Art will……

help heal the world, as when people realize that they are an unique expression and need to creatively express that in their own way and actually do it, aka follow their heart and what truly lights then up, then more self love comes in, more awareness, more joy, more creativity, more passion, more beauty and the world needs that now more than ever!!!

No matter what that creative expression is, it’s the fact that, IF Everything is Energy, then what you are feeling aka vibrating, radiates and effects the world more than you realize BUT in a friggin good way IF the heart is involved, actually, no in an amazing way, this is how we protest at a deeper level!! 🙂

Less attention on the crapola going on and more attention on what brings you Joy – energy flows where attention goes!

It’s also where magic and miracles happen……….just sayin!!

Sooooo……..follow your heart and do more of what brings you Joy……no matter what!!

Have an amazing day!!



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