It’s Been Awhile!


How are you doing during these crazy times?


I am doing great, took a break, laying low, doing more ICM photography – uploading mostly on IG, some art and diving deep into the world of Sound Healing and art!

Old ancient wisdom for helping create and anchor in higher frequencies of new Earth – Sound Baths are but also frequencies of Joy and those bring me or allow me to feel much joy!

I am intentionally doing things that bring me joy.  Creativity is huge for me. As is frequencies and spending time in nature.

I do not have my head in the sand, I am aware of what is going on around me, but my focus is more of what is going on inside of me, and there have been some intense moments lately, yet I know it will pass.

The old is being shed on many levels – as within, so without – in order for a new Earth, a new, better reality, the old has to go and that includes all systems as they are based on corruption and low frequencies.

Now that may seem hippy dippy to some, but keep an open mind as when one understands even a little bit of energy and frequencies then it will make more sense – yes there is science (alot) and quantum physics involved.

Energy flows where attention goes.

So, that is why photography, art and sound baths oh and a cool healing frequency device are where my attention is being placed these days.

Soon, I will be hosting online Sound Baths (which are sooo needed in todays world) – just testing it all now and would love to have you join in – first will be free and I will send out an email for it!!

Hope all is amazing in your world!




If you see any prints that catch your eye and you would like to have, please don’t hesitate to contact me or check my images out here

Let Go of the Old

Slow Down

Slow Down

What IF…….

we slowed down a little bit today and really smelled the flowers……

Being present in the Now

is the new cool!

100 Days of Stillness – Day 101


just joking!! 🙂

I want to send out a BIG Thank you to

everyone who supported this, commented on posts, likes,

messages and emails I received

during these 100 days.

Thank you, my heart is full and

I am happy it was well received

especially on IG.

I will continue with my ICM photography and

thoughts but mostly on IG – I don’t want to clog up

anyone’s inbox too much, so follow me there if it resonates.

Have an awesome day – with much Gratitude & Love




And each day, take some time to Be Still………:)

100 Days of Stillness – Day 100

Heart Opening


To transcend the matrix

is thru the heart


Be Still………..

100 Days of Stillness – Day 99

The Connector


Nature IS Spirit,

even amongst this matrix.

It’s a bridgeway

between frequencies,

spend more time there


Be Still……….

100 Days of Stillness – Day 98

Soul Preserved

There is nothing more precious

than one’s Soul,

it’s the only thing

we take with us

beyond this holographic matrix,

so protect it

at ALL costs

Be Still………

100 Days of Stillness – Day 97

The Now

The eternal moment of now

is constant,

Be present,

as it passes quickly


Be Still………….

100 Days of Stillness – Day 96


Go Within

What is in my control is

how I spend my time,

how I choose to respond or react,

my self talk / self love,

my boundaries,

what I give my energy to,


how I show up.

Go within


Be Still……..




100 Days of Stillness – Day 95

Self Reflection

Live from deep within

so that authenticity,

truth, integrity


self respect

are the dominant



Be Still………..

100 Days of Stillness – Day 94



We were not created

to sit at a desk or job

for 8+ hours a day,

forgot one’s dreams,

doing the same thing day in and out,

and to only have

a couple of weeks of

‘vacation’ to go exploring,

We are waaaaay more

than that…….

Be Still……….


100 Days of Stillness – Day 93


We’ve been led to believe

that there is only one

true version of reality,


in a world of

infinite possibilities,

is that really true?

Go within as

Energy flows where attention goes


Be Still……….