A Story of Our Souls by Jodi Burke

Remembering Love

should be, could be the theme.

A Story of Our Souls by Jodi Burke

Instead, it’s…………..

I’m here to be a reminder for that, to remember love, including myself.


That’s why I am would like to share this.

I have felt it wasn’t the right time to share my book fully, until now.

Many people in the world right now are scared, confused, judgmental, angry, sad and depressed, and none of that gets talked about.

It’s just cases, cases, cases, whats being closed, forcing a jab, one country opens, another goes on lock down and so on. Imprinting us so we get used t it.

What’s it called, the new normal.

It makes my head spin just thinking about everything going on in todays world, none or very little is based on love.

Stress is everywhere and so is fear.

Why we need to Remember Love.

If you are questioning things, this book may be of interest.

What IF, there is another perspective to what is going on today?

What IF, we have forgotten who we truly are, why we are here, and who’s in control.

Even though this is a story book, it was written from a downloaded message to me almost 3 years ago.

Now is the time to remember,  to give a different perspective, to drop seeds of possibly awakening / remembering that there is so much more and you are so much more as well.

What IF there is more truth in this story than on may realize.

Starting tomorrow, until Monday Oct 18th, in the late night, both the ebook and kindle are $0.99 (cheaper than a cup of coffee, and lasts longer) and the audio book is 50% off (still a good deal, listen while you are in the kitchen or…….).

It’s even got pictures!!

A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love – Check it out here and feel free to share this!!

With much Gratitude



comes in many forms!!

This one touches on masks – for an ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photo submission called

‘Masked Duality’.

Did you know, the blue and white masks take 450 years to break down?  I didn’t and yes, you read that correct, no typo there at all!!!

Submission is also the act or fact of submitting to the power of another.

That includes relationships of all kinds – partners, friends, family, Dr’s and governments.

Submission, unlike for a photography show, usually means one holds power over another.

Not in alignment with Natural Law of do no harm.

Time to stand strong is now.

Masks do harm on many levels.





A Moment in Time

are many, yet how many are fully experienced?

A Nap in the Shade

We were dreamers once.

Some of us still are.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

I often have a hard to time to express myself through words, yet have tried.

I love moments where I get lost in time and space, that is usually when I am creating – food, art, photography or in nature.

It’s my form of meditation, where I lose myself, yet at the same time create a deeper connection within and with myself, where words don’t need to be spoken as it’s the language of vibration that is emitted through the heart.

We need more of that now.





Soooo Much More is Going On……

It’s been awhile since I posted.Wasn’t sure I should or even felt like it, as I watch the world around me fall into such low frequencies.

It’s been hard to watch.

People I care about……….

Yet, I feel blessed to be where I am,  and have found my tribe of beautiful awaken Souls.

I have friends in many places around the world and the craziness is beyond comprehension.

It’s the biggest psyop ever, and history keeps repeating itself!!

I’ve been laying low, not wanting to get caught up in this, yet wanting and trying to help some and learning most don’t want it.

Instead I’ve started doing things that bring me joy and learning a new art form.

Here are some questions to ponder –

Do true leaders create separation, segregation, division or judgment amongst their people?

Why is censorship so high?

Why are natural health treatments being ignored or banned?

Why are people, in many different situations, who are speaking out being censored, threatened or fired?

Why is it one way or the highway?

Why are people’s previous health conditions not taken into account?

Why is there no liability from pharmaceutical companies?

Why is their coercion, manipulation and lying about things allowed?

Why is there no consensus on many things at this time, and yet no one is able to question things either?

I could go on, but I think of these things as much doesn’t add up to me.

From four weeks to flatten the curve to a shot to two to let me see your papers in less than a year, what does that remind you of?

Oh to have eyes to see beyond the curtain.

Kind of reminds me of the movie the Wizard of Oz – which had many metaphors IF one looks.

What saddens me the most though is the division and the anger.

If we could only remember our truth, why we are here and how energy truly moves and works.

According to Bo Poiny, we are on Noah’s time line – remember Noah’s Ark?

I finally got the nudge to create a post as it’s  important now more than ever to unite and stand strong in ourselves as crimes against humanity are happening on a huge scale.

