Hi Everyone

You have probably wondered what happened to me and this blog as it’s been a little while and I apologize for that.

Sometimes we start heading down one path in life and it seems to work for a little while or it is a stepping stone to something better. For me, that has been part of my journey, because I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, especially of personal development, health, well being, emotional, financial and spiritual, I take what I need at the moment and move on. Sometimes I go back, as the timing is right for the next part and sometimes I don’t, but I am constantly moving forward. Is there really a right or wrong way of doing things? Only if they aren’t producing the results that you would like in your life……in any area!!
Which brings me to the tweaking of my blog. I had been making some changes in my life due to being borderline anemic, my supplementing (and lack of it) what I was doing for my source of income allowing me to fully express, succeed (as an entrepreneur) the way I wanted and needed to, allowing in true health in all forms.
Life is never boring if we grow and challenge ourselves.
I took a bit of break to get healthy, clearer, refocused, committed, excited and moving forward.
Being healthy is so much more than eating and food and I wanted to be able to really talk about all things here that take us from surviving to thriving in all areas of our lives.
I will still be adding healthy recipes but it’s oh so much more than just food!!
Looking forward to sharing many more things with you, so stay tuned!!!

Have an awesome day, create a life YOU love and NEVER give up on your dreams!!!

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  1. Jodi,

    Thanks for the heads up! Hope all is well and that you take care of yourself as becoming anemic is not healthy and I know how much you consider health an important aspect of your lifestyle! Looking forward to more blog posts soon and love your recipies in fact they were the stepping stone I needed in becoming 100% raw! 🙂

    Much Love,

    Melissa Krivachek

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