Almond Mylk

Fresh Almond Mylk is such a nice treat.  Great to add to smoothies and the pulp comes in handy for several things.  I will be posting recipes on what you can use the pulp for coming up.

Soak the almonds overnight or at least for 12 hours.  As you can see in these photos I left the skins on, you don’t have to.  If you want to remove the skin, after soaking the nuts over night, drain the water and pour hot water over the nuts, let sit for a minute, drain and then remove the skins, yes by hand each one, it is a little time consuming, so when I don’t have the time, I don’t remove the skins!!

There are 2 cups of almonds.

Once the skins are peeled or not, put the 2 cups of almonds into a Vitamix or blender and add water.  Depending on how creamy you like your Almond Mylk depends on the amount of water.  You can always add more water later.  By the photo you can see I have added more water, a cup or so above the amount of almonds.

2 cups of almonds will get you more than a litre of mylk.  Notice how this is a little brown, the skins are on, when you put the mixture through a cheesecloth most of that stays with the pulp.

Pour the mixture into a nut bag or something similar that will keep in the pulp yet let the liquid through.  You should be able to purchase a nut bag at your local health food store and if not you can order them on line or you can even make your own!

Squeeze out all the liquid until no more comes out.  Save the pulp as there are several things you can do with it and I will post those ideas and recipes coming up.

The pulp will keep in the refrigerator for a week or more.  The mylk should be used within a couple of days for freshness, it may separate.  More water may be added if you so desire.


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  1. I started using Almond Milk from the dairy section of our supermarket, about 8 months ago. It is a must have in my morning smoothie! I find that my digestive system is so much better.

    Hope to try this process soon. Just don’t know if my blender is strong enough to blend the nuts.

    Thanks for the excellent information, Jodi!