I finally got back from Canada and still working on getting the chill out of me.

Yes, I was there for the storm that came through Ontario and Quebec, lost power for 30 hours but it could have been much worse.  It allowed quality family time 

So, it’s almost half way thru January and as par usual past history, many people have already fallen down on their NY’s resolutions.  I stopped doing them many, many years ago because I too was one of them.

Instead, I like to focus on intentions and words of choice.

With strong intentions – energy flows – as that is where my attention will be.

The words I chose for this year are (as I couldn’t chose one,) Joy & Creativity.

How much Joy can I let into my reality?  I am doing more and more of what brings me Joy moment to moment, I’ve worked too many jobs that I didn’t like and sucked the life out of me, so now, I focus on Joy.

More please 

Why creativity?  I have so many ideas in my head with photography and I keep putting it off, saying for far too long, that one day I’ll do them.  That one day is now, as that is all there is.  I also realized I love shooting many different genres!!

The more I allow those to be in my life, my reality, the more that energy I am embodying and that is how we create a new / different reality.  It’s all energy based as everything, even words and emotions hold a frequency.

Now more than ever, is the calling from deep within us, from our Soul, to step into our truly authentic, creative, loving truth that communicates with us through our heart – Joy and Creativity are the some of the keys to help us unlock the truth, the magic, the love from deep within.

What is calling deep from within and are you moving in that direction for 2023?

Create a fantastic day!!




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