Body Talk

Body Talk

Our bodies talk to us all the time, we only really hear it or listen (maybe even then) when it is screaming at us in pain.

Did you know our body is actually communicating with us ALL the time?

Do you know who we are isn’t really our body?

What do I really mean by that?

Lets take a house as an example – you live in a house (or apartment, condo, tent whatever), you decorate it, maybe paint it, add a reno here or there etc.  Just like a house – our souls or beings are living in a body, but we aren’t really our bodies I know, it kind of seems weird but stay with me here.  If we started talking to our bodies more often – it’s incredible the feedback and guidance we can receive.

Weird eh??

But think about it, how often do you have a ‘gut feeling’ about something?

How often have you walked into a situation and your body told you “Get Out’ or ‘Yes I want more of it” ……get the picture??

How often do you hear that whisper, that nudging, that inner guidance to do something, go somewhere, call someone etc……how often do you listen to it?? When you do what happens?? Probably some good things.  How often have you not listened to it and then caught yourself saying or thinking ‘Oh man I should have……?’


Think about it for a minute.

How about taking it a bit further.

By talking to your body and asking it questions every day – all the time……do you think that would open up some things?

I mean we are really good at criticizing it aren’t we??

My thighs are too big, my butt is too lumpy, my back hurts, I need to lose weight blah blah blah – you are talking to it then!!!

Instead ask it things like –

‘Body what would you like to eat right now?’

Body are you hungry or thirsty?

Body what would make you feel good right now?

Body what type of clothing would you like to feel today?

Body what do you want to wear today?

Body how can I better communicate with you today?

Sounds weird I know but guess what…….it works!!!

This is coming from someone who has spent little time in her body in this lifetime, how do I know that?

If you are busy thinking about the past, the future, what you could have or should have said, day dreaming, trying to figure things out, etc you are not in your body very often……you are in your head more!

Try talking to your body today and giving it what it wants……you might be quite surprised at the outcome!!!

Happy Solstice!!!!



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  1. One way to begin focusing on the inner physical body is to listen to it. Our bodies do talk to us all the time, but most often, we do not pay attention. Therefore, the best resolution to help create more physical wellness is to start listening to your body. Our bodies send us obvious signs of imbalance or illness, and when our bodies talk, it is best we listen. Our bodies tell us when we need to nurture it, or rest it. Our bodies can express to us that we need to move and exercise more, or if we are feeding it enough healthy foods or vitamins. When we do not respond to these needs, we become unbalanced and may end up with illness or disease. If we take the time to listen to our bodies, we begin to respect it.

  2. Body talk connecting to our bodies brings awareness which can help us uncover our deeper needs.One great way to listen to our bodies is to stop and be still for a few minutes each day. Simply check in with how you are feeling, what you are sensing, and mentally ask yourself, “What do I need to be balanced today?” The more we tap into this intuitive listening, the more you will hear.

  3. Once again, I’m humbled by your ability to link the philosophical with the physical, and to do it with such humor! Although I’ve suffered from chronic pain for many years and always known how stress is linked to it, you encourage me to understand this on a much deeper level.

  4. When my body talks, I listen and respond to fulfill its needs. Its feels great.. Friends don’t give up, keep trying..

  5. Nice article – wouldn’t it be nice if kids could learn this from parents or in school? Would have made our lives so much easier! BTW – though I’m not perfect at all this, my business stresses the same things to clients! We are a work in progress. Happy day!

  6. Excellent! Reminds me of the book, If life is a game these are the rules. One rule is to love & treat your body well. It’s the only physical vessel you will have.

  7. Really great advice, Jodi. So many of us just don’t listen and often our bodies are screaming their messages and we can’t hear them. I wonder why we are so out of tune. Our rush-rush noisy world often blocks our ears. Great post, great advice. My body is saying feed me so off I go.

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