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Black Friday Sale

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted I know :), I’ve been busy learning new art and brewing alot of Kombucha – another healthy form of being creative!! Wishing ALL my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving and friends everywhere, I am grateful for being in my life, connecting with me here or anywhere else.  I […]

Come Join Me!!

I know, it’s been awhile!! Honestly, I’ve been laying low, making Kombucha, getting back into art and staying away from the anger, fear, uncertainty and craziness of the world. Follow the bread crumbs of Joy. It doesn’t matter what is going outside of you compared to what IS going on inside of you. Stay well […]

What IF….

What IF…. The Covid pandemic / lock down had to happen?? What IF it had to happen to help awaken society or maybe just you? 🙂 What IF it had to happen to bring ALL the darkness to light, all the corruption, lies and atrocities out to be seen, known and healed?  Therefore changed! From […]

Free Downloads

  If this doesn’t concern you, check your pulse!   These people run our so called ‘health’ care systems. How they look and how the system is is actually a good match, and I could go down that rabbit hole, but this post isn’t about that. During this time, I realized even more how screw […]


Time Time is not money Time is your life or how you spend it. Time is creation, art, consciousness, love or not. Once you use time, There are no refunds or exchanges. Ever. Now, that there’s more time, It may be a good time to reflect on how time is spent. Yes, spent. As it’s […]

Book Re-Lease

Hope this finds you well during these crazy, stressed times. I would like to ask a favour of you. I just re-wrote and re-released my book A Story of Our Souls, and feel it is the perfect time, as it is expanded and includes something similar to the times now. Things will probably not go […]

Conspiracy Theorist or Truth Seeker

Conspiracy Theorist or Truth Seeker I decided to write this after receiving some messages about spreading conspiracy theories in a couple of my posts. This post may offend some, I will not apologize for it.  It’s my rant! 🙂 It’s been awhile since I posted as I have been doing art and observing. Question for […]

Valentines Day

It’s very interesting how we get programmed!! A day called Valentines Day to celebrate love for one another – to buy cards (thanks Hallmark), chocolates, roses, dinners out. But, is that really true love? Why only one day? Why a ‘special’ day? Love should be celebrated every day freely with NO commercial ‘value’ attachment. Unconditional […]

The Ocean

The Ocean WE, as HUman BEings are all droplets of water and the ocean is the Infinite Awareness (Creator, Source, IA etc) When the droplet connects with the ocean where does the droplet end and the ocean start? It’s called Oneness and Infinite Love. We ARE all connected. It’s time to remember the truth of […]

Soulful Quotes

Heart has no ego or judgment – always listen to your heart, it’s usually much quieter though and needs you to ‘tune’ into it!! Normal is not something to aspire to it is something to run from 🙂 I care more about my relationship wit my inner being than anything else, If I am not […]


Energy What IS Energy?? Quantum Physics is proving everything is energy. This is just a small snippet of stepping into this perspective that is finally becoming more well known, there are many out there with much more information to share if this is of interest! Everything is energy therefore, it has a vibration which has […]