Cherry Hazelnut Chocolates

Raw Chocolate Delight-4One of my favorite shakes to make is a creamy cherry shake, so the other day I was quite interested in cherry and chocolate – who wouldn’t be? 🙂

I also love chocolate and nuts when I eat chocolate and once you have good raw chocolate, it’s hard to go back to any other kind.  I thought I would create a cherry hazelnut chocolate delight – in theory it sounded good, but it didn’t stay solid enough to eat with you hands so then I thought lets mix it in with the Raw Chocolate Mouse and oh my – chocolate party was happening in my mouth let me tell you!

Since it was all raw, vegan and loaded with superfoods, there was no guilt – I had it for breakfast – not something I do often but boy was it good!


Cherry Hazelnut Chocolates

–  3/4 cup Cacao Butter

–  ¼ cup Raw Cacao Powder

–  1 tbsp Coconut Oil

–  1 tsp Vanilla

–  ¼ cup Honey

–  ½ cup chopped Hazelnuts

–  ½ cup chopped Cherries

Raw Cherry Hazelnut Chocolate

Melt the Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil in a double boiler over low heat.

Once melted add all ingredients except the Hazelnuts and Cherries and stir well.

Once mixed well, stir in Cherries and Hazelnuts.
Raw Chocolate Delight

Pour into a square glass baking dish.

This will need to be kept in the fridge as it will melt easily especially with the cheeries – juice.

Harder to eat on it’s own but amazing mixed into other things – tasty and pretty healthy food – if you are going to eat chocolate – go for raw!


Enjoy and please feel free to share this!

Here’s to your health

Raw Chocolate Delight


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