You Weren’t Born for Conformity!!


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

– Mark Twain

Conformity is colourless, lifeless and is not your truth.

You weren’t born for conformity.

You were created out of the vibration of Love and were given an unique frequency signature when you agreed to come to planet Earth and create experiences while being here using that frequency and  Love – not to conform.

Your truth doesn’t understand Conformity.

To be able to dance with your truth, your authentic self is to dance with the Universe as your partner in life.

Go within and remember who you are!



What is Your Soul

What is Your Soul

Many of us have been asleep!!

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside awakes.

  –  Carl Jung

Since I have started a series on Whispers from Your Soul – I thought I better do a post on Soul – and it ain’t no getting down and dancing or southern food 🙂

Our Soul is the immortal part of us.

The higher vibration of us.

Connecting with your soul is essentially discovering your true inner being.  With that, you are able to align with your purpose, do what you love to do and spend your time in the energy of joy and love.

Your soul is always there for you to connect with, you don’t need to reach a certain stage of enlightenment or spend hours meditating –  your soul is always there waiting to connect more.

We start Awakening with those whispers, urgings, promptings &heart opening feelings we get.

I share it like this – we are Consciousness – part of the One (Creator, Source, Divine, Infinite Awareness etc) that wanted to have an experience.  We as individuated vibrations of an unique frequency of the One came through to planet earth while putting on a human body suit, stepping through the veil of amnesia to the illusion of separation to have an experience in this game called life.

When we return as consciousness – what will matter the most of this experience here?

How much were you able to give and be love and therefore also be able to receive love.

Refuse to Self Abandon – Be You – Authentic, Curious, Real & Truth

To take off that veil and see through the illusion.

Kind of like Neo in the Matrix 🙂

We were not meant to live this experience in vibrations of stress, anger, judgments, fear, poverty or isolation.  Yes they are experiences yet not being chosen consciously, when one is not connected to their Soul.

Soul connection is living from your heart not your head.

Think, Feel, Speak, Eat, Touch all from Vibrations of Love, Joy, Bliss & Gratitude (aka Orgasmic Living & Being) – your Soul knows higher vibrations very well and the more we are in those vibrations, the easier it is to connect with, be guided by and communicate with your Soul.

Your Soul Knows!!



Photography by Jodi Burke & Sandra Wagman

Your Soul Knows – its’ Ok to let go of Control and Let Them Lead – that is when the magic Happens!!!





How Open or Wide is Your Perspective?


Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective not the truth.

  –  Marcus Aurelis

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.

  – Dan Brown

Eyes are like looking through a kaleidoscope or even a camera lens 🙂 – that allows you to see a different perspective.

With all our beliefs, programs and points of views we get stuck in our perspective usually not even realizing it.

In Quantum Physics they say that Everything IS Energy  and nothing is real unless you give it your attention.

Are there things in your life that you could possibly have a bigger, wider or different point of view?



To think about a problem is a mistake – it just activates the same mind (energies) that created the problem!!

One Can Miss Aot with a Smaller Perspective

Water is like Consciousness

Water is like Consciousness

Water – is a symbol

Water is the symbol of pure Consciousness.
– Frederick Lenz


Water – Ice – Steam

Our bodies are more than 70% water – easily programmable – shown by Dr Emoto Massaru.

The more aware we become – the more Conscious we become – awareness is Consciousness.

You can change that water into ice – closed heart, fear based, doubt, judgments criticisms etc or you can release all those lower, heavier, denser energies and become more like steam – Higher Vibrations of Love & Light – more etheric, more Joy, more Bliss.

Water in general flows – heathy, clean, pure spring water from Mother Earth is the best – it has not been programmed or tainted. Tap water and bottled water has – what do you choose?

If you are more than 70% water – then you can reprogram from where you are or don’t like or want in your life to what you do – connect with the heart it will guide you  – if you allow it.



PS And let go of that shit – it’s heavy!!

Water is Consciousness

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad

Mexico Christmas Tree


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and everything else from Mexico – they decorate differently here!! 🙂

May you be filled with love, joy and gratitude and spread that around with even a smile during the holidays as not everyone has family and friends near.  We need more compassion in the world!!

