F*@# this World, I’m………

Fuck this World

We have the ability to Create Our Reality!!

Im going to Wonderland!!

My Soul wants me to play more with all this insanity going on so I can tap into my creativity more and create art from the heart.

Creative expression can then flow to me and thru me allowing it to be birthed!!

How are you nurturing your Soul or your creativity?


Have you read my latest book? A Story of Our Souls

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone


Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone is the pathway to growth.

Sometimes we just need to do things differently!

Break through the illusion of safety so magic can happen!!



Feeling Crazy??

Feeling Crazy??


Feeling Crazy?

Some people ever go crazy – what truly horrible lives they must lead!!

     –  Charles Bukowski

We re here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us!

     –  unknown

Don’t be offended when people tell you you’re crazy.  Use it as an excuse to do whatever you want.

    –  Dan Pearce

If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to get locked up for it.

     –  Hunter S Thompson


Think you’re going crazy in this insane world?


You’re probably waking up

Keep going!!!



New Book Release

New Book Release

It’s true – the book – A Story of Our Souls is finally live!!

The outline of this book came to me after being sick for 3 weeks and surrendering to just being.

Something that has not always come easy to me yet I have been learning to slow down.

This time I had no choice.  Instead of being frustrated I let go.

This is what came through when I did.

All the courses, research, learning, releasing, deep diving (as I call going deep within), peeling layers away, even being mentored finally all came together.

Things clicked while this book came through.

For me, being a truth seeker, I kept asking why as so much doesn’t make sense to me.

I knew there was more, I knew there were many lies and once you do take the red pill or start down the rabbit hole you soon learn we actually do know very little about existence here.

This book has quantum physics, science, truth, fiction and woowoo.

It may open your eyes, challenge your beliefs, engage you to start asking more questions or just be a good little story.

Whatever it is, enjoy it!!

Click here to read the first part.

Oh yeah and there are pictures too!


Here is the link again to read the first part.

If you prefer an e-book then click here.

Also, here are some reviews that have come in so far!!


Jodi has done a great job building the picture of being HUman in an energetic world. She makes it easy to understand how things work and how you fit into the Multiverse. Her images are so beautiful you can find yourself staring at them for minutes on end!

  • Kare


After reading Jodi’s book, I got to understand more of the meaning of ascension, DNA activation, the Soul and how this all fits t together.

It is a very compelling book that leaves one open to do their own investigation. Definitely opened my eyes and mind. I feel more awakened after reading this thought provoking book

For a difficult subject to write about, she made it easy for me to connect the dots.                                                Thx Jodi for making this reader friendly, as you helped expand the borders of my tent big time, while recognizing there is more than meets the eye.

  • David


The soul is an energy that’s not talked or even thought about that much. We pretty much have an awareness that we all have one, but don’t focus too much on its’ condition or origin.

The Story of Our Souls explores an evolution of the soul and offers a perspective of reality that will incite one’s curiosity and questioning “what if…” some of this is true.  Be prepared for a journey down some rabbit holes with a little quantum theory added for a mysterious, thought provoking, and wonderfully engaging read.

Remember, the Matrix was a documentary!

  • Gary


Wow! I loved your book!

This book takes the mind to places never before entered, at least by me.

For me it was finally the lessons you have been teaching me, and your introduction to investing in my journey through one of your listed Practitioners.

I am working on finding my vibrational energy and starting to work through my 3D delusions.

I especially love the use of the “Avatar” descriptor to explain energy, frequencies which for many are just imaginary concepts that one cannot fully put into perspective until now.   I love that “avatars” are simply different skins of our choice … your explanation on the DNA strands makes sense now.

Thanks Jodi for the great eye opener and much food for thought.

  • Ruth


Jodi’s book A Story of our Souls will keep you engaged with shear curiosity that will keep you turning the pages as she takes you on a journey about your soul. You will be inspired maybe mussed and defiantly thinking outside the box by the end of her story. If you enjoy books that will engage your mind and challenge the way you think or were taught to think I feel you will enjoy Jodi’s book I know I did!

–  Sandra



People of Antigua

People of Antigua


Little One yet her mom was close by being vendors


People fascinate me.

I love people watching and I am alway curious about who they are, what kind of lives they have etc

It was no different being in Antigua.



They let me take this pic if I paid them – with pleasure I did!!


Other countries fascinate me – how they live, their cultures etc

It leaves me with many questions – which many will never or can never be answered.


These a just some of the photos I took of the people there!! 🙂



Vendor in doorway

Many of the women dressed this way



Walking the streets – Antigua



Lady in Antigua


Curious – is she tired and taking a break?

Where is her husband or does she have one?

Is he too out vending or maybe home sick or………?



Woman in the Square with her load


I saw so many women carrying such loads – on their heads and baby in tow – front, side or back – incredible!



Taking a break – Antigua


What I have witnessed in other countries so far is the family works together and many times kids are young – yet they are together.



Old Mayan man – Antigua


I was curious as to where he lived and how.



Girls in Antigua

Caught a moment of joy and laughter – was there a good joke??




This photo left me wondering much……

is she mad at her mom and this is her baby brother?

Or is she a single parent and having a moment?

Is she a tired single parent? (and young)

Or is she just tired?

oh and more………



Beggars in Antigua


These 3 ladies were interesting.

There were about 50 ft from one another, hand out, eyes closed and just sitting and waiting.

I wondered if they were praying or just tired at life.


What IF I was 5 minutes later on any of these people……..maybe there would be a different expression to lead to a different perspective therefore different questions.

Just a thought!! 🙂


A Taste of Antigua

A Taste of Antigua


Just a few of the many photos I took – enjoy!!


View of Antigua and the Volcano behind


If you’ve never been then I highly recommend to go.

Antigua is about 45 mins outside of Guatemala City.



Old Church affected by the 1773 earthquake.


It’s beautiful, different, very old and has some amazing history.



Local buses – now how cool is that??



An old Pharmacy that is now a great restaurant.

Not to mention great cafes and restaurants.



Sunday Church Market – how they make slushies

One of the big markets here.



Early morning when the street was quiet.

It can be busy during the day in Antigua.



One of the street vendors

I didn’t see grocery stores yet there were many fruit vendors



One of the buildings being refinished


So many old and beautiful buildings!!

It was just a short trip yet will be back to do more touring around.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror


See the Beauty in You so You can also See it in Others!!


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest one of all

You are my dear

I am?


As your outside world is just a reflection of

Your inside world

Therefore, always choose Love

Starting with self

And watch what happens

in your life

as long as the Love is pure………..

that is where the magic happens.