Ok ok you can’t have a green smoothie if you add blackberries!!!!

As you will see from my You Tube video yesterday, we are having an abundant of blackberries around us right now, actually they get out of control!!  You may not be able to go in your backyard and pick them, but they are in season, so are blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  This smoothie is with blackberries, but switch it up, variety is good and have fun with them while they are in season and eat lots of them!!

1 cup blackberries (or any other)

big handful of lettuce (that is what I had in my little garden but any greens will do)

2 bananas

I threw in a couple of pears in mine today as they needed to be eaten but that is optional

I had a young coconut here so I added the coconut water and the meat of the coconut, you can also use plain good water or even an almond mylk.

Blend up and enjoy!!

Smoothies are such a good way to get lots of good nutrients, enzymes, vitamins  and minerals in so blend them up!!

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