A little Christmas music for you – it is beautiful.





Hallelujah – Pentatonix


The Soul Journ

The Soul Journ

Soul Journ

The start of the Soul Journ

Today is my daughter’s and step sister’s  – excuse me – my sister from another mister…..birthdays.  Kesley turns 21 years old and is somewhere out in the ocean.  She left last week to head to Sydney Australia where she is working on a cruise line between Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Asia……..pretty cool!

My son has been travelling for the past 3 months over in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and is going to Australia this week where he will meet up with my parents and spend Christmas with them and my brother and his family who live there.

Me – first time out of North America I am embarrassed today but get to spend my 51st birth day where it’s hot and Christmas…… will be new, exciting, different and possibly moments of loneliness being solo at this time.

All good!

It’s a bit of an attitude right now that it’s all about me………..:)  ok not totally but you get the idea!

Stepping Away from the Crowd is Ok!


I am a Saggattarian at heart – we love our freedom and travel and what I have learned about my sign, and my type and profile through Human Design is so me to the core smooch so it was like I finally found something that could explain who I am better than I could lol

This has been calling me at a Soul level…….that whispering, that urging, that internal desire.

Part of this Soul Journ is about adventure and travel yet also getting to know me so much deeper and intimate – no distractions and to study Yoga and Human Design as I will be offering that service soon – I feel it is a big missing piece for many people who want to understand themselves more, know their path, their truth or why maybe things have not been working for them.

I also want to know how others eat and eat healthy and how I can too outside what North America considers ‘healthy’ and try different foods!

I know in my heart I am a highly creative person yet I have not been able to truly express that – sometimes getting caught up in survival mode (as I did as a single mom) or trying to fit into a society where some of us aren’t truly designed for – it was a breath of fresh air to really realize that and be ok with it!!  I can’t wait to be photographing my journey and what I am seeing – and sharing it for the pleasure of just doing it!

Jodi & Photography


The road less travelled!

Life is too short and after the 3 road trips prepping me :)……..the spark was re-ignited and it’s time!

I can’t wait to share some of my journey and many photos as this Soul Journ could be 6 weeks, 6 months or…………..

It’s all about being in the moment, trusting and growing!!

Off to catch a plane now!




Healthy People – Tandi Canterbury Rolen

Healthy People – Tandi Canterbury Rolen

This is starting to be so much fun for me – connecting with healthy, conscious, loving, amazing people and bringing it out to others!!!


Meet Tandi Canterbury Rolen

Tandi Canterbury Rolen


Last week I got to sit with Tandi for al little bit and have an conversation – this beautiful being is so busy as she is out to help people wake up to real health!! As we speak, she is in the process of opening her new and bigger health bar in the city of Wenatchee in Washington as she is expanding.  The Hunter’s Wife (don’t you just love that name!) is a  little outside health bar in East Wenatchee, which serves amazing healthy juices, smoothies and food and is  attached to a Yoga studio. (but is closing as bigger space was needed – yay!! people are waking up and wanting real food!!)

The Hunter’s Wife

Q  –  What does health mean to you?

Health to me is everything. It’s my platform for quality living. I’m worthy to have a fantastic, beautiful life. Health of the mind, body, and spirituality is key.

Q  –  When or what got you started down this path?

I was raised on frozen pizza’s, French toast, and ice cream. I ate this way most of my life. During that time I never was satisfied. I hated my body, I hated my skin, I was the biggest bully to myself. I so badly wanted to glow. I just didn’t know how.
The turning point for me was witnessing my grandmother pass from cancer. She was my best friend. I was depressed, and stuck in toxic habits. It was the darkest time in my life. I knew that it was my own responsibility to take care of myself so that I wouldn’t let my grandma down.
I started juicing. I juiced everyday. It didn’t matter if I was 10 minutes late to work, I stuck to it and it wasn’t long before I witnessed the shift in my body and mind. I started to fall in love with real food. It proved it loved me back. Years of acne scares disappeared, I slept fantastic, I took up yoga, running, biking, everything in my world was improving. There was no way I was going back to that darkness again.
3 years later I married my high school sweetheart in the heart chakra of the world, Maui. It was my happy place. We drank out of coconuts, swam in warm ocean water, and snacked on beautiful acai bowls. It was there that I knew I had to bring this happy place to my home town. And help others heal and change their lives. I’ve elimated all things and don’t serve me, and I created a job for myself to be around like minded people. It’s the best thing I’ve ever

Q  –  What are some of your favourite health foods?

