Amazing & Tasty Raw Recipes by Jodi Burke Food & You. Choose You! by Jodi Burke Why We Do Yoga. Because We Are Worth It! by Jodi Burke

Not sure if you know or not, but over the course of the last 10 years, I wrote some ebooks  / kindle books along the way.

They coincide with different stages in my life, being into energy therapies, vegan / raw foods, holistic health,  alternative things, yoga, photography, spirituality, EFT ( & many other modalities), akashic records and deeper diving into consciousness, creativity, the cosmos and yes conspiracy theories .

There are several EFT books to share how you do it and how you can use it as it’s a great tool for anyone.

When I was big into healthy eating as in vegan / raw and superfoods, I got creative in the kitchen and at the same time wanting to get back into my photography, so creating recipe books / blog posts was a great combo.  I created a Vegan recipe book, Raw Food recipes and Healthy Eating Made Easy, which is  three books in one.

Why We Do Yoga. Because We Are Worth It! by Jodi Burke

Then I was big into Yoga and wanted to find out what drew people to Yoga, so with over 65 Yogi’s why and photos, I created another ebook combining my love for Photography and Yoga – Why We Do Yoga.

A Story of Our Souls by Jodi Burke

Then I was reading, studying and learning about energy, the universe, who are we, the matrix, the lies aka jumping down lots of rabbit holes and at the same time learning many different alternative modalities, yet getting so far in the training and knowing there was something else, something more and I kept being open and sure enough it was when this book A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love came as a download out of no where.  I never planned on writing a book, yet again I got to incorporate my photography into the adult story book.  You can get the first 3 chapters for free to see if you even like the book first!!

On the burner is yet another one, a short one where we dive into energy, frequencies and vibration so we can help in creating a new, higher vibrational earth aka Heaven on Earth.  Possible?? You bet, but it’s beyond this reality.  When we start looking at everything as energy, then change happens.  It will be out shortly and it will be for FREE.  Then that is it I am sure as art, as in Encaustic, has been calling me more and more!!  It truly is a time to listen to the imprints we are getting from our souls and move more in that direction.

7 Day Higher Vibe Living Challenge by Jodi Burke 21 Days Choose You by Jodi Burke

All of the books are by donation, some are free and they are all listed here.  I created them at different stages doing things I loved to do, can you ever really put a price on that?



PS PLEASE note that only the ebooks are by donation, unfortunately I can’t do that on Amazon kindle.





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