Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Take time to smell the flowers

How often do we really take time to smell the flowers??

I have this great little pond at my house and I am enjoying the flowers -photographing them under different light, waiting for them to open up each morning, watching them grow from under the water.

I guess I am a little fascinated as I haven’t been able to see this type of flower grow before……and it reminds me of Yoga, Mediation….k not really but what those symbolize…..calm, peace, quiet, beauty, connection and love.

We are so busy doing doing doing in our lives we often times don’t find the time to  slow down and smell the flowers, to connect, to be present, to be……..remember……we are human beings not human doings!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!


Soul Food

Soul Food

By just saying that you’re probably thinking some good Southern cooking – Collard Greens, BBQ’d foods and more but that is not what I am talking about!!

Believe it or not it’s not about food we eat this time.

It’s about knowing who you are, what you like and feeding your soul that kind of food.  It needs to be nourished too.

When you shut down who you really are

It shuts down your Life Force.

Soul Food

Now, I believe we need to feed our bodies as healthy as we can, but what about our souls…..that whisper, that yearning, tugging or quiet voice and we reply with a yeah but, maybe one day, oh I couldn’t never do that, oh I could never make money doing that, oh one day, when I retire blah blah blah

Do you feed your Soul?  If so how?

Me – I love creating in the kitchen, walking in the rainforest, spending time on the beach, having a massage, doing my photography, and now I’ve found another piece that really feeds my soul.

What about you??

Feel free to share and leave a comment.


Thrive Moment

Thrive Moment

Have you heard about the Thrive movie yet?

If you haven’t heard about I highly recommend watching it and I hear it’s FREE right now.  It will open your eyes to what is really going on and

we need that now more than ever.  You can catch the website at Thrive Movement or see a trailer of it here.

Here at Gaiam TV you can watch an interview (get your 10 day FREE trial and this is not an affiliate link none of these are) with Foster & Kimberly Gamble of yes Proctor and Gamble who is behind this movie and movement.

The movie THRIVE is mind blowing ~ “What On Earth Will It Take?” sums it up but what is different here is that the movie gives us the ANSWERS!!!

Have a great day!!


EFT, Food & U

EFT, Food & U

If you are not familiar with EFT, it’s not short for Electronic Funds Transfer…..it’s short for Emotional Freedom Technique or otherwise known as Tapping.

I believe that EFT is an amazing tool to help anyone overcome many things that may be holding them back.

It’s energy physchology which is not new but it is to so many of us. Science, Quantum Physics and backing this more than ever now.

Energy is everywhere and we many not be able to see it, but often we feel it or sense it.  Many times we don’t listen to it when our bodies are telling us no, as our heads get in the way.  It is like electricity, we don’t have to see it for it to work, or even believe it it is there and does it’s thing…….just like energy.

EFT is a simple way is pshychological acupressure.  One taps on varies acupressure points while focusing on the thought, feeling, memory that is leaving a person feel anything but good.

In this short video I share some ideas of using EFT when one is struggling with some food issues as overweight and emotional eating are at an all time high.  I speak from experience of my days of disordered eating.

To learn EFT or understand it more, or have the tapping points, you can download a copy of my EFT Manual which I highly recommend.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

And as always please feel free to share this with any friends or leave a comment.

Have a beautiful day!!


It’s Time to Thrive…..

What does Thrive or thriving mean to you and do you feel you are doing it??

Dictionnary definition of thriving – to prosper; be fortunate or successful. To grow or develop vigorously; flourish

I guess you could relate that to nature, if it’s not growing, it’s decaying or dying or barely surviving.

What does thriving mean to you? Have you ever given it some thought before?

Thriving to me means being able to do what really gets me going, jazzes me, gets me fired up, speaks to me, you know when you love what you are doing and the time passes quickly.  It means having choices therefore being able to create new experiences, go to new places, do new things.  To me it means having more money than month and paying all my bills easily and consistenly.

Thriving to me means letting go of the negative self talk, the need to find comfort from food or other things.

It means being lost in the moment and seeing the beauty all around me like when the sun sets and sh*t I forgot my camera……again!!

It means watching my kids grow up and know they’re going to be ok as they’re pretty cool teenagers.

It means making great dishes and sitting around with great friends creating great memories.

I could go on……

Thriving is so much fun instead of surviving.

It’s being you and sometimes standing out from the rest of the crowd.

EFT is a great tool to help you move over, if that is what you want to do.  Of course interrupting patterns and creating new habits is a good thing too, ones that you love to do or empower you or leave you feeling……well like you’er thriving!!!

What are your thoughts on that??


