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Why Orgnic??

A word on Organic You are what you eat and your skin is the largest organ of the body, everything you put on it gets absorbed into the bloodstream, so for me, if I am going to eat healthy, raw and organic as often as possible, then I want to put healthy products on my […]

Commercial Drive

Lately, I have been loving heading down to Commercial Drive or just ‘The Drive’ in Vancouver. Now I know some people have been hanging out there for years, but some of us have been hanging out in the back woods!!! I love going down there, it’s alive, full of energy, artists, cultural, outside patios and […]

Raw Ceasar Dressing

This one is great and no one can tell that it is raw, even my husband likes it, actually he loves it!! It only takes a couple of minutes to blend this up in the blender and remember adjust things according to taste, this is just a guideline to go on, if you like more […]

Rice & Spinach Salad

Rice & Spinach Salad This is for thepeople who want to start adding more veggies into their diet, are vegetarian or who just aren’t 100% raw.  This is also great for leftovers (if you made rice) to make for lunches for the next day or two. This is how I made it, but there are […]

Dandelion Green Smoothie

Dandelion Green Smoothie I decided to branch out and try one of my early morning Green Smoothies with Deandelion Greens since this is the time to do it. It’s Springtime, almost summer and Dandelions are in season.  Now, I don’t know if I would go picking the ones in your yard unless you know they […]

Healthy Tips

Some quick tips on getting started on eating a little healthier and make some better choices. Please feel free to leave a comment, give feedback or email me with any questions!! JB

Spaghetti Pie

I couldn’t find the original recipe for this one, so I made it off the top of my head last night for dinner, and it ended up tasting good, even my husband ate it!! (And no, he’s not a raw foodie, but will eat what I make and give me honest feed back!!!) I also […]

Raw…..What is it and Why??

What is Raw – Food that is!!! and Why Raw? Check out my latest videos on a quick intro to Raw Foods My next videos will go into more detail about Raw Foods, the basics, getting started especially since now is a good time to clean up our diet – it’s spring time!! Please feel […]