Canadian Thanksgiving


Wow, it kind of just snuck up on me.  I should have known as the days have gotten much shorter, but lately the weather here in Vancouver has been awesome.  Most days have been t-shirt weather, until today so I won’t complain!!

I just want to wish all my Canadian friends a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving weekend.  I will be spending tomorrow with my kids, before my daughter heads out to Banff to work for the winter – hard to believe but that time has come!
Thanksgiving Recipes

I have much to be thankful for and I hope you do too.  Whether you are Canadian or not, I hope you enjoy these easy, raw, vegan recipes, and yes they are gluten free as well and really can be eaten any time not just Thanksgiving.   Raw, Vegan Mashed Potatoes, Mushroom Gravy and Sunflower Seed Dressing so you won’t feel like you are missing out. Yes I love cooked mashed potatoes, my mom used to make the best. I try once in awhile and it’s never quite the same but will admit still tasty!!

So enjoy and I hope you incorporate more healthy eating and plant based recipes into your way of eating and living!!

Please feel free to share

With much Gratitude




Raw Mashed Potatoes
Thanksgiving Recipes

–         1 head Cauliflower

–         ¼ cup Cashews

–         1 clove Garlic

–         ¼ cup Olive Oil

–         Salt & Pepper

Grind up Cashews until fine, set aside

Throw into a processor Cauliflower that has been cut up into chunks or big florets, add in garlic (either minced or cut up), salt and pepper to taste and process until fairly smooth.

You may have to scrape sides down a few times.

Add in ground Cashews and process further.

Add Olive oil while the processor is running in a little stream and process until well mixed and light.
Thanksgiving Recipes


Sunflower Seed Dressing


–         1 cup soaked Sunflower seeds drained ( soak for at least an hour up till about 6 hours)

–         11/2 cups Celery chopped

–         1 Onion chopped

–         4 – 6 chopped Mushrooms

–         1/2 cup chopped Parsley

–         1/2 cup chopped Sage (or other herbs)

–         Salt & Pepper to taste

–         1 tbsp ground Flax Seed
Thanksgiving Recipes

Grind up soaked Sunflower seeds but to fine – I like to leave coarse pieces

Place remaining ingredients into the processor and process until desired consistency (I like pieces so I do not process until smooth but it’s up to you if you prefer coarse or smooth like stuffing)

Stir in the processed Sunflower seeds and mix well together.

Place in a pie dish or glass dish and place in dehydrator and dehydrate for approximately 8 – 12 hours – depending on your temperature and how dry you like it.

Stir a couple of times as the out will be drier than the inside – kind of like how stuffing usually is, if you prefer a moisture inside, don’t stir J
Thanksgiving Recipes

Mushroom Gravy

–         10 medium sized Mushrooms cut up in a bowl

Add in 2 tbsp Braggs and 3 – 4 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil, sprinkle with Himalayan Salt and mix well together.  Let stand for at least an hour, overnight is better.

Once soaked, throw in the mushrooms into the Vitamix, add in

–         ½ cup Cashews

–         1 clove Garlic

–         1 tbsp Rice Bran Solubles

–         Salt & Pepper to taste

–         ½ cup water, but only add half of it


Process until smooth and you will slowly add water from the top until desired consistency, thicker or thinner gravy.  You may need to add even a little more water if it’s too thick for you.






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