It depends on the day. I LOVE my banana’s. And I never go a day without raw dark leafy greens on my plate. Plant foods make me feel alive.


Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?

IT TAKES TIME. Consistency is key to achieving life long healthy habits. You have to ask yourself, what’s important to you? If being comfortable in your own skin is a priority you will make it happen. Don’t over complicate things. There’s a lot of “health plans” out there that confuse us. Some plans work but 9 times out of 10 I witness people going backward. I just heard on the radio today that someone is trying to sell a pro biotic that is “found in skinny people” for weight loss and wellness. Uh? No. Look at nature. Your cells are always working FOR you. Your a living thing. It’s common sense to me, to eat living foods. And then everything else will fall into place. But be patient. Trust your body and nature to heal you on a cellular level. Good things take time.
Being vegan, I can eat as much fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats that I desire. I don’t have to worry about counting calories, portions, my weight. It’s effortless. I love this abundant lifestyle. And it makes me sad to see so many people struggle with getting on tack with their health. No more shots in the belly, or crazy vitamin drinks, working out extensively, or calorie apps. My juice bar – The Hunters Wife Health Bar is my happy place, to share for everyone to feel great and be great in the simplest form. Can I also mention that this lifestyle is cheaper? More convenient? And lifelong health insurance? I hope someday we can all rise above the pollution of negative self talk, bogus advertising, food restrictions, caffeine prone anxiety, and the truth about cancer. We’re all worth it.

I got to have a great conversation with Jessie and Daniel before I got some time with Tandi and they are pretty cool too – what I am finding is most people that are into real food eating, healthy eating, living, being and consciousness  usually are – they walk their talk and are so interested in waking people up!!

Check out The Hunter’s Wife on Facebook


Please feel free to share or leave a comment.

Reach out if you would like to be featured – till the middle of July I am in the Vancouver, Sunshine Coast area – travelling after that!!


Create a great day


Healthy People – Shanti Sue

Healthy People – Shanti Sue


Here is my second interview with a dear friend Shanti Sue from Gibsons, BC Canada.  I met Sue many years ago working at a vegetarian (before it was cool or trendy) restaurant in the little village of Roberts Cr where I moved from Banff.  Sue and I have come in and out of each others lives throughout the years and we do have health, green superfoods, yoga and personal growth in common – oh an the love for the outdoors and water!!

Sue is such a sweetie and if you are ever on the Sunshine Coast connect with her for one of her yoga classes!

Q  –  What does health mean to you?

Health to me is vitality! a balance of life. Feeling good in my body, eating right, balance in my emotions

Q  –  When or what got you started down this path?

I was born 2 months early & was a c-section baby so my immune system wasn’t fully developed.
I had severe allergies, ear infections, migraines and equilibrium problems as a kid. In summer it was so severe I couldn’t play outside for very long. Spend a lot of time in bed in a dark room.
It wasn’t fun.
My mom was a nurse so I grew up taking all kinds of prescription medications. Once I left home I couldn’t really afford them. I thought there must be a better way.
So I started experimenting with food, found a book on Healing with Foods. That is really when I started changing my lifestyle. That was about 1991-92. I became a vegan. I was so surprised after the first week how much better I felt that I was a vegan for about 10 yrs.


Q  –  What are some of your favourite health foods?

I love my green drinks and smoothies. I do my best to incorporate some raw food into my daily routine. One of my favourite is
raw granola bars I make myself, and bliss balls made with cashews and cacao.
I like to make my own foods so I can feel good about what I eat. Too much store bought stuff has chemicals etc.
I make my own kombucha which I LOVE!
I eat pretty simply  –  Quinoa or rice with steamed veg. and organic as much as possible.