We are not going back to normal, it was not normal but we have been programmed to believe it was.

There is sooooo much more going on than we know.

There is so much more going on off planet than we know. Yes, it’s true, aliens exist and many live here – but that’s a whole different topic – to think we are the only species in the cosmos is pure ignorance, yet not one’s fault as it’s been kept hidden from us.  Many things have.

This is a fight between the dark and the light, as they are after your Soul.


they will not win, as the light always wins, eventually, so don’t give in or give up!!

I will share more in upcoming posts.

It’s time to remember, it’s time to awaken, it’s time to stand strong from within.

Start by doing things that bring you joy, time in nature and letting go of things that don’t serve you!!












Amazing & Tasty Vegan Recipes by Jodi Burke

Books by Donation

Amazing & Tasty Raw Recipes by Jodi Burke Food & You. Choose You! by Jodi Burke Why We Do Yoga. Because We Are Worth It! by Jodi Burke

Not sure if you know or not, but over the course of the last 10 years, I wrote some ebooks  / kindle books along the way.

They coincide with different stages in my life, being into energy therapies, vegan / raw foods, holistic health,  alternative things, yoga, photography, spirituality, EFT ( & many other modalities), akashic records and deeper diving into consciousness, creativity, the cosmos and yes conspiracy theories .

There are several EFT books to share how you do it and how you can use it as it’s a great tool for anyone.

When I was big into healthy eating as in vegan / raw and superfoods, I got creative in the kitchen and at the same time wanting to get back into my photography, so creating recipe books / blog posts was a great combo.  I created a Vegan recipe book, Raw Food recipes and Healthy Eating Made Easy, which is  three books in one.

Why We Do Yoga. Because We Are Worth It! by Jodi Burke

Then I was big into Yoga and wanted to find out what drew people to Yoga, so with over 65 Yogi’s why and photos, I created another ebook combining my love for Photography and Yoga – Why We Do Yoga.

A Story of Our Souls by Jodi Burke

Then I was reading, studying and learning about energy, the universe, who are we, the matrix, the lies aka jumping down lots of rabbit holes and at the same time learning many different alternative modalities, yet getting so far in the training and knowing there was something else, something more and I kept being open and sure enough it was when this book A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love came as a download out of no where.  I never planned on writing a book, yet again I got to incorporate my photography into the adult story book.  You can get the first 3 chapters for free to see if you even like the book first!!

On the burner is yet another one, a short one where we dive into energy, frequencies and vibration so we can help in creating a new, higher vibrational earth aka Heaven on Earth.  Possible?? You bet, but it’s beyond this reality.  When we start looking at everything as energy, then change happens.  It will be out shortly and it will be for FREE.  Then that is it I am sure as art, as in Encaustic, has been calling me more and more!!  It truly is a time to listen to the imprints we are getting from our souls and move more in that direction.

7 Day Higher Vibe Living Challenge by Jodi Burke 21 Days Choose You by Jodi Burke

All of the books are by donation, some are free and they are all listed here.  I created them at different stages doing things I loved to do, can you ever really put a price on that?



PS PLEASE note that only the ebooks are by donation, unfortunately I can’t do that on Amazon kindle.






Things are not as solid as we think!

The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.

Most illness is just stress from not living in harmony.

  –  Dr. Bruce Lipton

It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses, worlds are hidden of which we are unaware.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Most people see what is,  and never see what can be.

  –  Albert Einstein

Still diving into ICM Photography – Intentional Camera Movement – sometimes it looks like such a beautiful painting yet, very little, if any realism  to the photograph which I love!!

It helps to take me beyond the so called linear reality into possibilities where magic and miracles happen.

There is so much of energy, frequencies and the Universe we don’t know or have been taught.

What IF we changed our perception about something or just stayed open to learning more realizing we may not have the whole picture!




If you are curious about energy and more, A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love might be of interest!!



A Moment in Time


Where attention goes energy flows………


Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent People Ignore.

–  Albert Einstein

ICMing in the Garden

The Fire Within


Intentional Camera Movement

During this past 15 months, and lock downs and quiet time, some of my creativity I felt was not there, yet I truly did enjoy the quiet and slowing down for a bit.

