name over and re-doing the little…

Spend Time in Nature

Spend Time in Nature When was the last time you really spent some time in nature - no phone, being quiet and really looking around and seeing the beauty of nature?? I encourage you to spend some time in nature, and if the weather permits…

Intentions vs Resolutions

Intentions vs Resolutions Happy 2018 - what a fantastic year it's going to be!! Now that we are a few days into the New Year how are your NY's Resolutions going? What do I mean exactly by Intentions vs Resolutions? I did say in…