Can You Really Walk on Water??
Can You Really Walk on Water??




I had a really clear vision come to me last night that I wanted to share.  How many times have we been told that we can’t do something or shouldn’t do something for whatever reason?  And how many times did we listen to that advice especially as children?

I know I have too many times.  The best one was you can never make any money being a Photographer – now I don’t blame anyone because I bought into that program.  I’ve also learned if there is anyone doing it so can you!

The vision I got was of our spirt, our soul who has shrunk down in size (relatively speaking) so that we can’t hear it any more, yet we do have these gentle, almost faint nudges from our hearts, a yearning, a desire – it may be to paint, travel, take pictures, go somewhere or connect with someone, yet we dismiss it.  It’s like being little child full of joy and excitement and questions and constantly being told to calm down, settle down, no, or not answering those questions, that eventually that excited, in the moment full of joy and wonder child begins to withdraw, stays away, doesn’t ask questions becomes quiet or even sad.

If we don’t pay attention to those nudges, whispers, desires they will eventually go away and that is part of the death and decay process from our body, minds and souls.  Think of it as that little child wanting to come out and play and you keep saying NO!

Why would it keep asking – yet it so does ever so gently.

Most of us have been shut down as children and we don’t follow our intuition, guidance or soul urgings.  We don’t trust it any longer.  Life may have gotten harder or tougher.

Here is a thought  for you – if you don’t listen or support it why should it support you ?  Yes it has patience and unconditional love, and it is waiting for us to allow it in more, yet we keep saying no.

Today, go sit for a few moments with yourself somewhere quiet and remember what you so long to be doing or be, be kind to yourself, write things down that move you, inspire you, connect you, excite you.  Let that little child start resurfacing after all it really is our soul wanting to experience more on this earth plane

The more we can embrace ourselves and trust we what are feeling and desiring and act on it – even tiny steps towards whatever it may be, the more of us comes together.  The more we come together, the more confidence we have leaving us feeling empowered.

You may not be able to walk on water…..but you just never know!!  I can tell you this though – I had a ton of fun shooting this series and would love to do it again some time!! (no it’s not a photoshopped image :))

Remember we ARE Spiritual Beings having a Human experience – what are YOU creating??

Create a day that makes YOUR heart sing!!




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  1. I play with my inner child everyday! That imaginative creative being who thinks life is an adventure and the good AND the bad are the variations of the story being told. For me creating something each day is a necessity. Thank you for putting it all together in your words and your pictures. YOU know what I am saying…it is a Force which compels us to make something happen from our mind’s ideals.
    This post made me happy leaves me grinning within!

  2. I missed out on all the elementary steps one goes through to learn computer and to navigate the digital information highway. I went into full stage, chemically induced Alzheimer’s dementia the first time starting in my thirties. It then really ramped up in my early forties. Later, I came out of it enough that I was left with very severe learning inabilites, virtually no memory or ability to sit still or stay focused before again being chemically poisoned. This time it did not last as long and my recover now is without any residual learning inabilities. The challenge now is to play catch up with everything.

    I am thrilled with the possibility of connecting and positively influencing many through social media. I am an utter virgin. Where would I srart?

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