Challenging Self

Challenging Self

Do days go by, or weeks maybe even years……and you find yourself doing the same old same old?

Are you happy doing what you’re doing?

Do you drive the same way to work, eat the same breakfast or lunch every day, or is every Tuesday chicken and rice night, you know what I mean??

Took a little trip down to Florida for a few weeks, had some r & r, good times and my sister, Steph, and I decided to try Para Gliding…..something I always wanted to do. She asked and we were in the pick up van within 15 mins on our way.

If you ever thought about doing it….DO IT!!!!

Us taking off.


Going up higher and farther away!!

Higher still!!!

Looking down……ok I will admit, the people that went up before us and when I saw how high up they were, I got thinking WTH??

But I didn’t let that stop me, besides 5 kids way younger than me did it!!

It was so calm, quiet and peaceful up there it was amazing!!

YES it was fun!!!

Do I look scared??

How can you challenge yourself today?

Or would you just like to add it to your bucket list??

Have a beautiful day!!


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  1. Tony Lee
    Tony Lee says:

    That looks like so much fun! I think that I would be so scared though, I don`t know if I would be able to handle how high up you are. I don`t have a fear of height but I got to say that I don`t enjoy feeling unsafe for a long period of time. That looks like you could have a great time though!

  2. Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith says:

    It was awesome! I have a fear of heights but so wanted to do this! I had faced me fear in a hot air balloon in Africa over the Masa Mara several years ago! There was still some fear but if you just do it, your fear will be so much smaller in your mind! I am Jodi’s sister, that is me hanging way up there with her and enjoying every peaceful moment with her! Life is to short not to do something you have always wanted to do but feared it somehow! Go for it! We did and it will be something I will always remember! Hanging out at the end of a 1200 ft. rope out over the Gulf of Mexico!


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