Being a Mom

I love being a mom!!


19 years ago today my life radically changed, never ever to be the same again. I loved being pregnant – I felt sooooo good – well most of the time, the last month or so sleeping got hard but I

Never threw up, ate well and felt pretty good most of the time.

I thought once this baby was born the hard part was over, ha was I fooled!!

Trying to do a diaper or bath the first time, holy crap was I scared, but not as scared as when I was atthe one week check up  and got sent  down to the hospital then into the sick children’s hospital in Calgary by ambulance about 6 hours later after several tests and they couldn’t find out what was wrong except his weight was down and down too much, we lived in Banff at the time.

We were met at 2 am by family, a few friends and many wonderful doctors and nurses who made the next week much easier.  It was the first time someone called me Dylan’s mom, and it hit me – the hard part just started!!!

But that turned out good.

19 years today we have gone through many good times, some sad, we  cried, laughed, played hide and go seek in the house in the dark, had inside beaches when it was minus 35 out, moved, sat up late watching movies eating popcorn, had sleepovers, Great Pumpkin stories, actually many stories and lots of love and many disagreements!!

The hardest job but the most rewarding one in the world – my son just constantly shows up and impresses me constantly – I am proud of him but more importantly he should be proud of who he is!!!

I love being a mom!!!


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