Whispers from Your Soul

Whispers from Your Soul


Leave the Past – Create Your Life like Art!!!

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.

  –  Alan Alda

When you decide to let go of the past, stop thinking about the past, stop talking about it, there is no emotional triggers left and forgiveness for whatever may have happened you are free.

When that happens you expand your awareness, when you expand your awareness you expand your consciousness and are living more in the now instead of the past.

All there is is the now.

You cannot be fully in the present if you are in some way holding on to the past.

When you become more conscious of the now and living in the moment – therefore with the choices you are making – you can become more like the artist and create a piece of art called your life!!

I’ve got your back!!


Your Soul


Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities


Infinite Possibilities Allows us to Be More Creative with Our Lives

You draw to yourself whatever is in our energetic field.

You get to decide what you put there.

  –  Terri Hager

According to Quantum Physics we live in a world of Infinite Possibilities.

There are no limitations except what bounds us by our perceptions, beliefs and programs – which are based on past conditioning and don’t come from the present moment of Now.

So, if we do live in a world of Infinite Possibilities we get to choose.

Our so called ‘ reality’ is the feed back loop for what our beliefs, thoughts and programs are – our life is showing us all of that.

In order to choose something different we have to think, feel and be different – creating from the moment of now – where all possibilities exist and be willing to go into the unknown instead of the known or familiar aka conditioning of the past – aka patterns, programs and beliefs.

Reality according to Quantum Physics is not as solid as we think……..so by changing the perspective of how we view the world or our lives creates more awareness which creates more possibilities.

What if…………..today you chose something different, something new, something true for you……….






Constructs of the Mind & Ego

‘When one is released from the prison of self,  that is indeed freedom!!  For self is the greatest prison.’

  –  Abdu’l Baha


Imprisonment  – is usually one of the self.

It is when we are being human and are stuck in our beliefs, patterns, programs and points of view that keep us from experiencing joy, love, gratitude, self love and bliss.

They are constructs of the mind aka computer and they are the ones that keep us in  various levels of lack, fear, judgement, separation, anxiety, stress, ill health and…….

In the photo, there really is no lock there and just like in our minds we are free to unlock our truth, our true potential and free to choose something else.

We feel this reality is so real as we use our 5 senses to decode it yet if we move beyond that is really where freedom is.

You do have the key!

It’s all just looking at things from a different perspective, more awareness and be willing to let go of how we think it should be.

So for today, be open, be willing to choose something different for you.

Choose for you based on what you truly desire – not what you think you should choose or that someone told you you should choose.

Choose to get out of the imprisonment of the constructs of the human mind – that is where true freedom exists!!




You Really do Have the Key – it’s Time to Remember

Whispers from Your Soul

Whispers from Your Soul


Start Sensing Past Your 5 Senses That is Where the Magic Is!

Beautiful One

I’ve been trying hard to get your attention,  in the 3D – as in being a human – You don’t see things as they are, you see things are you are.

After coming down to planet earth with the human costume on, you walked through the veil of amnesia and began to take on all kinds of programming from the adults around you.

Most of those are based in energies of fear or lack and you forgot who you really are.

Yet I know you, I see you.

I see your beauty, your unique gifts and talents and your love.

I see and know what is beyond the 5 senses of being in the 3D.

You are so much more than what you are seeing and being.

It’s time to really see, feel and know that.  Its time to remember who you truly are and all your gifts.

It’s time to see from a different perspective.

That is where the magic and transformation happens.

And we like magic!!

Your Soul



Most Important Things


Elevate, Transform & Illuminate

Most Important Things……..

You can do on this planet……..



and Illumine Your own Consciousness!!

  –  Carlos Santana

Whispers from Your Soul


Let Go of the Known


Whispers from Your Soul


Beautiful One

What if you were to lose yourself to be able to find the real, authentic you?

All those nudges, tugs, heart sensations, whispers are me trying to get your attention.

Come – take the journey with me – it’s time to awaken and remember who you are.

That is where the magic is.

Are you ready??

Love Your Soul



Photography by Sandra Wagman and Jodi Burke




Allow Your Beauty, Authenticity and Uniqueness Shine Thru

You are entirely up to you

Don’t ever doubt your worth

Love is the answer – which starts with Self.

Let your truth, beauty and uniqueness blossom!!


Fleeting Moment



Moments…….in Time

Another fleeting moment,

How many of those have happened?

Time never stands still,

As there is only now.

Be fully present,

Be Alive,

Be Real,

Be Authentic,

Be Love

oh and laugh lots too!!




Love what Matters

What Matters is Love!!


Love is the New Cool!!

Love who you be.

Love what you do.

Love how you spend your time.

Love who you spend your time with.

Think, Feel and Be Love



Whispers from Your Soul


It Starts with Self Love

Whispers from Your Soul

Beautiful One

Did I share with you that guilt is to the Soul what pain is to the body.

Love is the language of the Soul.

A beautiful Soul recognizes beauty in others,

just as in themselves.

Breath, Surrender, Let Go, Love

Your Soul


What If……


A Flower Only Knows to Be


Only knowing how to be a flower

Unique, beautiful, colourful

Without judgment

Without criticism

Without competition

Just being


In the moment

What if………