Challenge Yourself


I had the privilidge of photographing a new friend last week that has really inspired me and I just wanted to share why.

I met him through a friend at his daughters new restaurant in Steveston outside of Vancouver – The Living Cafe – which I highly recommend stopping in if you are out that way – the food was amazing, and had choices of raw, live, whole and gluten free – what a great combination!!

Back on track here, well I met her father Kevin and we got talking and we ended up setting up a meeting to take some pictures for his new website and upcoming competition, which at the time I didn’t realize it was for a competition I thought it was for just his web site.

untitled (97 of 222)In the process of realizing that he told me his story of turning 40 realizing where he was at his age and health and found a book that got his inspired and committed to the 90 day program.  he had before and after pictures which blew me away.  Not that he was big and fat before, maybe could lose a few pounds but his after pictures in just 90 days were truly amazing.

He ate clean and committed to working out every day.

Since then he eats healthy, works out and feeds his mind with great things.





He also found this cool Gymstick thing that he is using, now promoting and creating videos for people like me showing me how to use it and what I can do with it and not have to go to the gym – how cool is that??

untitled (196 of 222)

Now he is entering his first competition and he is 50 something – that got me motivated.

As I hear so many excuses from people ALL the time – I’m too old, it’s that age thing, I’m not as young as I used to be blah blah blah

untitled (181 of 222)People like Kevin get inspired, make a decision, take action AND commit to it – therefore they get results.

I had to look at some areas of my life and ask some questions of where I wasn’t showing up and being the me I could truly be.  What excuses were I using and where was I hiding??

Are you doing the same thing?

This isn’t about beating anyone up it’s about Challenging you to stop playing small and be YOU.

I start a 10 day Transformation Cleanse next Monday – the day after Mother’s Day 🙂 – I will keep track of my progress and share – I’m stepping up and out.

Thank you Kevin


Step out of your comfort zone today and do something your future self will thank you for!!

Have an amazing day!!




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