Several months ago, I helped facilitate a breathwork session as I was doing the Sound bowls.  I’ve done multiple breathwork sessions over the years, in groups, private and of course you tube, yet something truly peaked my curiosity and intrigued me this time, so I started doing deeper research and came upon Breath Masters then 9D Breathwork (same team) and have never looked back!  I’ve been searching for awhile something I could use that would bring big inner changes and I found it.  I fell in love with it and have became a facilitator (there are only 300 of us in the world currently and more are needed!!)

This is from Brian Kelly – Founder of 9D Breath Masters

I’ve been asked this question countless times since I started on this path…

Here’s my answer:

‘Your breath is a powerful tool for connecting your mind and body????

But you do it automatically – it’s a habit – based on muscle memory.

Because of this, we tend not to breathe consciously… and 95% of us are breathing dysfunctionally.

This forces your body to hold onto this tension and trauma.

When we experience trauma or grief, especially in childhood, our minds block out these memories in order to cope.

But what our minds forget, our body always remember.

Our bodies can hold unresolved trauma for years. Much longer if you take into consideration generational trauma.

This causes all sorts of issues both physical and mental.

You might be familiar with some of them: inflammation, muscle tension, cardiovascular strain, auto-immune conditions, chronic stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression… The list goes on.

Breathwork helps you release all this shit; physically and energetically.

It’s like therapy without the need for words.’

Words cannot describe the internal shifts, one has to experience it for themselves.

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Online events are scheduled and soon privates and live will be as well.

The revolution is here!!!

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