Operation Underground Railroad

This is a topic most people are not aware of or don’t want to talk about.  I get it, I don’t want to talk about it either, but that doesn’t make it go away or get better.  It’s like sticking your head in the sand.  The fact is NO ONE, not one human let alone a child should experience this, so yes we need to talk about it.

Human Trafficking


In the past few months, I know of at least 8, if not more, human trafficking rings that have been busted and taken down. Good size to big ones, yet CNN and others aren’t reporting on it.  I wonder why??  It’s awesome, yet there are still many to go.  This is one of the biggest industries.  Bigger than drugs and guns.  And it’s f*&^ing horrific!  sorry to be so blunt.

Why do I bring it up?  Everything in the dark needs light on it and only then can the dark be exposed or dissolve.  How can you dissolve something IF you ignore it or pretend that it doesn’t happen?  What IF this was your child or grandchild?

Operation Underground Railway has been on a mission to end this.

They just hit their 2000 arrest – yes 2000 and it’s only a start!!!  Watch the short vid here on it!

I have aligned withe them and for every e-book sold of A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love, I will be donating $2.  My goal is $10 000 minimum.

You can also donate directly and find out more here.

Isn’t it time to end some of this dark inhumanity crap going on in this world so everyone has a fair chance to be free and live their dreams?  This lifestyle breaks a Soul and no one deserves that!

Please share this post as there needs to be more awareness and light needs to be shone on this subject, also this great organization needs much help and support.

With much Gratitude





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If this doesn’t concern you, check your pulse!


These people run our so called ‘health’ care systems.

How they look and how the system is is actually a good match, and I could go down that rabbit hole, but this post isn’t about that.

During this time, I realized even more how screw up our system is, yet it’s considered normal.  By that, I mean, I have to wear a mask out so as not to ‘catch’ a virus, but people are loading up their shopping carts with junk foods, highly processed foods, alcohol and smokes and that’s ok.  Oh, and wearing the same mask they wore yesterday, the day before and so on…….. That’s normal?


Why not teach about boosting immune systems naturally?

More money in vaccines and drugs.

Yet, it goes far beyond that.

This is not a bitch post but a post of saying your health is important and your body is an amazing miraculous thing – when given the right environment – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

ALL f them. – together

We just have forgotten and very few are teaching that.  That is where you will find miracles – because, at our depth of who we are –  we are magic.

Healthy Eating Made Easy by Jodi BurkeI’ve always been into healthy eating and alternative modalities.  When I trained as a Raw Food Chef I created a simple Healthy Eating Made Easy book  (and recipe books) you can download for free and no it’s not all about raw.  Some great ideas for little changes for eating healthier – yes it can affect the immune system.

Which, btw I let go of any and all labels of what I am eating (ie Vegan etc) and allow my body to guide me.

I also studied in depth and used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping on many clients in the past with great outcomes.  I created a little book on what it is, how to use and why when I was working with clients.  It’s a great tool anyone can use on themselves – easy to learn, quick and works great on stress, anxiety, fear and many other emotions. Download for free here.

It works well and is considered Energy Psychology.  More and more energy modalities, techniques and technologies will become main stream – exciting times.

To self empower is one of the greatest gifts one can give oneself.

So much out there that we don’t know and that has been hidden from us.

Stop buying into so much fear porn and dig deeper.  This is a great time, as much corruption and lies are being exposed.  We need more people awake though.

INjoy either or both downloads, feel free to check out my other books and to share this.

Much Love and Gratitude





What time is it? There is only now

Time is not money

Time is your life

or how you spend it.

Time is creation, art, consciousness, love

or not.

Once you use time,

There are no refunds

or exchanges.


Now, that there’s more time,

It may be a good time to reflect

on how time is spent.

Yes, spent.

As it’s your energy, that is the currency

of time.

Are you enjoying how you spend your currency,

or are you wasting time.

You get to choose.


how you spend your time.


there are no refunds,

there are no exchanges,

once your time is spent.

So, the best currency of all,

is being in the flow

of your Soul.

For that current is the strongest,

it’s aligned with the heart,

it doesn’t leave you in,

or with a hole.

How do you spend your time?


PS – If you want to know more about your Soul – then check out my book A Story of Our Souls.

$2 for every e-book goes to Operation Underground Railroad  – help put an end to human trafficking!