90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge


My 90 Day Challenge is to improve my energy and mental clarity and get back into exercising and in shape.
What will yours be??

90 Days money back guarantee if you don’t feel better or different

$50 in Free product at the end of 90 Days


90 Day Challenge



choose this today as yesterday was my birthday and I had a fabulous day!!! I had to deal with a couple of things that I really wasn’t looking forward to, but they turned out well…….thank you!
I started my day with a beautiful walk on the beach with my dog Spirit.
I got to have tea with one of my BFF’s where we could really be open and honest and share……some good and not so good, but very important lessons.
I was feeling amazing and healthy all day.
I got to have a beautiful supper, that was prepared with love from some very special friends that remembered I eat raw even though they don’t, she prepared one of my favorite dishes!! My kids were with me and some good friends.
We ate.
We laughed.
I got to open presents and have Happy Birthday sung to me and eat Chocolate Cheesecake…….yes it was raw!!
Oh, and I didn’t have to do any of the dishes or cooking or cleaning……..how good is that??
Sometimes it the small things that count, like beautiful sunsets, friends, good laughs and not having to do dishes that make the best memories.
Being present, being grateful and loving what is………is just doesn’t get any better than that!!!

With that being said, thank you to everyone for reading, sharing and leaving comments!!
For this giveaway, leave a comment on what you are grateful for in your life. Comments will be
accepted until Sunday morning 9 am.  Oh yeah and this time, since I’m still in such a great and grateful mood since my birthday, I want to give away a coaching session…….what a great way to kick start the new year!!

Have a beautiful weekend till then!!!  

Day 3 How to Use EFT During the Holidays

Welcome to Day 3 of The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!!

Day 2’s winner was Angela Rae……..congratulations and I will be in touch!!

Download the EFT manual here

To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment below on what you could use EFT for or what you have used it for.  Deadline is Monday night 10 pm PST and then we will pick a winner and announce in Day 4.

The Art of Success

Two weekends ago, a girlfriend and I headed down to Seattle for a weekend with Suzanne Evans and David Neagle for their More Life Tour.    There were other speakers there too of course and they were great, but we have had the priviledge of listening to these two on live calls for several months leading up to this one day event and my friend and I both knew we just had to go.
The cost was beyond amazing, and what we took back with us, besides a little fun at Pike Market, has been huge. Yes it was aimed at business and being an entrepreneur, but I want to take this one step further.
Since being back, I have gone in and listened to David’s Art of Success, and I do mean listened, not once but a few times.  When the student is ready, the teachers will appear.

I highly recommend checking it out, it is FREE but is packed with so much value!!

Maybe you noticed that I have not posted in the last 10 days……..thinking, reflecting, trying not to think too much, learning, patterns, beliefs, changes, programming, my p rogramming…….lots of questions and some changes, not always easy ones but good ones if you (me) are not where you want to be.

Yes this is based around business, to start out, but it really is interwoven with your life, you choices you make in your life and how you are living your life.

Accept 100% responsibility for you life.  Now, I have heard that one before, but I really got it this time.  How do we make decisions, whether it is in regards to our business, the food we decide to eat, how we eat, to loving ourselves to much lighter things like how we wear our hair, what clothes we wear, where we live and well, you probably catch the picture.

Accept 100% responsibility…….wow…….really?? Shit!!

Now, this is something that blew me away….99% of people are coming from a place of need, that is what they base their/we/me decisions on, usually subconsciously of course.

Needing what?  Love, Security and Self Esteem……….

People that truly love themselves aren’t looking for those things because they are already inside of themselves.  They know it and feel it.  So, when they make decisions, they are in line with who they really are, whether it be the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the job or business they have or the food that goes into their mouths.

Give that some thought for a minute and think about how or why you make the choices that you do, you may be surprised!!

Would always love to hear your insight.



What does Gratitude have to do with anything??


I have been thinking alot of this since our Canadian Thanksgiving and how I can add and be more grateful in my life.  I understand that we can only feel one emotion at a time, so why not choose feelings like Gratitude.  It is such an awesome place to be.

When you are in a real state of gratitude your energy (vibrational resonance) is one of harmony and acceptance. You resonate at a much higher vibrational frequency which is exactly what attracts to you the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire.

Everything is Energy, and if you think that is hippy dippy stuff……stop!! Science and Quatum Physics is proving that.  We are walking, talking, breathing magnets……..what are you attracting………Love, joy, anger, fear…….. Watch your words and watch what you are feeling or resonating?  Expressing Gratitude for anything  puts out a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

If you need help in that area, EFT is an amazing tool for getting in more of a state of Gratitude.  So is the Gratitude Log, a place where you can go and connect with other people and share what you are grateful for, a good habit to get in too!!

Dr Emoto has been able to photograph water crystals while having certain energies around the water.  The link goes to the photograph of the Gratitude one and it is beautiful.  If you’re not familiar with his work, go to your local library, or You Tube to see some of the photographs, positive and negative, you may be surprised at how the water crystals can change, and guess what??  We are more than 80% water, so as Mike Dooley says with his notes from The Universe, ‘Thoughts become Things so choose the good ones!!!’

