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Jodi's Raw Veggie Spaghetti

Here is something that I love making and eating!! I vary it from time to time, but what is pictured here is 1 serving 1 roma tomatoes chopped 1/2 red pepper chopped black olives chopped 1 green onion chopped a bit of parsley or cilantro chopped on top 1 – 2 tbsp pesto sauce (recipe […]

Green Smoothies

For me Smoothies are easy to make, great way to start the day and also an incredible way to get more leafy greens into one’s diet and we all need more of that!!! Here is a basic recipe couple of bananas ( they add favor and a little more creamier texture, Iadd some frozen and […]

Food Inc

Last night I finally sat down and watched the movie Food Inc ( you can watch the trailer here). You should be able to get it at your local video store or library. I must admit, I put off watching it for awhile as I knew, but didn’t really want to know, know what I […]

Why Organic???

You are what you eat and your skin is the largest organ of the body, everything you eat makes a difference and everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream.  For me, if I am going to eat healthy& raw, I want it to be organic as often as possible, and I […]

Nut Pate

There are lots of different nut pates out there, and maybe this has been done before, but here is one that I made the other night when I was having a bunch of ladies over and it went over very well, and it was quick and easy to make!! Nut Pate 1 1/2 cup sunflower […]

Our Food

In our local grocery stores there are isles  and isles of ‘food’, over 47 000 items actually, but how much of it is really food???? As I have become more and more aware over the years, have tried to eat healthier, I have made a rule to myself to keep things simple when I have […]

Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus I love hummus, have always eaten lots of it, so when I came across a recipe for raw, I got excited. The original recipe I found used zuchini, but what I found it was inconsistent as far as consistentcy.  Then I found another one with cashews which is nice but sometimes it nice […]

New Direction

Hi there, If ever you have stopped by my blog here or earlier at my other location, you will notice that I have switched directions…….yes we are allowed to do that!!! I have to admit, I have been ignoring all the signs that I should have bee paying attention to in my life and trying […]

Getting Started in Raw Foods

What is Raw Foods? – uncooked – it’s not heated above 118F / 42C – it’s fresh and unprocessed – organic as much as possible Why not cooked foods? Cooked foods actually destroys all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, oxygen rich & enzymes which is the life force or ’spark of life’. It becomes dead food, […]

6 Minutes to Success

6 Minutes to Success Could that really be true?? Well, I have liked very much what I have seen in the first set of FREE videos, that I want to share with you. As, if this is all you do, it will add value to your life. Then if you like, you can pay $1 […]