I got some flack from my last post about throwing my family under the bus……..that was never my intention!!

I guess for some, the point was missed about  being true to oneself, but not in a mean or harmful way.  When it comes to self nurturing, us ladies, espescially moms, can relate about putting our needs last.

I have a great family, some of them even try my dishes, and sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes not, but isn’t that with any way of eating??

I don’t take it too personally as we all walk a different path, have our own beliefs and taste buds.  Some people don’t get the raw food lifestyle and some don’t want to, which is too bad, but that is ok.  I always say, it’s a good thing we are all different.

That is not a reason for anyone to give up, just because the people around you aren’t on the same path.  Now, I could talk about anything here, but I will stick to the raw food diet, we have been trained to believe that we have to eat cooked foods, and if you are liking the raw foods, feeling the difference, then go for it!!!

That is all I meant by that.  My teenagers are pretty normal, or what we have come to believe what normal is, as far as diet is concerned.  As I am typing this, it dawns on me that  in less than 40 years how our diet  has changed so much.  I grew up with having my Great, yes great grandfather and a huge garden in his backyard.  My mom and grandmother would spend hours in the garden picking vegetables and fruits that we ate fresh in abundance, then they would spend hours canning and freezing.  They gave so much away  to other families as well.  We were so lucky when I think back on it.

Boy, how things have changed!!

I am getting way off here, but for me, by staying true to me, as when I got started on this path I was easily persuaded off,  I would let guilt and frustration get  to me plus I wouldn’t feel as good, so……I feel so much better health wise.  But I am hoping to be an example for my kids.  When my kids realize that they just aren’t feeling as good as they could be,and not only can mom keep up with them but last longer, they might think about making smarter choices!!!

That is the bottom line, I just want to be a good example……not only in eating, feeling and looking healthier, but strong enough to stay true to me and having integrity doing it.

Hope that helps!!

Love hearing your thoughts!!