16 years ago, today my mom passed, way too young, but today it was, 16 years ago.

My mother, father, brother and I are all born on the 16th, with my parents being the same month.

Sign, coincidence or……………

I don’t know, I just got it’s time 

So, this is in memory of my mom.

My mother, father, brother and I are all born on the 16th, with my parents being the same month.

Sign, coincidence or……………

I don’t know, I just got it’s time 

So, this is in memory of my mom.

My book is now officially available in kindle, ebook and paperback for $0.99 for a few days (not the paperback at that price). You can purchase the ebook here – https://jodiburke.com/…/beyond-the-illusion-unleashing…/

kindle here – https://www.amazon.com/Beyond…/dp/B0CM95475L/ref=sr_1_1…

Which if you do decide to purchase, I thank you, and if you read it and like it, please share or leave a review.


Here is my intro in the book

Could life be a Simulation??

Welcome to the captivating world of simulations and holographic realities, where the line between reality and construct blurs into a mysterious tapestry of possibilities. This book delves into the intriguing concept that has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and science fiction enthusiasts alike: the idea that our universe and existence might be an elaborate simulation or hologram.

From Quantum Physics and Science, more and more evidence is suggesting that, we might be in a simulation. Trippy, right???

So, what if life is like a virtual reality game? If it’s true, then our reality is not the original; it’s a simulation of something else. What if, this place was designed for our souls to create experiences and truly experience life in its physical form? The body suit and the five senses give it a sense of reality. Imagine a reality where you lack these senses. Could there be more to this game called life that we don’t know about? Think for a second, if you were not able to see, hear, taste, touch or smell, what would you have? You may say nothing, and that is correct, yet, what if it is everything? Can you lean into that for a moment, is it expansive and light feeling? What if, it’s everything yet nothing at all? What if, there is more?

What if the purpose is to up-level our avatars, like characters in a virtual reality game, not through violence, but by cultivating health, well-being, alignment, abundance, flow, joy, ease, and kindness as the norm?

It might sound like a dream, especially in a world where the predator-prey dynamic seems so ingrained. But what if it is indeed a simulation, a holographic reality, a game? Would you approach life differently if you knew you could be, do, or have anything that aligns with your heart’s desires and create coherence within? Would you be willing to step out of the predator – prey energies? Would you be more interested in co-creating instead of forcing things?

Consider the infinite possibilities at your disposal – the choice is yours to make. Why not play at your best and thrive, considering that thriving is our default setting?

How many are currently playing this game I wonder and know that it is a simulation?

The ones playing at a high level, that have mastered themselves and risen above the norm in the game called Life?

In the upcoming chapters, I will guide you through steps to truly create a new story called your life and offer a different perspective on how this reality operates. We’ll explore the Law of Reflection, which is even more important than the Law of Attraction, as it involves the mirror effect or feedback loop.

This book aims to be imaginative yet also straightforward, so let’s dive in and discover what this game of life is all about. Stay open-minded as you read on, and let’s explore the endless possibilities together.


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