Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.                      -  Albert Einstein They say that reality is nothing but an illusion, What if it is? What and how are you creati…
Kayak Boats

7 Day Challenge - Do Something New

7 Day Challenge - Do Something New Ever since doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge, I felt there was something more, something different. I saw this Tedx talk the other day - and I thought to myself what a great idea!! For 365 days,…
Take a Balloon Ride

Raise Your Vibe

Raise Your Vibe   In Quantum Physics, Everything IS Energy, there's  different realities and unlimited possibilities, as it's all energy that becomes matter. In order to change realities, a reality that fires…


Impression This one I call - A Moment in Time After my 30 day self challenge and taking a break from being on the computer so much, I have been searching for some things - what kind of Art Photography do I really want to create. So…

30 Days & a FREE Giveaway!!

30 Days & a FREE Giveaway!! Since going through my 30 Days of Photos, I wanted to say a thank you to all who were part of it too!! (or not :)) I took a little break this past week as even though it was a good self challenge,…

30 Days of Photos Follow Up

30 Days of Photos Follow Up Had to do one more! :) This one is called Magic Behind each new door, adventure, learning, growing, openness in one self is where there can be magic. Magic of the unknown, being open, learning new things…