Q  –  If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?

I am not sure what the good guidelines are right now, I do my best to eat 5 -10 different fruits & veggies a day. Try to eat a whole food, plant
based diet, organic as possible.  I look for the non gmo label now when I am not buying organic. Begin some sort of movement program. Look for someone to buddy up with as support is important and helps motivate you to stay on track. Bring awareness to what you eat, when. & why. Then notice how you feel hours after or the next day. We sometimes don’t notice when the foods we eat trigger emotions or depression even aches in our bodies.


We had to include sue’s dog Mica who is 17 and still going strong!!


Q  –  What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

Every day I do some kind of stretching whether its yoga for an hour or taking a few minutes throughout the day to stretch my body to keep my joints open and moving. A few minutes of meditation even if it is only 5 minutes.
I definitely don’t miss my green drink & super amino protein tablets from Purium. They help nourish my body on such a deep level. I don’t have to worry about getting those 5-10 veggies a day. I feel good all day!

Q  –  Anything else you would like to add?

My health & well being are so important to me in this life. My body is the vehicle for my spirit in this world  –   My body temple. I realize the importance of a clean, green, whole food regiment along with exercise and relaxation for a healthy life. I want to live a long life full of energy and vitality. Caring for my body is top priority.


Sue forgot to add she plays some Frisbee and from what I saw is pretty good too!!


Feel free to connect with Sue here on FB.


Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share!!

Create a Life YOU Love


Healthy People

Healthy People


For quite awhile in my life I was on my own on my health path.  Many people or friends around me thought I was either weird, too far out there or too hippy dippy for eating healthy, drinking greens, using superfoods and many other things.  Since I was usually the outside, I kept quiet about the health things I knew or used and would succumb to peer pressure when out or in social settings to a certain degree.  Then I started finding my tribe and when you do, there is nothing better than letting yourself be seen or just being more authentically you with no apologies!!

It’s inspired me to get out and showcase healthy people and what it means to them or how they are living.  There is no one right way but there are better ways than many of the main stream bs going on.  So to any of you feeling alone – you’re not trust me!!


For my first person on my blog who better than to show case but my BFF who has lived most of his life being a health advocate and a catalyst for people’s awakening sharing many great things.

Meet David aka Sunwolf.

David aka Sunwolf




Q –  What does health mean to you?
What health means to me is to be able to be a kid again with no limitations, experience a Joie De Vivre, play sports with guys half my age and feel like I have not aged one bit.
Health in all ways, body , mind and spirit, if one is out of balance, optimum health is difficult to achieve.. Feeling ageless, Health means to me that aging does not come into the picture, while feeling good and excited as my number in age increases and still feeling like a pup
Health means to play with the kids, run far and wide, play crazy and be able to make love a long time.

Health also means living your life purpose, doing what makes you feel like you’re are making the world a better place and being of service and inspiring others to live their Dharma.




Q – When or what got you started down this path?

What got me started on path is the feeling one gets when living a healthy lifestyle.. So much more fun to live with joy and zest, than to live with pain and hardship.

I got started quite young when I observed so many young people feeling low energy, lack of vitality and watching so many older people give up living since their body would not hold up. What a waste.

Got started when I was reading health books like Know your Nutrition by Linda Clarke which was my very first book. , John Robbins, Diet for a New America

When I realized how dis eased people are.. So many mentors I had Dr, Bernard Jensen, Father of Nutrition and Iridology. Got started on the path in my late teens. I saw how our society is getting more and more out of balance, people not having quality of life. We have choice to experience a high level of vibrant health or not.. Health is a choice and takes a commitment like everything else.

Q – What are some of your favourite health foods?

My favorite foods there are so many,. plant based super foods..… salads, algae’s
Love berries, raw chocolate, hemp seeds, coconut in all ways including ice cream, almond, flaxseed & cashew  milk , medicinal mushrooms, herbal teas, mushrooms infused in Tea, legumes, humus, goat cheese, all kinds of veggies , wild greens, micro greens, cabbage. Kombucha, avocados, chia seed, camalina seeds and wild sardines – I love many foods and they just all seem to be healthy.