Leave a comment with what you are Grateful for.

I will start……I am grateful for all of you, thank you for allowing me in your life!!

Have an awesome day!!


Being True to You

I got some flack from my last post about throwing my family under the bus……..that was never my intention!!

I guess for some, the point was missed about  being true to oneself, but not in a mean or harmful way.  When it comes to self nurturing, us ladies, espescially moms, can relate about putting our needs last.

I have a great family, some of them even try my dishes, and sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes not, but isn’t that with any way of eating??

I don’t take it too personally as we all walk a different path, have our own beliefs and taste buds.  Some people don’t get the raw food lifestyle and some don’t want to, which is too bad, but that is ok.  I always say, it’s a good thing we are all different.

That is not a reason for anyone to give up, just because the people around you aren’t on the same path.  Now, I could talk about anything here, but I will stick to the raw food diet, we have been trained to believe that we have to eat cooked foods, and if you are liking the raw foods, feeling the difference, then go for it!!!

That is all I meant by that.  My teenagers are pretty normal, or what we have come to believe what normal is, as far as diet is concerned.  As I am typing this, it dawns on me that  in less than 40 years how our diet  has changed so much.  I grew up with having my Great, yes great grandfather and a huge garden in his backyard.  My mom and grandmother would spend hours in the garden picking vegetables and fruits that we ate fresh in abundance, then they would spend hours canning and freezing.  They gave so much away  to other families as well.  We were so lucky when I think back on it.

Boy, how things have changed!!

I am getting way off here, but for me, by staying true to me, as when I got started on this path I was easily persuaded off,  I would let guilt and frustration get  to me plus I wouldn’t feel as good, so……I feel so much better health wise.  But I am hoping to be an example for my kids.  When my kids realize that they just aren’t feeling as good as they could be,and not only can mom keep up with them but last longer, they might think about making smarter choices!!!

That is the bottom line, I just want to be a good example……not only in eating, feeling and looking healthier, but strong enough to stay true to me and having integrity doing it.

Hope that helps!!

Love hearing your thoughts!!


Healthy Thoughts

As much as I believe in healthy eating and food, I also believe in healthy thoughts or attitudes.  Now, I will admit up front I don’t always have the healthiest of attitudes all of the t ime.  I am learning though, for me, that when I eat really healthy, get exercise, enough sleep and eliminate toxins to my system like caffeine, alcohol and negative thoughts, my attitude is high on life, and when I don’t do those simple little things, it sucks!!

I am also noticing (even though it has taken me awhile!!) that I can be brought down or sucked in to other people’s stuff.  By that I mean victim hood, addictions, negativity and so on.  I am a rather trusting person and like to believe people are good, but I do get sucked into their stories of why their lives suck and how people take advantage of them or how they have all these health problems so that is why they have to eat and drink the way they do, or they keep smoking or whatever else is going on.

I was with some people last night, and we were enjoying a nice evening out in the beautiful weather we are having, but as the night went on, a few people got out of control with things, not major but for my comfort of how I want to be.   What I realized for myself then was I was not surrounding myself with positive, upbeat healthy people.  Now, I don’t mean to place judgement here, I like all people. But when there is whining and complaining about how unfair life is and I need to drink because of it and use the ‘f’ word like it was an adjective, then I start to get bothered by it.  What I have though is a tendency to  get mad at myself and put myself down for trusting or falling for it and allowing myself to get sucked in.

That’s what I did and I woke up mad at myself, frustrated and also feeling down.  I am learning to be nicer to myself, instead of keeping this going, I asked myself how do I want to feel?  Well, a hell of alot better than now, that is for sure!!.  I am also learning that I am sensitive to others or empathetic and I have to  protect myself, which I don’t always do.  EFT – is the next best choice.  I can tap on what I am feeling when it’s in the negative and then like Tony Robbins always says, ‘Change your state’.  In other words, go for a walk or a run, or try something that will change how you are feeling…….like by asking myself ‘How do I want to feel?’……..so then I start by feeling that feeling, which is usually happy, joy and empowered and I breath it in and expand it……..it starts in my stomach and I keep focusing on it for a few minutes till it overrides the other crappy feelings.

It has taken me awhile to do and use this even though I have known all along………the way you feel is everything!!!!

We put words to describe how we are feeling……..love, hate, happy sad, confident, scared etc but really what is happening is a chemical reaction going on inside of the body…….that is why EFT works, it helps release the negative energy and changing your state works, it changes the chemicals inside.

I just wanted to share that with you as much as I fall back sometimes I am jumping back up much faster as I have these tools and the ability to think, create and attract good things.  I think we have these little tests just to help us stay on track!

As the Universe says………’Thoughts become things so choose the good ones!!!’ It is so  much easier when you know you have choice and control over your thoughts!

Love to hear your thoughts………..


