That’s ALL of you.

We were born playful, curious and creative yet somewhere along the way, many of us lost those qualities to a great degree.

It’s time to go back to that by doing things that bring you joy.

And do more of them, especially if it allows for creative expression.

No matter in what form, as long as it brings YOU joy.

It’s all part of healing for us and the world.

Can you imagine, everyone blissed out because they were doing what brought them joy and doing it often?

They were free in creatively expressing that and allowing everyone else to do the same?

No judgments.

Impossible you say?

Maybe, but doesn’t it feel good even just thinking about it?

Soooo many distractions here to keep one ‘busy’ or in ‘fear’,  joy is a state not experienced often any more.

Wouldn’t that be considered heaven on earth?

Living in joy.

Wouldn’t that be be more of your truth?

Joy comes from the heart.

Just keep imaging and feeling it, no matter what and it never hurts to do things that bring you joy more and more.


PS the longer you do that, those feelings may become contagious!

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