The Chicken & The Pig

So one day the chicken and the pig were having a discussion on commitment and participation.  The chicken says to the pig, “Hey I know commitment because I give an egg each day for breakfast!”

To which the pig replied…..”Honey that ain’t commitment that is participation……I give bacon…..Now that is COMMITMENT!!”

Where in your life, health, business, relationships are you participating or hoping instead of jumping in and committing?

That is also how the Law of Attraction works, when you are committed – with clear, strong intentions – things happen.  That is not to say that action isn’t necessary and that it may seem hard at times, but you know what you want and where you are going /doing……not hoping….BIG difference.

So, where in your life are you committed or just participating……your results will tell you.

Make it a great day!!


Dare to Stand Out

We went up and spent the day in Whistler the other day and this couple really caught not only my attention but many others as well.

I thought how cool and if more of us couldn’t be like that……Dare to Stand out instead of following the status quo all the time or trying to keep up with the Jone’s……who are they anyways??

Sometimes that is going against what everyone else thinks, or playing safe or worrying about what other people will think.

Sometimes it’s really about tuning in to who we really are or need.  Listening to that gut instinct.

I had that recently.  That strong gut feeling that if I did something or went to to this place it wouldn’t be good for me or wasn’t in my best interest or whatever.  See, sometimes our human minds try to figure ‘it’ out, but we can’t always.  Every time I had this strong feeling in my gut and listen to it, it became very clear later on why and when I didn’t listen to it….oh boy lets not go there!!

This time I did listen to it, which I really try and do more and more.  It kept bugging me if we were to go away to this place to meet these people.  It was a strong feeling of don’t go.  So I didn’t, and I soon found out why and was very glad I didn’t go and in the end these people ended up not being such good friends after all.

When it involves other people, it doesn’t mean they are bad people or anything like that, they may just not be good for you or at that time in your life.

Sometimes in your life, it may mean going against what everyone else is saying or doing…..always honor that inside of you.  It’s in all of us, but we get so busy in life or trying to figure things out or in between our 60 000 plus thoughts a day maybe don’t even want to have to think about it!!

Dare to Stand Out if you have to or be different…..you really do win in the long run, no matter what they may say.  It is your life anyways isn’t it???

Creating a New Story…..

Have you ever thought to yourself I can create a new story??
How often do you hear yourself saying…..

‘I can’t do that’ (fill in that with whatever it is)
‘That’s too hard’
‘Even if I look at_______ I gain 5 pounds.’
‘I wouldn’t know what to say.’
‘It’s in my genes (or nature).’
‘I don’t know many people.’
‘I could never do that or do what you do.’
‘You have to have money to make money.’
‘I can never get ahead.’
‘Oh I’m too old…….

and so on, you probably get the idea.
I held on to quite a few limiting beliefs for a long time, they were my story, I was used to being a victim.

Then someone asked me one day, one of my mentors…….’How is that serving you?’
Of course I snapped back……’Well it’s not!!’
‘Well it must be as you keep repeating the same things. The things that keep you stuck, doing, thinking and being the same thing yet you want change?’

That got me…..and as much as I hated to admit it…..I was creating all the crap in my life.
I started telling a different story, a more empowering one,  and the more I told it the easier it got and the more things started shifting in my life.

I stopped focusing on what is and started focusing on the direction I wanted and was going in and didn’t let the past hold me back any longer.

I told a different story of how I wanted things to be and I gave up being the victim.

What about you, where could you start telling a different story in life today??

Feel free to share your thoughts on that below

Expect the best!!!

Getting Through a Slump

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been in a slump and  I’m back and getting my jive going again!!! lol  This low iron thing has not been fun, I was shy about wanting to admit it, even though I blog about eating, living and being healthy – I too am human.  I also got to thinking I wonder how many other people, women in particular go through this.  Especially around that time of the month, then things get back to normal, well for some of us, actually quite a few of us it’s not that simple!!!

All the things I am doing and eating to help me increase my iron as much as possible –  as there are days I am ok and then there are days I hit the couch and getting there was a struggle – has my husband convinced I was a witch in a previous life and probably burned at the stake!!! lol

I have so much more empathy for people with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia, it is not a fun way to feel!!

Slumps are  also known as ruts, rough patches, blah phases,   *%#@! I feel crappy lately.

One thing going through this period of being tired, and ok I will admit it, also frustrated, maybe a little angry, and even depressed, ( yes I have been tapping on all of that)  I am used to doing lots, having lots of energy and being busy, and oh yeah we had a ton of rain here in April……..that didn’t help either!!!