The Story of Cosmetics

I don’t know about you, but I care about what I put in my body for the most part and I also care about what I put on it. Over the years I have tried to find healthy products but learned along the way that many store brands weren’t being totally honest or I would grab something that said it was healthy only to get home and really read the ingredient list.
Yes I read the list, I don’t always know what everything is, but I try and look it up. I like to keep things simple and easy and when there are alot of chemicals in things, it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t care if my lipstick will stay on for 8 hours, or my face will look 10 years younger, what is it doing to for the long run and will it give me cancer???

The Story of Cosmetics is a good short little video on cosmetics and other toxic products. Always be aware of what you are using, by not buying these products you are helping yourself, your health and the environment and hopefully eventally more people will change too.
Find a product or company that uses only safe ingredients. For me, that is why I choose Miessence. Whether or not you choose them (they have sample packs of alot of their products to try out and you can read all the ingredients and know what most of them are!!), find one that works for you.
To Your Health


I love summertime as I love being outside. No socks, either barefeet or flips flops as often as possible. The sun makes one feel so much better, I guess it’s all the rain and grey we get through the rest of the year here in BC that I love summer even more now!!

We were enjoying backyard or beach fires, but now there is a ban on, so that is now happening, but walks on the beach in the evenings and watching the sunset is beyond words. We have also been so lucky is seeing the Eaglets take flight, a grey whale in close, a seal pup coming up on shore waiting for it’s mom, then the next day finding a seal pup that had washed up on shore and not sounding too good. Ken and I got it to the Gibson’s Wildlife Centre which was hoping it could help before turning it over to the Vancouver Aquarium. Fingers crossed that it survives. All of this in one week, oh yeah I forget to mention that our dog Spirit treed a couple of bears in our backyard…….summertime is pretty interesting around here!!!
Also, outdoors Markets, I love them!!! All the artists and their beautiful works and the plentiful, fresh, beautiful fruits, vegetables and herbs. There is so much to choose from and it is so easy to eat healthy in the summer.
If you haven’t been out to your local farmer’s market I highly recommend it. Not only are you able to eat healthier, but have usually better selections but also support your local farmers and that is so important.
I love all the fresh produce, but I find I get inspired too from all the neat things that I see.
Go and enjoy.
Here’s to your health.

Commercial Drive

Lately, I have been loving heading down to Commercial Drive or just ‘The Drive’ in Vancouver. Now I know some people have been hanging out there for years, but some of us have been hanging out in the back woods!!!

I love going down there, it’s alive, full of energy, artists, cultural, outside patios and little store front markets which of course I love seeing the fresh food, but all of it.  Living on the Sunshine Coast is great, I mean it’s beautiful here and so close to being on the ocean almost every day, but getting a little bit of different energy is always good too!!  And the fresh food is oh so cheap.

This past Saturday, I had to go into to the city for a bit and of course I headed over to ‘the Drive’ where I got as much as I could carry, fresh food and I soaked in the atmosphere even to a quiet, while I was there at least, protest for the G8.

For me, I find that when I can find little ways to re-charge myself, get my creative juices flowing again, it’s always good.  I come back  refreshed.  it’s always good to find the little ways to do that for yourself if no ‘big’ holiday is in the cards, squeeze some time out to re-charge yourself, you might be surprised at how good you feel!!

Healthy people find ways to unwind that build them up, not tear them down.

What could you do this week to do that for yourself??

Have fun!!


What ARE you putting on your body???

After reading last post’s on David Suzuki’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ cosmetic chemcials to avoid, this is just to go a little further.

Everyday, we slather ourselves with lotions, potions and liquids from shampoos to soap to deodorant to make up.  After all, we want to look, smell and feel good.  But did you also know, that your skin is the biggest organ on your body and things that go on your skin get absorbed into your bloodstream.  Now, it does depend on the molecular structure of the product, but since they don’t give us that information, do you really want to take the chance with some of the toxic chemcials that they do use when making these common products???  Hmmmm…….we wonder why things like cancer are on the rise? Could it be a coincidence? Now, I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I am into my health.

We don’t think that our personal care products could be full of toxins, but U.S. researchers found that one eighth of the 82 000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemcicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductives toxins, plasticizers and degreasers. (David Suzuki)

Take a look at one of your products ingredient lists and just try and figure out what some of them are? Can you even pronounce them? Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it??

We are not sure of why we feel certain ways sometimes, like maybe why we’re getting headaches as an example.  Here are some things to  think about for that. First, are you getting enough water, good water? Second, how is your diet? Are you getting enough or any live, fresh foods or is it mostly dead, over cooked or processed ‘food’? THird, what kind of products am I putting on my body? Are they full of chemcials or parfums? The negative effects of some fragrance ingredients can be immediately apparent, especially for the growing number of people who are becoming sensitive.

Again, I recommend using the KISS method, you know, Keep It Simple Silly!!  I should be able to read, understand, know and say the ingredients that go into my skin care products, I may not know all of them, but I have informed myself with most of the ingredients that I should and want to stay away from.

Get yourself informed, aren’t you worth it??