Is there a difference between having an addiction to certain foods or using them as a comfort??

Let me give you a story.  For a long time I didn’t want to give up my morning Americano, only 1 cup.  Ok, kind of big (6oz), with a nice bit of foam on it, a little cream (organic of course!!)  Now, I could give it up,….really….. I went days with out one, with no side effects (but I did notice I felt better without it).  I knew all the reasons why I should give it up, but something kept me coming back.

Honestly, I wasn’t even enjoying the taste any more, so why did I not just stop??  I asked myself that too and explored it a bit.

For me I realized that it was a comfort, can’t call it a comfort food because it’s not a food, and I didn’t really have one of those.  I realize that it gave me a little comfort, it was my story that was attached to it.  What I mean by that is, when I just sat and let go and asked myself why I didn’t want to ( not couldn’t ) give it up right now, I realized it was a comfortable thing in my life when it had been pretty chaotic in some ways.  Let’s see, in 18 months I made 3 major moves (across the country) lost 2 cats, lost 2 grandparents, had some financial difficulties, stopped talking with my dad and made a career move……….and all I was doing was still enjoying that morning Americano.


I decided right then and there to let go of the guilt and judgement, that can do more damage sometimes.  I knew when the time was right it would happen and it did…… I stopped.  I didn’t need it anymore.  Now I’m not talking 4 or 5 or 6 a day of Americanos or way more than that on anything.  I think that is addiction, or when you really can’t give up something. What I am talking about here is that little something……..

We eat for health and sometimes (actually many times) we eat for emotional reasons, as long as you are clear about it then you can make changes.

Remember, go easy on yourself, don’t compare. Some people can stop immediately. Some people, even though they know it’s not the best for them still aren’t ready to let go of a food or beverage or way of being .  There is no right or wrong and no judgement, so don’t beat yourself up if you have a story as well.

The day will come when you are ready to write a  new story.

Until then, love yourself, that should be foremost.

Would love to hear your thoughts or your story!!


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