Spring couldn’t be here at a better time.  Sometimes when our health isn’t so good, it gets u down, then before we know it we are in a slump and in order to get things flowing again  we have to make some changes.    AS Tony Robbins says Change your state…….now I can’t get up and start running right away (which when I can’t exercise affects my moods and what I eat and wow there is a cycle there), but I can do some other things to break the slump that I got into.  (if you didn’t notice the posts got down to very few lately even my creativity slowed waaaayy down).

The things I  am doing to help increase my iron and energy levels are adding Spirulina in my diet, it is a great source for us non meat eaters.  I have been juicing beet roots daily as that is another great source of iron and a blood cleaner.  I’ve been simmering Nettle leaves and Pau d’arco and drinking the liquid both of which are great for the blood. I’ve been eating foods higher in iron as my main focus.

I was reading the other day that oysters are very high in iron.  We have a cool little oyster bar sitting right on the dock  in the bot harbour and I though that would be a great reason to go out and eat some oysters, but then well, I would probably have to have some wine to go with them…..ok not right now!!

I’ve added Matol KM from Univera that helps with iron and cleanses the liver……after all it is springtime.

I also re-read, (since I’ve been spending time on the couch I might as well do something valuable) Louise L Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life…….and it has been very interesting.  Mind Body connection is huge, and I had to look in the mirror and make a few adjustments and yes some more tapping!!! lol…….all without attitude or making it mean anything.

I open the doors more (when it’s not raining) to get the fresh air in and shake it up, I love tulips this time of year, so I am buying some for the house.   Spring time is also a good time to change and clean things in the house really shake up the old blah energy and let in the new……most importantly I am being in my body fully, taking my dog on walks no matter how short or long they are, being present and doing some deep breathing and most importantly loving myself and accepting where I am at and knowing I will feel better tomorrow, even if it’s a little bit.  The mind is a powerful thing…….as much as the food, herbs and tonics help so does what I say to myself, my thoughts and most of all my attitude.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, so make today your best one yet……..eat desert first if you feel like it!!!

So what are you doing to shake up the energy or shake off the slump or just get into springtime??

Womens’ Day

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

It’s been a little bit since my last post and I apologize for that……..have been fighting the flu (yup I got sick and hit pretty hard) and just wasn’t too interested in food or much else!!  Shortly before being sick, I was introduced to a movement of Total Wellness……Health, Wealth and Purpose which really caught my attention since switching  (if you haven’t noticed) Eating, Living & Being…….could this be a theme?  Can we start a movement???  Since it’s Women’s Day……..take a minute and just think about your life and how it is balanced or unbalanced perhaps.  For me, I love sharing healthy foods.  I have been on a path of raw foods, but to be honest, lately I’ve switched off of it more than usual, which really got me thinking, for one I live in Canada and it’s winter!!  Now, I do live in the rain forest, but salads just aren’t over appealing too much right now.  I want to add more just healthy recipes even if they have some grains etc, so you will be seeing more of that up coming.  I took a look at my life as well, how am I living, what kind of money am I making, what are my thoughts (your life reflects that), am I playing in life or sitting on the side lines? Do I have an attitude of gratitude or stinking thinking?  Am I attracting things and people I like or repelling them?  Am I walking my talk or just talking?  Am I loving myself and knowing my limits and my values or am I so out of touch………take some time to reflect or think  today…….about you and your life.

It’s International Women’s Day, so take some time for you………even if that is slipping out and treating yourself to a latte in the cafe for some you time, or a long soak in the tub with candles or hit a yoga class you keep putting off or whatever helps to fuel you!!!

Remember you are beautiful beings,  Eat Healthy, Live Well, Create a Life You Love, Make a Difference, Never give up on YOUR Dreams!!!

I’ll leave you with this quote

“You have to believe in yourself in spite of what other people believe.  That self-confidence is what brought me through everything in my life, and that wisdom came from my mom.  It is tough to remain an individual when we’re all asked to be sheep.  It is not easy being green.”  ~Whoopi Goldberg as quoted from the book “The Right Words at the Right Time” by Marlo Thomas

EFT / Tapping

EFT / Tapping FREE on line Summit

Tapping World Summit 2011

If you are new to the world and benefits of EFT, then I highly recommend learning from the best. This is a FREE on line event. I love EFT, using it, sharing it and it can benefit anyone with anything with the results being permanent!!
EFT works well for food cravings, addictions, emotional eating and things related to eating and being healthier.
So, I highly recommend checking it out. If you are new to EFT, you can download my FREE manual here to help you get started Tapping!!!

Have a great day!!