It’s already into January, yes I haven’t been here much lately, but it’s a new year.

A new year means a new way of doing things, better yet, for this year a new way of BEing.

Most have already moved on from their NY’s resolutions, lets do things differently this year so we can move beyond this reality.

Yes, it is possible!

If we stay in the perspective that everything is energy, then in order to create a new reality beyond this one, it takes being different energies, which are frequencies.

It’s like changing the channel on the tv and maybe forgetting that this channel even exists.

I know, things are crazy in the world and may get even crazier this year, all the darkness needs to come up and out in order for a better reality. The density in each one of us as well as the outer world.

It really doesn’t matter what is going on around us only what is going on inside of ourselves.

The year to let that shit go! 🙂

The past is the past, it is over. The experiences were just that experiences, good or bad.  It’s your attachment to the story or emotion that keeps that frequency of the event alive.

I am not down playing anyones experience, but if one can get past the emotion it’s very freeing. Yes, I speak from experience and 2021 was a tester for me on many occasions!

Get past the yeah buts of it  and ask yourself can you forgive and let go? Can you let yourself be the dreamer again? How much more love can you embody?  Am I truly being what fulfills my heart? All of that takes coming out of the head more and into the heart.

It’s really not about more money, the bigger house, the weight lose, the newer car any longer, those all come and go.  It’s about what you are being.  And it steams from feeling – does it expand you or contract you. Nothing is wrong with any of those material things listed above, it’s how you will feel when you ‘get’ them.  Why not feel that way, all of the time just because you are alive!

Anything is possible.

My goal this year is to embody more confidence, creativity, joy, curiosity, love, vitality, abundance and alot of gratitude no matter what.

That to me is freeing.

I am so tired of the narrative and having my mind filled with such low level fear based crap,  I have started to put my attention therefore energy (which is my life) into things that I so enjoy – after 11/2 years of playing with many different art modalities, I’ve circled back to Photography and boy have I been having fun!  I so get lost in time and space and forget about the outside world, it’s my form of meditation and connecting in with an energy bigger than me.  And it gets me out of my head and into my. heart more!

My life is my energy, my energy is my currency, I do get to choose how I spend it and I have learned the hard way to spend it wisely, as there are no refunds!

That is how I plan to go beyond this reality, what about you?

Happy New Years!


PS  The title of the photo is Flow – that is my word for the year 🙂





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