30 Days of Photos #10



Ok I have to be honest, I had to change the image I was working on as I was getting frustrated with the other one and that is not the energy I want to play and create in, even while learning new techniques!

I surrendered, for now and went on to have fun creating this one.

I am calling it – Found It

I found the roller and the magic paint for painting on the canvas – aka your life and creating it as a beautiful piece of art.

The roller is clear intentions.

The paint is a magical combination of joy, love, passion and gratitude for it all.

After all, we are all creating our lives.

So, if you’re painting with just a regular brush and paint,

why not upgrade them??



2 Responses

  1. Love it ! Painting with intention while creating your life of love, joy and happiness. Just a wonderful perspective of how one needs to create their life.

    1. we are creating each moment, yet usually by programs and unconsciousness – once we know that we can create from intention! 🙂

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