Q – If you could share some advice for people getting started on the health path what would it be?

Eat live foods for live bodies, eliminate man made foods, processed foods. if it does not spoil, do not eat it, reduce meat, make sure it’s grass fed, and stay away from GMO foods of course.

Q – What is part of your daily health routine that you just won’t miss?

Having my Kamut first thing in morning, my superfood shake, salads, my exercise, cellercizer, playing ball sports etc
I do inversion exercises, love to swim in river (or anywhere), dry skin brushing. Use only pure products for body and the house.

Always more your body, change the routine and food., variety is the spice of life.. the body and mind like a variety of foods, movements and exercise.


Q – Anything else you would like to add?

Be grateful, be of service to humanity and the planet a conscious life, vote with your dollars and pay it forward so that which helps people and Mother Earth. Respect all life forms.. never stop learning , never stop moving. A physically inactive body is a dead body.

Live with passion, follow your heart…. Have a support team.

Be kind, grateful and go after your dreams….Find people your equal and above. Hard to sharpen an axe on a dull stone..

Thank you David for sharing your wisdom.  Spending time with David I know he walks his talk and more!!

He loves connecting with new people and can be found on FB here if you want to meet or have any questions for him!

I am looking for more people to connect with so if you are on the Sunshine Coast or Vancouver – send me a message and lets connect!!


Create a Life YOU Love



In the Still of the Moment……..

In the Still of the Moment….


is when beauty can be seen,

we can feel our bodies,

we can hear our breathing,

the answers come,

we can know ourselves,

We are truly present.

Create a Life YOU Love


Can You Really Walk on Water??

Can You Really Walk on Water??

Can You Really Walk on Water??




I had a really clear vision come to me last night that I wanted to share.  How many times have we been told that we can’t do something or shouldn’t do something for whatever reason?  And how many times did we listen to that advice especially as children?

I know I have too many times.  The best one was you can never make any money being a Photographer – now I don’t blame anyone because I bought into that program.  I’ve also learned if there is anyone doing it so can you!

The vision I got was of our spirt, our soul who has shrunk down in size (relatively speaking) so that we can’t hear it any more, yet we do have these gentle, almost faint nudges from our hearts, a yearning, a desire – it may be to paint, travel, take pictures, go somewhere or connect with someone, yet we dismiss it.  It’s like being little child full of joy and excitement and questions and constantly being told to calm down, settle down, no, or not answering those questions, that eventually that excited, in the moment full of joy and wonder child begins to withdraw, stays away, doesn’t ask questions becomes quiet or even sad.

If we don’t pay attention to those nudges, whispers, desires they will eventually go away and that is part of the death and decay process from our body, minds and souls.  Think of it as that little child wanting to come out and play and you keep saying NO!

Why would it keep asking – yet it so does ever so gently.

Most of us have been shut down as children and we don’t follow our intuition, guidance or soul urgings.  We don’t trust it any longer.  Life may have gotten harder or tougher.

Here is a thought  for you – if you don’t listen or support it why should it support you ?  Yes it has patience and unconditional love, and it is waiting for us to allow it in more, yet we keep saying no.

Today, go sit for a few moments with yourself somewhere quiet and remember what you so long to be doing or be, be kind to yourself, write things down that move you, inspire you, connect you, excite you.  Let that little child start resurfacing after all it really is our soul wanting to experience more on this earth plane

The more we can embrace ourselves and trust we what are feeling and desiring and act on it – even tiny steps towards whatever it may be, the more of us comes together.  The more we come together, the more confidence we have leaving us feeling empowered.

You may not be able to walk on water…..but you just never know!!  I can tell you this though – I had a ton of fun shooting this series and would love to do it again some time!! (no it’s not a photoshopped image :))

Remember we ARE Spiritual Beings having a Human experience – what are YOU creating??

Create a day that makes YOUR heart sing!!