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Water or Coke…????

After making my last short video, I got this email from a friend……..hmmm….coincidence or synchronicity???? She didn’t know what I put in my video or that I even created one!! Anyways, I don’t know how much of this is true, I will test some of them, but that means then I have to buy some […]

Motivational Monday………

Yup….still raining, I need all the motivation I can get!!  It’s suppose to rain all week…..oh yeah!!!! I could look at it that way or I could look at it as, well I guess I will be getting alot of work done, so that when the sun does finally come out, I can hit the […]

How You Feel……..

How You Feel is Everything!!! I must say right now, that after more than a week of grey, cold and rain, well…..the moods could be better around here. Heck, last Monday the sun did come out for a couple fo hours and it felt amazing, but I can count on one hand how many sunny […]

Ever feel Stuck????

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like it’s ‘Ground Hog Day’? You know, that movie with Bill Murray!! Like it’s the same day, all over again!! Like….’what the hell is it all about anyways?’ as you lie in bed waking up. I got an email update from a site I belong to […]

Health Food Store vs a Pharmacy Store

I like Mike Adam’s post from Natural News.com here as I couldn’t agree more and I couldn’t have said it any better. You get one body, why not take care of it the best you can. Too expensive?? Not enough time?  Really??  Do you feel as good as you can or would like too?  For […]

What ARE you putting on your body???

After reading last post’s on David Suzuki’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemcials to avoid, this is just to go a little further. Everyday, we slather ourselves with lotions, potions and liquids from shampoos to soap to deodorant to make up.  After all, we want to look, smell and feel good.  But did you also know, that […]

If you like or eat KFC…….

I must admit, I used to love KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) once in awhile. I know, when I stop and think about it now, it’s pretty gross and I haven’t eaten it in a long time. When I came across this article by Mike Adams on Natural News the new alliance with Kentucky Fried Chicken […]

Raw Beet Soup

Raw Beet Soup Sometimes you feel like you need something to warm you up on damp days, ok it rains here alot on the West Coast of Canada!!! This time I used beets, but I mix it up and use other veggies too. It’s quick and simple and oh so good for you!!  Beets are […]

Organic Cheaters Exposed……….

Organic cheaters exposed by public protest at health products trade show……..great article by by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com Not Sure if your product is on the list or not, read Mike’s article here.  It frustrates me when I go to the store and purchase products for myself and family thinking they […]