I thought I would expand my creative juices in other areas since I also could not do Encaustic.

I tried painting, art journalling, mixed media, drawing and well, I learned quickly they were just not me.

I still do a form of art journalling, but my own of connecting with emotions, thoughts, frustrations etc and it’s interesting what does come out.

Since moving into a new space with a huge lush garden and yard, things have shifted yet again.  I noticed all the trees and what they shared but I overlooked the flowers, at first, anyways.

Dancing Rose

Not that I didn’t notice them, but not like I do now.  I was part of a 5 day ICM workshop last week and every morning I went out into the garden and played with my camera and really saw the flowers at a much deeper level.

I love nature, the quiet, the beauty, the calmness, the abundance, the non-judgment and I got curious and playful.  One of the great aspects of nature but also ICM.

You could put 5 Photographers in front of a flower and you would get similar images, but add in ICM and everything is different, unique and I find rather beautiful.

It can take one beyond the linear, beyond seeing the same old.


I love being able to paint with my camera (and of course torch but more on that later), as some of us just can’t create beautiful art with a paint brush.  No judgment, it’s just where our gifts lie.

Since stepping back into ICM, my creativity is opening up more but also my playfulness and curiousity.  I do feel like I am creating paintings with my camera, Impressionistic style, formless and different. All are done in camera, with minimal tweaking in LR.

Great way to turn my attention away from the  so called ‘real’ world and what is happening there.

How do you get creative, playful or curious?



Photo store is here, but if any are of interest please contact me directly for more information.



Be Kind

See the beauty in everything and everyone – that’s how kindness starts!

Be Kind to Everyone

For, we don’t know their journey, their past, their present, their story, their pain, their struggles,

and it doesn’t matter

For, in the current state of the world, no matter what, we need more kindness more than ever.

Kindness goes a long way, you never know how that could touch someone.

A smile, kind word, kind deed, letting a subject go no matter the differences,

as there will always be differences as we are different,

yet at the core the same.

And when one realizes that, then one realizes there is no they.

No matter what, just be kind.

It starts with self.



To see more of Jodi’s Photography click here


Creative Expression

Dancing Bird of Paradise – captured in the garden ICM style

It’s been a little bit I know, I have been moving then settling into a new yet temporary place and enjoying the gardens!!  Spending time in nature is so healing, nurturing and balancing.  This yard has avocado trees, mango trees, lime trees, pomegranate, bananas, guava, lots of flowers, a tall fountain that birds come splash in and a turtle pond!

So I’ve been in heaven just spending time in this beautiful space.

Creative Expression

What is it and why?

If Consciousness is playing a game (read my book to understand this more)  then it didn’t come down here to be like anyone else.  It came here to create an unique experience through it’s unique frequency or so called ‘vibe’.

Wouldn’t that be boring if everyone was all the same or trying to be the same or similar?

Yet, advertising tells us something else.  A story.

Usually with the theme of never enough.

What if we were all our own star and have just forgotten that?  Now, would you want to be or trying to be like anyone else?

Seriously, would you?

So then, why is anyone trying to fit in with someone(s), somethings or copy other people and ways of being or doing things?

Creative expression is not that.

It’s not necessarily art, yet in whatever or however one chooses to express them self, it will be art.

In this type of consciousness, there is never harm to anyone or anything just to be clear.

How are you or would you creatively express if you are choosing?

How do you know?

I’ll give you a hint, you get excited, feel good, get all giggly like inside and it brings such joy to even think about it.  Even a little bit, if one doesn’t deny it.

It may not be that one thing as you start to explore in that direction. If you start to explore yet it keeps changing yet leading you to something new or something else, and if you keep following that joy, it will lead you to the sweet spot and then you’ll know why you started with that one thing.

Don’t question it or try to make sense of it, we’re not always that bright.

Just follow it, and trust.

It may test you just to make sure you will follow.

That sweet spot has no words to describe it, it has to be experienced, has to be felt, but it’s ooooooh soooo good and worth it!!


You get to meet you, the real you at a deeper level and creatively expressing is then, a way of life.