30 Days of Photos #7



Your Life as Art is the name of this one.

Each day we wake up to a new day,

What if……

we looked at each day like a fresh, new canvas waiting for you to create something on it.

The paint represents things, people, events that you add on to the canvas.

What colors will you choose?

What emotions will you paint from – excitement, anger, imagination, frustration, curiosity, fear, joy, sadness, something new or the same old.

What if…….

each day of your life was like a piece of art,

What would you create?

How would you feel?



2 Responses

  1. Life is very much a canvas that we add color and form to thru the days weeks, months of our presence here in our reality. This image is very representative of how I perceive reality, a blank slate to design and embellish with daily experiences. I love this white canvas and emptiness waiting for enhancements, new imagery, observations, and energies.

    1. I like how you worded that – very cool. glad you create each day from a fresh canvas – we need more of that!!
      thank you!

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