I just wanted to touch a bit on blenders.

Not everyone can afford or wants to invest in a high price blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec, so what are some hints and those are not any affiliate links there!! ūüôā

Here is a photo of the blender I have used and has worked great for me.  It is a Cusinart, not that I am into names but in case anyone wants to know.

You want to invest in a blender that has a fairly good horse power, not one that just to whip up a nut mylk and fruit will struggle.  Horse power is important, the two above have a very high horse power, so for things like cheesecakes, nut cheeses etc they are better, but how often will you be making those?

The base of the blender, the wider the better.  If it is fairly narrow, it will take even longer to blend up or it will be harder.

I also prefer to use glass, yes it is heavier but I try and stay away from plastic as much as possible.

A few or couple of speeds are also good. ¬†Low, medium and high or even pulse. ¬†If it only has one maybe two speeds, I wouldn’t waste your money.

Really think of how often you will be using it and what you plan on making with it. ¬†This blender of mine, got me started and has worked very well for a good 4 years. ¬†The investment, I don’t really know since it was a gift, but I do know it was somewhere between $100 and $200. ¬†That may be a good place to start instead of $400 and up.

Hope that helps and making more smoothies and going raw!!!

Have a great day!!


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